Awesome game (also book, music) stores in NYC

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I'm taking a two day trip to NYC this weekend and I'm hoping to find some game stores with rare/used/import stuff. I'm mostly sticking to Manhattan, but will probably be in Brooklyn as well. I have no idea how the subway system works, and am planning on walking most places, so nothing that's too far off the beaten path. Any recommendations? Same for good book and music stores.

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    i only have one store suggestion, and that's Toy Tokyo

    and i really suggest you use the subways... your feet will fall off if you choose to walk everywhere instead of taking advantage of an excellent public transit system

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    illig wrote: »
    i only have one store suggestion, and that's Toy Tokyo

    and i really suggest you use the subways... your feet will fall off if you choose to walk everywhere instead of taking advantage of an excellent public transit system

    I will be using the subways some, but I only have two days and want to spend as much time aboveground as possible. I'm used to walking a whole lot so it doesn't bother me, but I'll buy a metrocard anyway just in case. This is all assuming the weather is nice, of course.

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    You will spend more time doing the things you like if you take the subway. That being said I recommend the Strand bookstore for books as well as forbidden planet for comic books and some games. Forbidden Planet especially is like a Mecca for all things nerdy. Both stores are downtown on broadway and about 12th street.

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    I used to stop by generation records when I was in college. There used to be a vinyl store around the corner (don't remember exactly where) if that's what you're into. In general though, vinyl tends to be overpriced in Manhattan (due to high rents).

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    Yeah, subways are just to get you where you need to go. It's not like some sort of subterranean city where you'll waste your time.

    Although that'd be cool, like Old New York from Futurama.

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    Kinokuniya is a great Japanese bookstore in NYC. You may want to check that out.

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    I went back in December and made a list of stuff to see/do.

    If you're going to be near Times Square, check out Midtown Comics. The prices were the same as Forbidden Planet, but FP has a MUCH larger and more focused graphic novel selection (less manga, more DC/Marvel).

    The Strand is huge - venture in there only if you know exactly what you want, for it is CROWDED with books.

    FAO Schwarz is cool, if only for the lego statues. Other than that, my trip was a bit more varied - those stores are good examples of time sinks, though, plenty to browse.

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    These are great suggestions, thanks a lot. I'm very interested in Kinokuniya and The Strand. What about food? I'm not looking to spend a lot, so nothing fancy, but suggestions for good diners/pizza places would be awesome.

    I'm going to get some subway maps and attempt to figure it out, since you're all right about making use of them. I was there once before and got hopelessly lost, but I'll make sure to plan better this time.

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    Good luck with the NYC subway system - it's confusing as all hell to newbies, especially with weekend service changes.

    Anyway, places to check out:

    J&L Video Games / Elizabeth St. Mall:
    28 Elizabeth St

    Best way to get here is to take the orange line to Canal St. and walk up. This is in Chinatown right off Canal St, one of the main drags in the area. Lots of stuff, both domestic and import, recent and retro (back to PSOne). It's WAY the hell overpriced in pretty much everything, but it's cool to browse. Also, halfway down Elizabeth St. is a mall on the right side. Go in and go down the escaltor, there's a game store down there too. The selection isn't nearly as big, but the prices are more reasonable, in line with most online game retailers. If you into arcades, head one street over to Mott St. and walk down a few blocks to find Chinatown Fair, possibly one of the few remaining decent arcades in the tri-state area.

    Video Games New York
    202 E 6th St

    Tiny, dirty store, but tons of retro and import stuff. Again, 99% of the time, everything is retardedly overpriced, but you might find something worthwhile that 1%. I get there by the orange line and getting off at 8th St, then walking a few blocks over. It's about two blocks from St. Mark's Village, and pretty close to Toy Tokyo, if you want to hit that up on the way.

    Book Off
    12 E 41ST St

    Closer to mid-town. I think this is also on the orange line, at 42nd st, a few blocks east from Times Square. This is a Japanese used book/music/game store that has a branch in NYC, and has pretty much the same atmosphere. Lots of English stuff too. Most the games they stock are current gen, but there's a ton of interesting manga if you're willing to prowl around on the top floor. There are some video game/anime soundtracks way in the back, but the good stuff has been picked over years ago. This is also very close to Kinokuniya, so you could hit both on the same subway trip.

    There's also the Nintendo store at Rockefeller Center, but unless you're up in that area for other stuff, I probably wouldn't bother.

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