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Unusual issue with a user's avatar

ButlerButler 89 episodes or bustRegistered User regular
I was looking through the "M" member lists and noticed that Mercilor's avatar, instead of loading, prompts for a user name and password o_O.

This hardly a pressing issue, since the guy hasn't posted for five years, I just thought it was weird and therefore worth mentioning.

Gvzbgul wrote: »
A new born baby's skin is still porous, you can just leave them sitting in a bucket of blood and they'll soak up what they need.
Butler on


  • edited October 2009
    It looks as though he has/had it hosted on his own server, possibly in his house or something, and hasn't set up permissions properly. a quick attempt to actually go to the site where it's hosted gives the same error.

    Richard M. Nixon on
  • FugaFuga Registered User regular
    edited October 2009
    Haha, that's awesome.

    Fuga on
  • Mr. ButtonsMr. Buttons Registered User regular
    edited October 2009
    that happened to me too... I freaked out for a minute thinking my box had been hijacked or something, until I put the clues together and figured out what happened

    Mr. Buttons on
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