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Saboteur PbP- Revenge of the dwarven golddigger!

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I've been thinking about running a game for a while. With all the Phalla games going on, I thought Saboteur would be the perfect game to add to the mix.

What is Saboteur?

Saboteur is a card game designed by Frederic Moyersoen and published in 2004 by Z-Man Games.
According to
You are dwarves digging for gold in the depths of a mine when suddenly, the pick-axe breaks, and the lantern goes out. The saboteur has struck again! But who is the saboteur and will he (or they!) stop you from reaching the treasure? If you succeed, gold awaits you. If you don't, then to the victor goes the spoils. Whoever has the most gold nuggets after three rounds is the winner.

A 3-10 player path-laying card game where each player has a role and no one knows for sure what that role is.
The rules can be found here: PDF Link

Basic Rules:
Golddiggers are heading towards the gold. Saboteurs are trying to stop them. A grid of path cards starting from one side of a grid to three face down goal cards at the other end, the mystery being that only one of them contains the gold.
A basic turn allows you take one action:
  • Add a path card to the table. This builds on the existing path and can either extend it or lead it into a dead end or even away from the gold. As in the rules, we'll use a basic 5x9 grid but paths can extend outside of it.
  • Discard a card or pass if there are not cards left in the deck
  • Play a special card. This can be to break another player's tool (They can't play path cards), fix a tool (including your own), to destroy a path card in play or too take a sneak peek at one of the goal cards.
In all three cases, you must play (or discard a card) and then draw another from the deck.

The game ends if:
  • The path reaches the goal card and it is revealed to be gold or
  • Every player passes (A discard is considered a pass)

Notes for Play by Post game
  1. A grid for the game will be placed in each of my posts. Players wishing to place their card on the grid can simply quote the grid reference and their card. This should hopefully speed the game slightly in the event I’m not around.
  2. Each turn I will PM each player their hand including the card that they picked up. In special cases, for example, if looking at one of the gold cards, I will also PM them that information.
  3. When the round ends I will auto assign the gold drawn, since I will assume each player will grab the highest valued gold.

As an additional rule:
  • If any of the golddiggers has one of more of their tools broke when the goal is reached then they do not receive a share of the gold. This is to encourage golddiggers to sabotage each other before the end, allowing for some confusion over the real saboteurs.

I will be accepting up to the max of 10 players, but we can start with a minimum of 5 which allows for 2 potential saboteurs. Register your interest with a big green !sign or leave any comments below!

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    I love Saboteur. I agree it would be good over the forums.

    Shushnik on
  • Void SlayerVoid Slayer Very Suspicious Registered User regular
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    Seems simple enough

    !sign up

    Need my stupid dwarfs killing each other fix now that dwarf fortress is all buggy again with the new release.

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    Can never get enough Dwarf Death.

    Sign Up!

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    You need some lime green in that post, Maximus

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    I'll go over the rules in a bit. Looks fun!

    Gene Parmesan on
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