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[Let's Play Persona 2: Innocent Sin] Update 15: Back in the Saddle VOTE

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In the Japanese city of Sumaru, strange things are happening at Seven Sisters High School. Rival school Kasugayama has been growing lately in popularity for unknown reasons. The most popular boy in Kasugayama has it in for the most popular boy at Seven Sisters. On top of that, someone's cursed the emblem of Seven Sisters, causing student's faces to become painful and misshapen.

Obviously, that last one is the weirdest. It's up to a group of teenagers plus one or two actual real life grown ups with jobs and everything that for real join a JRPG party to solve this mystery and all the others plaguing Sumaru. It all seems to go back to someone called The Joker...


No, not that one.


Yeah, that one. Still pretty much a creepy clown, so it's all good.

Before we even begin, let's start with this: Even though there are some references and returning characters from that game, and while I may make some references of my own, I want this Let's Play to stand on its own, just as the game does. Therefore, you do not need to have read (or actually played) my let's play of Persona 1 to read this!

Now. Welcome to Let's Play Persona 2: Innocent Sin! I'm excited. Are you all excited? Well, you should be and I'll tell you why:

Persona 2 is nothing like Persona 1. First, it is twice as long. Literally. Persona 2 comes in two flavors. Innocent Sin and Eternal Punishment. Although the two games are able to stand on their own as remarkably solid games, they are best when played in sequence so that is what I'll be doing for you here. Innocent Sin was never released in America, but thanks to the hard work of a few fans, a very high quality fan translation was released so we all can enjoy the game.

I'm going to be doing this one a bit differently than Persona 1. You see, the characters in Persona 2, aside from being likable, are all actually very well-developed characters with solid, consistent personalities. This includes the silent protagonist, so unfortunately, no complete asshole like John. This doesn't mean I won't be adding (hopefully) funny lines from time to time, just that it won't be as over the top as Persona 1. On the other hand, this could be seen as a good thing, as it means the game is interesting and strong enough to stand on its own.

Another difference is that unlike the horrible translation of Persona 1 (and, to a lesser extent, the 'real' version of Persona 1), Persona 2 is absolutely steeped in symbolism. Not just tarot symbolism, either. These two games are Carl Jung's wet dream. Now, while I am hardly a Jungian, I am fairly knowledgable on tarot and have at least a passing knowledge on Jung, so I will be taking time out occasionally to discuss these things, too.

Also, I actually own the soundtracks to these games, so I will be much more on top of providing you all music, and will in fact be able to link you to every song played in each update.

The last big difference is I'm hoping there will be a lot more input from you guys! Although I'll still be making all the "right" choices in order to show you all as much of the game as possible, there are a lot more areas where we're given a few choices that matter but not for endings, Personas, etc. On top of that, there are a couple wildly divergent plot points that will have guest updates by cj! Lots planned for this game, so we should get started.


Update 1

Update 2

Update 3

Update 4

Update 5 Part 2

Update 6 Part 2

Update 7

Update 8

Update 9

Update 10

Character Spotlight: Yukki

Update 11 Part 2

Update 12

Update 13

Update 14

Update 15


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    Tatsuya "Tatsu" Suō
    Hero's Theme
    Age: 18
    Birthday: 07/27
    Sign: Leo
    Weapon: Two handed sword
    Persona: Volcanus, the Blacksmith.
    Arcana: The Sun
    Contact Options:
    Imitation: Tatsuya imitated the sound of construction work.
    Persuasion: Tatsuya tried to use gentle persuasion.
    Manly Chat: Tatsuya started a heated rant about being a man.
    Killer Stare: Tatsuya gave a striking glare.

    Eikichi "Michelle" Mishina
    Eikichi's Theme
    Age: 16
    Birthday: 11/15
    Sign: Scorpio
    Weapon: Machine guns hidden inside guitar cases
    Persona: Rhadamanthus, the judge of the dead.
    Arcana: Death
    Contact Options:
    Self Intoxicate: "Why oh why did I have to be born this beautiful!? Looking this good has got to be a sin... That's right, a sin! Oh, father... Please forgive me!"
    Mark Territory: "Oh, oh! Look at the little demon, sweatin' bullets! Hey, when I'm talkin' to you, you'd better look me square in the eyes, bitch!"
    Talk About Life: "Baby, you can't give up just because you've had a run of bad luck! I mean, they say it all the time! 'You can find pieces of gold in a line of clouds!' You know?"
    Killer Song: "Hey, my sweet little honey-bunch! Listen up, please! 'Cause I've got some sweet, sweet lovin' comin' your way! Hoooo! :whistle:"

    Lisa "Ginko" Silverman
    Ginko's Theme
    Age: 17
    Birthday: 05/04
    Sign: Taurus
    Weapon: Gloves
    Persona: Eros, the god of sexual love and beauty
    Arcana: Lovers
    Contact Options:
    Dance: "Lei hou! How's everybody doing, today? Well, it's the time you've all been waiting for! Lisa Silverman's dance hour! Alright then, everybody! Try to follow along!"
    Kung-Fu: "You have killed my family and besmirched the name of my Shaolin temple... Or, however that line's supposed to go..."
    Love Story: "You know, if you like somebody, you have to face up to how you feel and you absolutely can't ever give up! The moment you give up, it's all over..."
    Seduce: "Oh, don't worry...I'll be nice. Come on, don't be afraid..."

    Maya Amano
    Maya's Theme
    Maya's Theme - Sad
    Age: 23
    Birthday: 07/04
    Sign: Cancer
    Weapon: PINK HANDGUNS <3
    Persona: Maia, of the lively black eyes.
    Arcana: The Moon
    Contact Options:
    Interview: "Oh, [demon]! Your popularity is continuing to soar! Please, say a little something to all of your fans out there!"
    Advise: "I'm so worried about you...Please, if something's on your mind, you can tell me."
    Family Chat: "You should always treasure your mother and father!"
    Overpraise: "You sure are something else! You've got it goin' on!"

    Yukino "Yukki" Mayuzumi
    Yukino's Theme - Persona 1
    Yukino's Theme
    Age: 20
    Birthday: 04/09
    Sign: Aries
    Weapon: Razorblades
    Persona: Vesta, the virgin goddess
    Arcana: Empress
    Contact Options:
    Warn: "If you don't realize that your actions in life have value, then they really don't have any value at all."
    Scold: "Stop fighting me, here! You should be ashamed of yourself!"
    Violent Rant: "You wouldn't know when to stop, without me to set you straight, would you? This time, you guessed it...You're just gonna have to grind on those teeth of yours."
    Killer Photos: "C'mon, you can smile bigger than that!"

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    Update 1: An End Has A Start

    Let's get started.
    Music this update:
    Der Doppelgänger



    The game opens with our silent protagonist working on his motorcycle. He stands, turns the key, and


    ...that probably wasn't supposed to happen.

    001.png ...?

    :? Yo...On your way home, are ya? Heh heh! That piece o' crap ain't goin' nowhere! Not without this, anyway.

    He produces a missing part of the motorcycle that looks shockingly like his hand when rendered in this game's graphics engine.

    :x Got that right...Just lookin' at this thing pisses me off! And this sure ain't your lucky day, punk...


    Our protagonist, not exactly intimidated, pulls out a lighter and flicks it open. Get used to seeing that, by the way. It's a bit of a habit for him.





    Music: Cue Philemon's Theme

    006.png ...!?

    :x Hey, hey...What the hell is going on!?


    :? Does something look...wrong to ya? He's all covered in sweat all of a sudden...



    Music: Cue Tension


    112.png Hey, you there! What are you little dumbasses up to!? Is this your idea of after-school activities?


    :x P...Principal Hanya!? S-sir! We were just about to head home! Hey! Let's get outta here!!

    The two delinquents bust ass out of the parking lot after tossing the part back to our protagonist who...simply turns around and gets back to working on his bike.

    112.png That'll teach 'em! Now they know their place...Ha ha ha ha! That felt great! Hey! You too, there!! Didn't you hear what I said!? Why won't you listen to me!? This is completely unacceptable!! You there! Who are you? What's your grade and room number!? Tell me the name of your teacher!! Or are you still refusing to talk!?


    Our hero flicks his lighter one last time as ???


    And prepares for a lifetime of flicking it as Tatsuya Suō.

    112.png Hmph, no wonder...So you're the Tatsuya Suō I've been hearing rumors about? Back in the hall I felt some strange sort of resonation. I'm sure you agree that you were the source of that...I'd expect nothing else from a problem child like yourself.

    What? Did he sense our Persona?

    112.png Keheheh...Oh well. You've been assigned to meet with "you-know-who" as your guide. Try to appreciate what little amount of childhood you have left.

    He storms off after that somewhat cryptic note, and another student runs up to us.


    :) Aw, don't give me that look. I just came here to tell you that Professor Saeko was looking for you. Are you trying to cut out of guidance counseling? They'll just start calling your house, you know. Just go through with it and get it over with.

    And with that good advice, we now have control over Tatsuya. Obviously, the first thing we should do is check the menu screen to see what's what here.



    Obviously, the first thing we should do is run around the school and talk to everyone we can find to see if anything interesting is going on.


    :oops: Huh? You wanted to know where Professor Saeko is? Well...I think she's in the teacher's lounge on the 2nd floor...Uh...Yeah, forget what I said...

    Looks like our Tatsuya is popular with the ladies. High school girls always love the jerky, quiet guys that hate everyone.


    This may seem mundane, but it will be relevant in another update or two, trust me.

    That's all for the parking lot for now, so let's head into the school and try to find this Professor Saeko.

    Music: Cue Seven Sisters High School A


    As you can see, Persona 2 does away with the First Person dungeons of the original. It won't take long for me to be very grateful for this. The dungeons in this game are much more complex than those in Persona 1.

    Anyway, let's start talking to everyone that'll stand still long enough and see what's what.


    :) Still, it's so long that "Sevens" is easier to say, huh? The emblem design is pretty slick...But it's cursed, which pretty much spoils it.

    Most of the students here are doing one of five things:

    1) talking about the curse
    2) talking about students that used to be shit that are now suddenly the shit for no apparent reason
    3) hitting on Tatsuya
    4) talking about Kasugayama (or, as they affectionately refer to it, K'ass-u-gay-ama), someone that goes to Kasugayama called "the underpants gang leader" that has it in for Tatsuya, and Kasugayama's apparent link to the curse
    5) any combination of the above

    Every once in a while, though, someone will say something interesting or at least hilarious, so it's worth talking to everyone just in case.


    Apparently, if you call your own cell phone, it will be answered by someone called Master Joker, who will grant you your deepest desire.

    The school's courtyard is full of interesting people. Let's take a look.


    That's just tacky.


    :) So if I see it moving, I'm gonna break it! But just to let you know, it's not because I don't like the principal himself. The man may be strict, but he's a good guy.


    112.png "Those who are burdened by the stars of stolen dreams are not qualified to make dreams come true". Someone told me to tell you that...Such is fate...Hahaha!

    Well, clearly he's a douche. Let's bust up his statue!


    Definitely a douche.

    Two more things of note in the courtyard:


    139.png Hm? You're in Professor Saeko's class...Well, don't go near the Narlato stone! I don't know what effect you might have on it.

    I don't know about you guys, but that sounded like "go poke the Narlato stone" to me.

    According to the legend, the demon Narlatoteph was sealed by Saint Hillemon into this stone.

    And now, a brief comical interlude:

    We went to the faculty lounge to find our teacher, and found this instead...

    Moving on...


    portrait_093.png I came to this school because I wanted to be just like her. She set a new record on the girls' track team...And she's so pretty that she practically shines! But then, that happened...I feel so sorry for her... *sob* ... Eheheh...I can't cry about it, right? Well, I'd better get back to polishing those shoes...

    Aw, someone has a little gay crush! How sweet. With such blatant displays like that, we aren't the only one that noticed, either.


    :) ...If you see Anna, tell her that she shouldn't be throwing her life away, and that she's really hurting Noriko...

    Man, it seems like everyone relies on Tatsuya, no matter how much he tries to get them to keep a distance.


    151.png You shouldn't keep giving Lisa the cold shoulder, okay? She's totally fallen for you, but you never give her a chance. I don't want you to leave Lisa in tears or anything...
    155.png Yeah, Suō! Asacchi's right! If you ever make Lisa cry, Meepo's gonna cry, too! I mean, she's my best friend, after all!



    Hmm...should we? He is currently down admiring his statue...Oh hell, let's do it. Maybe we can find something to break!

    :) You see, while I was cleaning up, I saw the principal...I saw him chatting away with a mask! The principal's been acting really suspicious...He's hiding something!

    Hmm...things just get weider and weirder around here, don't they? Man, that's enough of that. Let's go talk to our teacher. Now, where is she?


    Turns out she was right where we actually need to talk to certain students and teachers to get her to show up here, though, so at least it wasn't a total waste of time.

    138.png Oh, so you came after all, Suō! Since I saw that your motorcycle was still here, I knew I'd catch you if I waited.

    Now that's dedication. Or at least stubborness.


    One update in, and we've already seen two returning characters from Persona 1! I wonder how many we'll see next time?

    (spoiler: none)

    138.png Guidance counseling really isn't as painful as you might think. Don't worry. Right, right...Well, have you made a decision about what you want to do?


    001.pngNot really.

    Tatsuya flicks his lighter after every response.

    138.png Is that so...? Well...It's okay if you're not sure yet. Is there anything in particular that you want to do?


    001.pngBesides being left alone...? I just want to work on my bike.
    138.png Hmm, that's right!! Even if you're not clear on the details, you still have a dream to chase, right? But you can't stay that way your whole life, right? What do you think about that?


    001.pngI don't know...I never really have thought about it. I guess I can make that my goal and fix bikes for people...
    138.png Right...! If you know that much, you're going to be okay! You've got my support, so do your best!


    She tries to be supportive, but Tatsuya jerks away and walks over to his bike.

    138.png Suō...Why do you ignore others and push people away? I can't stand to see you looking so bitter...

    Before he can say anything, someone else bursts onto the scene so quickly I can't get a screen capture of it.

    053.png Hey...Aiyaa!


    So, this is the infamous Lisa that's after Tatsuya, huh?

    Music: Cue Ginko's Theme

    138.png Lisa! Is something wrong? What's with the shouting?
    055.png S...Sorry-ya, Professor Saeko! This is really important! Can I borrow Tatsuya for a while?

    Tatsuya does his best to signal to Professor Saeko that he will likely be bound and raped if left alone with Lisa for any extended period of time, but it doesn't work

    138.png If you insist...We'll continue this chat later, Suō.


    Tatsuya is resigned to his fate. Lisa does make a quick grab at his shirt, but fortunately not for sexy fun times.

    056.png Oh, come on! Am I the only one who's worried here...?
    053.png Hey! There's no time to sit here and talk!! We've got to take care of this!! Some guy from K'ass-u-gay-ama High told me to give this letter to you, Tatsuya!!

    Music: Cure Hero's Theme

    001.png "Listen up. Tatsuya Suō! We've got one of the girls from your school here."
    003.png "If you want her back alive, come to the Sumaru Prison, alone." Kasugayama High's Gang Leader, Michelle Eikichi...!?
    053.png Haime!? Is this guy for real? This is like, so retro...But the rumor is that he's pretty tough!
    050.png Speaking of rumors, the word's going around that it was somebody from K'ass-u-gay-ama High that cursed the emblems. It's probably the same guy!
    048.png Tatsuya...Do you really want to go there alone?


    048.png I thought you would...But do you even know how to get to Sumaru Prison?
    050.png I can show you the way, and I'd hate to just wait here for the curse to take me. Please, let me go with you!
    003.pngYou'll follow me no matter what I say, so fine. Just stay out of trouble.


    We are then treated to a two second FMV of Tatsuya and Lisa driving off that transitions us to the next scene.

    Which you will see next time.

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    Japan Joker is just so fabulous!

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    You know, it'd be a nice change of pace if, when someone does something like kidnap a high school student, you just call the police and they actually deal with it.

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  • BlackjackBlackjack Registered User regular
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    Cantido wrote: »
    Japan Joker is just so fabulous!
    You don't know the half of it! :lol:
    ...unless you do.

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    Update 2: The Joker
    Music this update:
    Music: Cue Comical Line


    144.png *gulp* ...That was delicious!


    039.png ...Huh!?
    036.png Damn! Is this girl really my fan!? She's not exactly ordinary, this one!




    This dude gets a portrait, but no descriptive text, so...uh...

    Ken Surname

    He definitely goes to Kasugayama High. Which is a boy's school for delinquents. I don't think we mentioned that. Probably also second year, like Michelle. Uh...He probably likes puppies, because who doesn't, right? He probably has a goal for his future or something, too.

    There, that sounds about right.


    Everyone immediately realizes this was not the right thing to say.


    036.png Huh? What's this about Suō? You little punks are up to something!!


    Right on time.

    036.png Suō!?
    050.png So it's you? You're Michelle Eikichi?
    043.png Yeees! Hey baby, you're one of my fans too, huuuh? Michelle, the brilliant artist with a certain way with the ladies...At your service! <3 Hooooooooh! :whistle:

    Those emoticons are 100% part of his text. Eikichi is magic.

    053.png You...Were you howling?
    036.png What!? Why you little...!!
    Shogo: Ummm...I'm really sorry about this!! We told Suō that we took Hanaji hostage to get him to come.
    Takeshi: Michelle, you wanted to form a band, right? We decided to look for members...You can't just rely on vocals alone...
    159.png We thought if we got Suō to come here...and then talked things over, that you might appreciate it, Michelle...
    034.png You...You know what happens when my laws are defied...
    Shogo, Takeshi, and Ken: Yes, sir! "Real men show no cowardice"! We're ready to accept any punishment!
    144.png Hey...You said you'd tell me the secret of the cursed emblems...You were lying about that too, huh? Well, I guess I'd better get going.
    056.png Sheesh...Let's head back, Tatsuya. These guys are making such asses out of themselves I could cry!
    034.png Wait! I apologize for their cowardice...But these guys are my bros, so for their sake, I can't let you just walk out of here...
    036.png On my honor as the Grim Reaper Gang Leader, I will allow it! You can be a member of my band!!
    050.png The Grim Reaper Gang Leader? Don't you mean the Underpants Gang Leader?
    049.png Yeah, I heard the rumors! You became the leader of your gang 'cause you'd pull down people's pants and humiliate them, right?


    This appears to be 100% the wrong thing to have said.

    159.png D...Don't listen to her, Michelle!!
    036.png Underpants, you say...




    The three wake up in an odd room, surrounded by pillars. The look around a bit, before things get even weirder.


    134.png Welcome to the rift between consciousness and unconsciousness. My name is Philemon...Have you forgotten me?
    Blackjack wrote:
    One update in, and we've already seen two returning characters from Persona 1! I wonder how many we'll see next time?

    (spoiler: none)

    Looks like I did. Sorry, Phil.

    053.png Philemon...?
    134.png The power that you wield is called a "Persona"...Gods and demons that remain dormant in your hearts, they are your other selves, powers that may be called out. Gods are the side of you that's full of loving affection...Demons are the side of you that's capable of great atrocities...Humans wear masks such as these throughout their lives...The maskyou each wear now is but one of countless possibilities. Such is your Persona as well, one of many.
    034.png So that me? But what exactly are you?
    134.png From this moment forth, you and your Personas will fight for a greater purpose...Because your very existence and the future of all things are at stake. Time is already up. You cannot remain oblivious. For now, Sumaru has been transformed into a world where rumors become reality...Your battle to defend the future has begun.


    041.pngBut...who are you? What the hell is this place!?
    134.png I invited you here simply to tell you of it. Together with your Personas, you will break the chains bound together by karma...

    Philemon disappears and the screen goes black.


    040.png Whoa...Was that all...Just a dream...?
    054.png Just as I thought...I saw it...I saw it too! Those things are called "Personas", right?
    034.png So, rumors are gonna become reality, and the futures's in danger...You dreamt that too? There's no way that it's all just a coincidence...
    051.png Hey...Should we try calling the "Joker"?
    040.png That deal where you dial your cell phone number from your own cell phone? Why would you wanna do that?
    051.png Think of it as a test, to see if that dream was real...If rumors really are becoming reality, then we'll know that it wasn't just a dream...
    040.png I'll pass...It's not gonna work.
    051.png Well it's just a test, after all...Or, could it be...? You're scared...?
    040.png Whatever! Sure, the three of us had a weird dream...But that doesn't mean we have to perform some wacked-out ritual.

    But, of course, Lisa's hard to say no to. Mostly because she doesn't take no for an answer.


    048.png You ready...? Master Joker, Master Joker! Please come to us...


    They all pull out their cellphones and dial their own number...

    227.png *RING RING* *RING RING*
    053.png I talking to?

    Music: Cue Joker's Theme


    082.png I am the Joker...The trump card pulled by those tormented by their dreams... Offer to me your ideals...


    145.png Don't stall! Tell him what you want!! There's a rumor that those who are unable to tell the Joker their ideal dreams are turned into Shadow Selves!!
    082.png It looks like this trump card has been spoiled...


    Hmm...the Joker's not trying to claim Lisa.

    036.png K...Ken! Shogo!! Takeshi!!! Damn it! What have you done to them!?
    082.png Ideals only bring suffering to the weak. All that I have done is released them from their agony...Shiedled their eyes from dreams that will never come true... They have cast aside their dreams...They see, but they are not seen. The rest of the world will forget about them, and they will eventually become shadows. But I no longer have time to jest...For I have other business with you...


    No, Tatsuya. You are the demons.


    006.png ......?
    082.png You can't hide it from me...You follow your dreams, yes? Am I right? Huhuhuh! Ahahahaha! As if I would ever make your dream come true! You should know by now...You must know why I have appeared to you!!
    040.png How would we know!?
    054.png What did we...ever do to you...?
    082.png You truly...don't remember? Ridiculous!! What are you saying!? What does this mean!? Would killing you off have any meaning if you don't remember!? I will spare your lives for now...But I will give you no rest...My demon subordinates will pursue you constantly.


    The Joker throws the iris at Tatsuya's feet and vanishes.

    Music: Cue Eikichi's Theme

    037.png I'm so sorry, Ken...Sorry...for makin' you do that...
    145.png Umm...Eikichi...I mean, "Gang Leader"...Who exactly are you talking to?
    052.png They really are being forgotten... The Joker really exists...

    We have control of Tatsuya again, so let's go around and see how everyone's doing.

    052.png But what was with all that stuff about getting revenge?
    145.png Umm...Please keep my real name a secret from the gang leader. Please...
    037.png Ken...! You were gonna be a boxing champ, right...? I was even writin' your theme song...
    038.png I'm so sorry, man...I made a promise to you...And then I forced you to go through with that...Damn it aaaall!!
    160.png My...dream? Who...really...cares...? I don't...

    Man, fuck this. Let's go kill that bastard.


    040.png Wait up...Are you going after that bastard? Step aside...'cause I'm the one that's gonna kick his ass...
    052.png Wait a minute, both of you...! That guy was like a monster back there, you know!? He could've ripped us all to shreds if he wanted to!! You may say you're going after him, but...We don't even have a single clue to follow! Maybe we should talk to the police or something!!
    036.png Who would take a story like this seriously!? Unless we're able to get a hold of some weapons, we'll all be in danger until that bastard's dead!
    145.png I t hink I might be able to help you...I'll gather more information about the Joker. In the meantime, all of you should find a way to protect yourselves...


    145.png The clerk there used to be a spy...She's bound to have some weapons...Maybe you should try going there...?
    052.png Since rumors are becoming reality, there's a good chance...I feel like a Persona alone isn't enough. Let's head over to that ramen shop!! It'd be safest if all three of us stick together! Right, Tatsuya? Shouldn't we all go after him?
    034.png That might be so...I don't stand a chance against him now...I guess fate is bringing us together after all. For the time being, until we kill that bastard, I'm calling a truce...


    Music: Cue Sumaru City

    Up the stairs we go, to arm ourselves against the Joker...

    Next time: A very respectable and trustworthy update.

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    Crap, I totally didn't realize you had changed threads XD

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    Ha! Sorry about that. Put a note in the Persona 1 thread. :lol:

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    Cool stuff! Thanks for adding music and videos of the fights.

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    Highly anticipating this, especially the play on Tatsu's character.

    Some criticism if I may: italicize the character dialogues and add the music in between sections where needed? Beyond that, A++ will read again.

    Also, I better start my replay. :P

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    Gah, I still need to finish IS...even though I've already seen the ending...

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    cj iwakura wrote: »
    Highly anticipating this, especially the play on Tatsu's character.

    Some criticism if I may: italicize the character dialogues and add the music in between sections where needed? Beyond that, A++ will read again.

    Also, I better start my replay. :P
    I can put the music in the actual update, but my concern is the sheer amount of it I'll be linking. For example, the next update is going to have at least sixteen songs, and that's if I don't include the ones already used in the let's play. As for the dialog, I'm going to do that the way I did it for Persona 1. Everything they actually say is going to be non-italicized, but everything I come up with will be italicized for easy distinction.

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    Ha, just saw the note in the P1 LP thread so...

    Yay, Persona 2!

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    Looks good so far. Innocent Sin is my favorite Persona game, although I still haven't finished P4 yet. This makes me want to play it again.

    Still hoping Atlus gives us IS/EP on PSP. I can dream, can't I?

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    If they do that, they will ruin the music, and I will rage the rage of a thousand fanboys.

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    It's possible they had to. Maybe the original composer(s?) don't work for Atlus anymore.

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    Part 3: Rumors

    When we last off, we met the gang leader of Kasugayama, and he ended up being...much less threatening than the words "gang leader" would imply. We also met the Joker, who seems to have a grudge against Lisa, Eikichi, and especially Tatsuya. Now we're on our way to a ramen shop because there's a rumor that the owner secretly deals in weapons.

    This is the main map screen of the game. One of them, at least. The city of Sumaru is broken up into districts, and each district has its own map and locations. The green triange is us, and the blue ones are NPCs we can talk to. None of them have anything interesting to say right now, but that should change as the plot starts to unfold. Our goal is the upper left corner of the map.


    This is the Hirasaka shopping district. Each area has a shopping district, which usually includes a place to buy weapons, armor, and items, a healing spot, one or two food shops, and a Velvet Room.

    Speaking of which...


    Velvet Room

    039.pngHuh!? H-hey, Suō, what kind of place is this!?
    053.pngLook, Tatsuya, there's a creepy looking old man there, too! Go find out what this place is!
    001.pngWhat...? Why do I have to be the one to...never mind. Fine.


    001.pngWhat is this place, exactly?
    192.png Welcome to the Velvet Room. This is where the different forms of people's hearts are called to awaken...By order of Master Philemon, we have been awaiting for your arrival. My name is Igor.
    194.png I am Belladonna. :whistle: I sing for those who challenge the monster known as oneself. :whistle:
    195.png I am Nanashi...The piano player who opens the closed doors of the heart...
    193.png I am the Demon Artist. I am the artist who draws the gods and demons that dwell within people.
    192.png We were told to assist the awakening of your new hearts, your new Personas. I am very glad to make your acquaintance...
    034.png Hey, Suō...When I'm here, I feel like...I feel the same way that I do when I'm callin' out my Persona, ya know? It's almost like somethin' is being lifted out of me...Like a great force is rushing out...
    048.png Philemon is their master? What's all this about new Personas? So there are more of these Personas, then! If we can get more of them, we'll definitely be able to save some lives! Okay, Tatsuya! Let's listen to what they have to say!
    193.png I speak through my artwork. I'm not much of a conversationalist...But I think I can get along with you.
    195.png The music that I weave exists to open the door to the hearts of Persona wielders...I'm in a battle of sorts, with your heart. That is why I must always keep my eyes shut tight...900,155 nights have already come and gone...
    194.png My purpose is to soothe your hearts! :whistle: For this, I strain to hear nothing but the music that swells within you! :whistle: Because of this, I do not hear the sounds of the world around us! :whistle: If you wish to say something to me...please enunciate clearly so that I might read the words upon your lips! :whistle:

    As you can see, the Velvet Room is where we can make new Personas. It works a bit differently than it did in Persona 1, so once it comes time to actually use it, I'll go into the specifics.


    Our next stop on the way to Ramen Shirasai (you didn't think we'd be going straight there, did you?) is Gatten Sushi.

    Gatten Sushi


    Eikichi doesn't want us to be here at all. Maybe he's allergic to seafood?

    039.png Daaah! Stop right there, everybody! We don't have any reason to go in here, right? Right? Right!?
    176.png Who'zat? Eikichi? Came home on time for once, did ya!? Get y'er ass over here and give me a hand with the store!

    What? Who--


    ...Oh. Oh my.

    176.png ...What in the...? This is ab..ab...absurd! What the hell kinda look are you tryin' to pull here!?
    039.png Y-ye...Yes sir! D-daddy...I mean...Uh, Dad...Listen, I can explain! There's a reason I look like this! We're uh...We're getting ready for a costume party! Isn't that right, Suō!? It's part of a school festival! I...I don't usually go around looking like this! Right!? Tell him, Suō!


    001.png ...
    176.png Playin' dress up for a costume party, are ya!? You little brat...You think I can't tell when you're lyin' to me!? You've got to get your shit together so you can inherit this business! You can't go around looking like that! I'm not gonna let'cha off the hook on this one!
    039.png Uh...Ha ha ha...Come...Come on, Dad...You don't really mean that, do you!? Hey, uh...Suō...We'd better split, man...Ugh, I mean...Hey, shouldn't we be attending that practice right about now?
    037.pngI know, I know... I...I'm pathetic whenever I have to face my dad...Ever since I was a kid, whenever I hear his deep voice roarin' at me, I get all frozen up...Why, you ask? Well, if you add up all of his ranks in karate, judo, and capoera, he's ranked at 18th degree belt, you know? If you got on his bad side, he could kill you!
    053.png Haime!? For real!? The Underpants Gang Leader can't even look his dad in the eyes!?
    049.png Psh...! Ahahahahaha! Yau yi zhi! That's so weird! Did he honestly say he was getting ready for a costume party? He's always wearing that stuff!

    ...let's spare Eikichi further humiliation and get out of here.


    Next up is your favorite and mine...

    Satomi Tadashi - Hirasaka

    Each shopping district has its own Satomi Tadashi store, and each Satomi Tadashi has a unique remix of the theme. It's a pretty a nice touch, really.


    Huh. Looks like we're not the only ones that can get into the Velvet Room.

    That's really the only thing of interest here for now. We can't even buy anything yet. This is pretty standard for the early game, but will change very quickly.


    Toa Defense

    Weird Lady: What, you don't believe me? Should I prove it to you? I've got the proof hanging right between my legs!

    006.png...Hey, Lisa. What's new?
    049.png Lisa's Cantonese lesson one! "Lei hou!" That means "hello"! It's a good way to start your studies, don't you think? I'm a big fan of Bruce Rin! That's why I've been studying Cantonese and kung-fu! Acheeeeooooh! Cool, huh?

    Wait a minute...Cantonese? This sounds kind of familiar...
    Persona 3 wrote:
    Fitness Expert: Today's Cantonese word is "Lei Ho"! Swing your arm--"Lei!" Lift those legs--"Ho!" "Lei Ho" means, "Hello"! That's all for this week! Back to the news!

    :shock: Holy crap, Lisa was in Persona 3!


    Yeah, we're really only coming here so I can link the music.

    Tominaga Chiropractic

    Still, since we're here we may as well talk to the doctor, right?

    170.png Gold Finger! Welcome to Tominaga Chiropractic! I'm Mr. Tomi, the man with the golden fingers! Goldfingeeeer! I went through an intensive training session in America, and I've mastered the secret chiropractic arts! There's no type of injury that I cannot cure! Leave your sore muscles to me...And my goldfingeeers!
    050.png Nho yi! Ugh! I don't want this old man to lay a finger on me! He's not just trying to treat me! He's just a horny old man!


    But, enough's enough. Let's move on with the plot.

    Ramen Shirashai


    173.png Ugh...I actually ate that crap...That strawberry ramen...That's how far I'm willing to go for the job...


    168.png I've told you time and again...Yes, I used to be a spy, but not anymore! I'm simply selling ramen now. Where did you ever get the idea that I'm selling weapons on the side?
    173.png Heh heh heh...I heard through some trustworthy sources at the detective agency that you can access a "special" menu if you know the password...So I guess I'll have to order soemthing else. They say the item you need to order is something pretty disgusting...Hey, can I get an order of pork and sweet-bean dumplings?
    041.png I'd heard the rumor, ever since I was a kid...But I was sure there was no way this place actually sold weapons.
    168.png What? You want to buy weapons? Oh, not you, too!? The truth is, I'm actually the third wife of an Arabic oil magnate...As such, I really have no need to deal in weapons.
    173.png Phew...That's my life as a detective, skirting about the dark recesses of the city streets...Hey, if you ever need my help with anything, just head to the Kuzunoha Detective Agency.

    Well...let's go, then. Maybe someone there will know the truth about the weapons rumors.

    Kuzunoha Detective Office



    171.png Come on in! Can I help you with anything?


    048.png Uh, no...We've just come here with a few questions, that's all...We were hoping to speak with a detective...


    053.png Ai ya!? We've heard some rumors about a "special" menu in a place that's been secretly selling weapons...So Tamaki and the others have been spreading that nonsense around as a joke!?
    171.png Hey, I can assure you that we're not running around starting rumors...Maybe Tadashi's just been running his mouth again, though...?
    041.png Yeah, I thought it'd be somethin' like that...There's no way rumors could become real. My guess is that the Joker's just playin' us for fools...
    171.png Could you fill me in on the details? We're actually investigating the Joker as well!

    Tadashi and Tamaki aren't the only Persona 1 callbacks here. The old fade to black for exposition makes a return, too.

    175.png Oh...? Well, a lot of strange things have been occurring lately...The idea that rumors are becoming reality actually fits with everything that's been happening...


    175.png Well then, would you like me to spread a rumor about this special item on the menu?
    049.png I see! If rumors become reality, then we can spread some rumors that might help us out!
    175.png I'll make a special exception and give it a try, but you're still going to have to fill out some paperwork to make it official. Let me know when you're ready. "You're never alone in this world"...Call it common sense, or call it being realistic...Regardless, there are some people that need to hear it, you know? Whether you're discussing rumors or even your own existence, when it comes to "proof", nothing is indisputable...Thinking of it this way, rumors becoming reality isn't so strange, is it?


    Here we have it. The rumor screen. From here we can spread various rumors we've heard from people around the town and reap the benefits. This first one is free, but future rumors will cost us. Generally anywhere from 1000 to 5000 yen, so it never gets outrageous. So, let's spread this rumor and see what happens.

    175.png All that's left for you to do now is to see it for yourself. If the rumor is true, then the "banana cha siu" will allow you to get the weapons that you need.

    All right! Let's head back to Ramen Shirasai and see who is unlucky enough to have to eat banana cha siu.

    Like we don't already know.


    041.png Damn, why did I have to choose rock...? Hey, lady! I'll have one order of banana cha siu ramen!
    168.png ...I had a feeling that this day would come, Eikichi...I'll give you a break today. The weapons will be free. Oh...These should do...Here you go, Eikcihi! Here's the Standard Case. I've also got a Misericorde for the slick guy over there. Now as for the girl, I've got a pair of Leather Gloves. Alright, that should be it! Well, you ordered it...You'd better eat it now! If not, I'll have to go back on my word, too!


    040.png There, I ate it! It was disgusting! Ugh!

    Before anyone (Lisa) can mock Eikichi for actually eating that, Hanaji storms into the shop with big news.

    144.png Hey, everyone! I've got some big news! It seems that Principal Hanya's been spotted along with somebody who was wearing a mask!
    053.png Haime!? For real!? The person wearing a mask has gotta be the Joker...
    050.png Tatsuya, let's head back to Sevens right away! Hannya might be able to tell us more about the Joker!
    144.png Well, I'm going to keep searching to see if I can find any more leads about the Joker.


    As we leave, Tad, who had been listening to the whole exchange, rushes up to the counter to order his own banana cha siu.

    Next time: A very respectable and trustworthy update for real. Plus, the first vote!

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    Ooh, I like votes!

    Anyway, quick question:
    Do you plan on making all the Fool Personas? I know getting 10 Fool tarots is a royal pain in the ass (even with savestating!), but they do kind of kick ass and stuff...

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    Ooh, I like votes!

    Anyway, quick question:
    Do you plan on making all the Fool Personas? I know getting 10 Fool tarots is a royal pain in the ass (even with savestating!), but they do kind of kick ass and stuff...
    I'll be getting at least one, just to show off the process. And I'll be getting the three special ones in Eternal Punishment. So that's four at the very least. I doubt I'll get them all, though, because I'm considering showing off all the Fusion Spells in the game (I'll probably end up abandoning that, too because my god), so to do both would drive me insane.

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    Tamaki's a two-flavored throwback, no less.

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    Oh God...that THING. It is HIDEOUS.

    (I am of course referring to Tamaki's terribad design)

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  • cj iwakuracj iwakura The Rhythm Regent Bears The Name FreedomRegistered User regular
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    It's not Tamaki, it's Rei Reihou from Devil Summoner, but I'm pretty sure the costume is a deliberate homage.

    Why she has a Klingon weapon, who knows. :P

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    Oh, okay. It's still a horrible design though.

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  • BlackjackBlackjack Registered User regular
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    That's not Tamaki, cj. That's the chick from the first Devil Summoner game, Rei something.

    That's Tamaki circa SMT: If...

    Edit: And see what happens when I waste time finding an image!?

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    Why is the Male Protagonist looking at Tamaki like he wants to rape her?

    The Anonymous on
  • BlackjackBlackjack Registered User regular
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    He's mad she got to be canon while he fades away into the ether.

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    Well, specifically, Tamaki's suit has that same popped collar look that Rei has in DS1.

    And I went with her in If for a reason. :P
    (I would've LPed it following SMT 1&2, but it's all moonspeak.)

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    *runs and hides in shame*

    ty for this blackjack <3

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    cj iwakura wrote: »
    Well, specifically, Tamaki's suit has that same popped collar look that Rei has in DS1.

    And I went with her in If for a reason. :P
    (I would've LPed it following SMT 1&2, but it's all moonspeak.)
    I still don't get why it hasn't gotten a fan translation, especially since it's much easier to get into than the other SMTs.

    The Anonymous on
  • cj iwakuracj iwakura The Rhythm Regent Bears The Name FreedomRegistered User regular
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    Coding issues.

    cj iwakura on
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    You didn't...did you?

    The Anonymous on
  • cj iwakuracj iwakura The Rhythm Regent Bears The Name FreedomRegistered User regular
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    No, I didn't work on it, that's hearsay from the team that did SMT1&2.

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    I have two updates in (at least) three parts for you guys today! These are big. How big? I started at 10:30 this morning and, with breaks for food and laundry, I am just now finished at 4:30.

    Let's get started then!

    Part 4: In This City

    When we last left off, Tatsuya, Lisa, and Eikichi had just received weapons and information on the Joker's location, and set off to hunt him down.

    Now that we've unlocked the rumor system, it's time to introduce ourselves to the first Rumormonger in the city.


    To do that, we've got to head back into Gatten Sushi and talk to the rotund man at the counter.

    178.png What do I have to hide? Well, I'm a salesman by trade, and I'm well versed in the rumors going through this town, you know. People have been calling me a "Rumormonger". Rumors come in handy when you work in sales, you know. If you've heard any good ones, let me know...I'll tell you what I've heard in exchange.


    His Persona helped him...well, okay. I guess I can buy that. The only problem is, the Snow Queen Quest in Persona 1 shows Kenta's Persona to be (not even remotely work safe) Mara, the idea of him helping anyone succeed in anything is frightening at best...

    Anyway, Kenta is our first returning Persona 1 character for this update, as well as our first Rumormonger. Like he says, we can give him info, and he'll exchange it for information of his own. Unfortunately, we don't have anything worth telling right now, so let's move on.


    Seven Sisters is in the Rengedai district, so we head there. More districts are unlocked as we go along, at about the rate of one area after each dungeon/major plot point until they're all unlocked, so this map will get full fairly quickly.


    Despite being in the middle of the city, this is a fairly boring district. Even the shopping center only has a few stores to check out. Let's start with the Time Castle.

    Time Castle


    165.png Although you are so young, you must have lost a precious memory, or forgotten part of your past too, I presume? Who said "tomorrow will be a brighter day"? Such a phrase only means you cannot escape the uncertainty of the present. Does it not push security away by making it a far-off day?

    Well, that was cryptic. Cheer us up, Lisa!

    051.png The count there was telling me...Only the people that have acquired an understanding of the concept of time and space can embrace a fear of the future...That might be true...When I think about what lies ahead, I realize how scared I am in the present...Then I start to fear the future.

    ...uh. Eikichi?

    043.png Whew...Oh...Ah...If we could spend more time here like this, then maybe we wouldn't have to remember what happened back then? I know that nothing can be done about the past...But it still doesn't stop painful memories from hurtin' at all...



    Random guy in the back of the store?


    ... I really don't like it here. Let's try somewhere else, okay?

    Rosa Candida

    Rosa Candida was our next stop. I didn't take any shots because it was three people including Eikichi and Lisa, and all of them said the same thing "sure does suck that Sevens is cursed, huh?" So, moving on.


    Satomi Tadashi - Rengedai

    049.png Meepo was showing me some calorie-free candies earlier...Do they have them here? Huh? Oh, are you asking if she's a friend of mine?
    051.png Uh, I guess...I know a lot of people who you might call "friends". We go out together all the time.

    Looks like Lisa's still a bit down.

    043.png These diet products are pretty popular. They're okay if you want to lose weight. That's the way that...Uh, never mind...
    001.png ...?

    Everyone's still acting odd.


    Maybe some aromatherapy will get them back to normal.


    043.png Heh...Comin' to a shop like this is proof that you're nobody special...I, on the other hand, create my own "Pheromone Xx" naturally! I don't need to wear any cologne!
    049.png Pheromone XX? Is that his name for the smell coming out of those armpits? You, on the other hand, actually smell good, Tatsuya. Maybe it's just 'cause I like you, Ching yan! <3

    That's better.


    A nice trip to the park ought to keep us happy, too.

    Honmaru Park


    ...or not.

    Hanako: When I was there, some guy came up to me and asked my name. I told him "I'm Hanako." He ran away from me all of a sudden, shouting "Hanako! She's here!"

    This is a lot funnier if you know about Japanese Urban Legends.


    206.png I've been keeping my ears tuned to the whispering of society...From such rumors, we can obtain the knowledge of certain aspects of the world, from the hypocrisy to the deceptions...If you know of any interesting rumors, would you tell me? I'll be sure to tell you what I know as well.


    And here we have rumormonger number 2. We still don't have anything for him, so let's head to the next stop.


    ...Oh my.

    Silverman Manor


    053.png Aiya! Wait a second! Time out! We don't have any business here, right? Right!?
    197.png Hm? Oh, Lisa...You're home already? If you're coming home this early, then could it mean that you've got some kind of news to share with your dear old father?


    Holy shit! Lisa's dad is Steven Seagal.

    197.png The girls in this country must be modest and graceful...They must honor their fathers and mothers, and keep the household strong. Ahh, I see it is almost time for tea...Do come in.
    050.png Keh he! You're so annoying! Go fan lai la! I'm hoooome! Is that how you wanted me to say it!? You should take another look at the girls in this country, Dad! We go to clubs! We stay up late! We have boyfriends! I became just what you wanted, didn't I!? By the way, what's with the hakama!? It doesn't suit you at all! It's not even humid enough to explain why you're wearing one! Ugh! I've had enough! Let's go, Tatsuya!
    197.png Oh, how could this be...? She's still trying to speak Cantonese to me, despite having Japanese, the most beautiful language, as her mother tongue...She used to run up to me eagerly shouting, "Papa! Papa!"...How could she have turned into such a rebellious young woman...?
    039.png Does this guy have the Japanese spirit, or what!? I always thought some spoiled rich girl lived here...But to think it was her the whole time!? That's her dad, and this is her house? On top o' that, she's going around speakin' fake Chinese lookin' the way she does? Who does she think she is, anyway!?

    ...Okay, clearly everything I try ends poorly today. Let's just head to the school and save ourselves further torment. Probably.


    We'll head there in the next update, coming soon!

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    Update 5: School's Out

    048.png Aiyaa! What happened? Is something wrong?


    This is apparently a Big Deal. Such a Big Deal, in fact, that we're given a thirty-second cutscene of the clock moving.


    Including a brief pan to Philemon in butterfly guise, naturally.


    Oh no, it's 3:01 run for your liiiiiiives!

    043.png Everybody, what's the big deal? Why are people all worried about a clock that works...?
    048.png There are a lot of rumors about this clock tower! Like, evil spirits will come out, or something bad...if the clock moves again...and it's moving.


    043.png Hey, hey! Grandpa! Don't be afraid! Now that I'm here, there's no problem!
    School Janitor: Oh, but you're wrong!! There certainly is a problem. Before that teacher died, he said..."Time must be stopped, or the world will be destroyed"...
    048.png You mean...the teacher who died in the clock tower?
    School Janitor: Yes...That one...That teacher gave up his life so that the children would be able to live in peace...
    140.png ...No, it's impossible! "As the stars shine in the sky above, the time that was once frozen comes to pass"...It's...starting!?
    141.png Huh!? The Narlato Stone!! What's happening to the Narlato Stone!?

    And she runs off before explaining any of that crypticness.

    Male Student: What's up with Professor Ideal? What could be more important than this!? The clock's working again...Something big is about to happen!
    Female Student: Was tearing the emblem off my uniform really enough to ward off the curse!?


    039.png Hey, hey...Is this for real? That girl's face just...All of the sudden...
    050.png Keh he! What's going on!? Even removing the emblem from our uniforms isn't enough to keep the curse at bay!? Let's hurry up and get to Principal Hannya!! Before Tatsuya and I get our faces turned to mush by that curse too!

    Seven Sisters High School B

    Good idea, Lisa. Our first stop is to check out the Narlato Stone ourselves...


    048.pngKeh he!? Tatsuya, the statue's gone! What happened!?


    001.png...found it.
    034.png ...It's movin'.
    048.png It really is moving.
    034.png ...It's obvious, right?
    048.png Yes, it is.
    141.png Perhaps that statue is responding to the Narlato Stone...This is proving to be far worse than I imagined...Oh, Professor Kashihara! What should I do...? Huh!? What are you doing here!? You've got to get to a safer place, immediately! Why, you ask? Well...Obviously! There's a huge statue walking around in here! Don't you think that's a little dangerous!?

    She would have a point, if it weren't for the fact that we're being hunted by demons even as we speak. She is right that we have somewhere else to be, though...


    Namely, here. Let's kick the Principal's ass.


    ...Well, it was a sound theory. Unfortunately, he's not here. Again. Still. Maybe he just never uses his office.

    048.png Huh? So the principal isn't here? Waai! Hey, hey! Do you know where the principal is?
    Male Student: No matter where we look, we can't find him. Where could he have gone when the school needs him most of all...?
    Female Student: If the principal were here, he'd be able to do something about this curse!
    043.png Maybe he went and disappeared because he couldn't stand in the presence of me, the great Michelle!? Hmph...Seems like the worst kind o' scum!
    Male Student: Huh? Are you from K'ass-u-gay...I mean...from Kasugayama High?
    043.png Okaaaay! Let's go, everybody!! Right on!
    Male Student: Get him! His emblem will ward off the curse!!

    Ginko's Theme


    036.png Cut that crap out, you bunch o' dumbasses! Man, what's with this school!? Why do I have to put up with this!?
    049.png You're in Sevens now...Walking around with K'ass-u-gay-ama High's emblem can't be good!
    036.png And why's that!? It's not my fault you went and called that Joker bastard! You need to take your share of the responsibility for this!!
    050.png Keh he! What do you know!? People can't take responsibility when they don't even know what was going on! And what does responsibility even mean to you? You're the Underpants Gang Leader, the guy who gets a kick out of pulling other people's pants down!! Yeah, you! The Underpants Gang Leader! Underpants...Gang...Leader!
    036.png And who do you think you are? Some foreign chick thinkin' she can speak fluent Japanese! Even throwin' in words from a language nobody here knows! Where the hell do you even come from, anyway!? Here, I'll make it easier for everyone to remember you! From no on, you're silver-girl! "Gin-ko"! Ginko! Ginko! Ginko! Ginko! GINKO!
    050.png Fan ah! No! No-no-no! Don't call me that stupid name!

    Fortunately, before they manage to go at each other with their Personas, the trio is interrupted by the sound of the door opening.

    Maya's Theme


    Hey, they look unique enough to be party members!

    013.png Wow! We sure found some interesting kids in here! Ciao...Pretty stormy atmosphere in here, if you ask me! Come on now, you guys! I can't stand to watch your little lover's quarrel!
    036.png050.png Who says it's a lover's quarrel!? ...Who are you?
    013.png Sometimes, I'm a hot-blooded reporter! Other times, I'm a shy little editor! But the truth is...I'm always...The ace journalist from the editorial division at "Coolest"! Maya Amano! Pleased to meet ya!


    083.png I'm Yukino Mayuzumi, a freelance training, I guess.


    Hey, it's Yuki! Hi, Yuki! Your hair got long!

    043.png What!? Okay! Let's go, babes! I'm...


    Lisa totally just kneecapped Eikichi.

    050.png "Coolest"...That's gotten pretty popular lately, huh? But why would a journalist be wandering around a high school?
    013.png We're trying to gather some good picutres and quotes for a special article about rumors being spread in high schools. The biggest thing other than the cursed emblems would have to be this "Joker" character. But all of a sudden, the school went nuts! Nobody's exactly eager to do interviews right now! What exactly is happening here at Sevens? If you know anything about it, can you tell us? Anything worth adding to the article?
    055.png Umm, well...Th, that is to say...We don't really know much about it...Right, Tatsuya?
    013.png Hmmm...You're hiding something!
    043.png No lie, babe! I ain't searchin' for the Sevens principal! And the Joker didn't step on me or nothin'!


    085.png What do you mean, "didn't step on you"? You do know something important, don't you!?
    015.png I've interviewed enough people to be able to see when someone is hiding stuff from me! And now that I know that much...I'm not letting you out of my sight!!
    085.png Tell us everything, or suffer the consequences!

    Before we find out what the consequences are, the door opens again.


    Definitely not as awesome as last time someone interrupted us.

    And Maya and Yukki Make Five

    Main Theme B

    018.png Whew...Is everyone okay?

    005.png038.png052.png ...

    018.png W, wait...What happened to all of you!? Were you really that frightened?
    052.png What...? Why did I start crying? All of a sudden, *sniff*...Tears just came to my eyes...
    038.png It's like...It's a feeling I haven't had for a long time...I feel even warmer than when I'm with Ginko or Suō...Almost like I'm...bein' held in my mother's arms...
    018.png Pretty strange...I felt it too...Why does this all feel so familiar...?
    083.png Maybe I can try to explain? I'm pretty knowledgeable about demons...What I have to say might be useful.

    Fade to black

    013.png Wait, you all have the same power as me? A Persona, huh? So it wasn't my guardian angel after all...Yukki! I had no idea you were a Persona-user. Today's just been full of surprises!
    083.pngThe first time I used a Persona was in high school. It was after playing a game called "Master Persona"...has it already been three years? You wouldn't happen to have played a game by the name of "Master Persona", have you?
    039.png053.png "Master Persona"!?
    039.png I sorta remember playing a game by that name, but I think it was while I was dreaming...
    053.png ...Dreaming!?
    083.png What about you, Lisa? Do you know of that game?
    051.png No, not at all...I've never played a game like that.
    013.png Well, we don't need to know exactly where Personas come from. Let's just leave it at that. We've got to think about what we're going to do now!
    053.png Haime!? Are you serious!? Does that mean you're going with us?
    014.png Well, you're being targeted by the Joker after all, right? What a scoop that'd be, running into him! And hey, if we stick together, we might be able to find out why we all became Persona-users.
    083.png I'll go with you too! Knowing that you're going up against demons is enough for me. I can't just sit back and ignore it!
    053.png Wait a minute! We don't even have a clue where the principal is! Even if you come with us, I'm not sure what we're gonna do!
    013.png Well, first things first! We'll put an end to this madness! Just as you might have wondered...If the principal were behind this mess, how would everyone react?
    083.png Maya, it's one thing to say we'll put an end to it, but how will we be able to do it?
    013.png I got it! Why not just destroy all of the school emblems? The emblems are behind the rumors, so without any of them, this whole thing'd go away, right?
    083.png Well...If rumors really are becoming reality, then the curse would have no effect without any emblems...Do you really buy it? Rumors becoming reality?
    013.png Let's think positive! Even if it doesn't work, we did what we could! I wonder who decided to model Sevens' emblem after the constellation Pleiades? There have got to be other things that have the emblem design, other than the uniforms! We should look around for them.
    048.png Then...What about the clocks in the classrooms? The background of each clock looks like the school emblem...
    043.png Okay, my friends! The only thing we're doing now is getting older! Let's go and look for those emblems!

    We have a full party, now, so let's go ahead and look at the party as it stands.



    And their Personas (in the same order)


    Like Persona 1, a Persona's Level indicates the minimum level required to use the Persona, SP Use indicates the cost to use any of the Persona's abilities, and Rank is what dictates stats and spells learned. Unlike Persona 1, the progress toward a new rank is shown under the Persona's rank. When all the arrows are full, the Persona Rank increases. Each arrow takes approximately two summons to fill, though healing spells tend to fill them slightly faster. Finally, the Level Up Bonus below the Rank indicates the stat that gains a bonus point granted by the Persona. This is in addition to, and independent of, the three points each character is granted on a level up.

    But enough of that for now. A lot just happened here, so let's talk to all our party members and get their thoughts on everything.

    051.png She makes me feel strange...Like I already know her...No, it can't really mean anything! I only just met her, after all.
    043.png You know, Maya's the kind of lady that relaxes me...She's so nice that it almost hurts...It's like I got this tight feeling in my chest... You feel it too, don't you? We only just met her, but still...Could it be that we're destined to fall in love?
    001.pngWhat, all three of us?
    039.pngUh...y, yeah, probably not, huh?
    083.png But this sure was a surprise...I never would have thought I'd be with other Persona users again. I thought my friends were the only ones with that power. Hey, did you ever hear about this before? Three years ago, the city of Mikage was cut off from the world...They called it "The Sebec Scandal".
    090.png Well, it's a long story...My Persona awakened when that was happeneing...And it happened to my friends too, all eight of us...We fought against demons and other Persona users...My best friends and I brought the town back...Oh sure, it appeared on the news, but none of what they said was true. Kandori, of Sebec...Hmph...Let's drop this. It's ancient history.
    013.png The truth is, we were looking all over for you...You're Tatsuya, the most popular boy at Sevens! Don't think I'm gonna let you go without an interview! Hmm...By the way, Tatsuya...haven't we met before?
    014.png Juuust kidding! It's a joke! A joke! There's no way we've met before! I guess you just charmed me for a second! <3


    Riding A Vehicle

    043.png Could you hold on a sec, babes? I've got a couple of special presents for you,since you'll be fightin' with us!
    014.png They's so cute! <3 You're giving them to us!? Yukki, here! Take one!


    089.png You think I'd ever use a pink gun like that?
    083.png Sorry, but no...I'll use the weapons I always carry with me!


    She demonstrates by throwing some knives at the wall, scaring the shit out of everyone except Maya (who is still just like "PINK GUNS! AWESOME!").

    014.png Yukki, you're pretty good! But I'm not gonna lose to you!


    She then proceeds to fire her guns wildly and randomly around the room.

    Maya is amazing, you guys.


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    Part 5-2: School's Out
    Enough of this silliness. Let's get going. We've got emblems to destroy!

    And also demons to talk to, apparently:

    A Boy and His Slime

    There are a few more intricacies to the system that I will explain as they crop up. Beyond that, the biggest gameplay change in Persona 2 is the introduction of Fusion Spells. If you remember back to the second update, Tatsuya, Lisa, and Eikichi combined their Persona's abilities to attack the Joker. This wasn't only a cutscene power, though! With certain combinations of spells, we can create newer, more powerful spells. Here are the ones available to us with the default Personas:

    Let's Fuse a Spell!

    Pretty impressive right? If you were paying attention, you may have noticed something odd happen to Eikichi's Persona after one of the battles. Ending a battle with a Fusion spell gives the Personas involved a chance to mutate. A mutation is always positive and may include an increase to stats, an automatic two rank advancement, or even learning a new spell. Each Persona can learn one new spell through Mutation. Tatsuya's learns Dia (single target healing), Eikichi's learns Aques (second level Water damage), Lisa's learns Me-Dia (full party healing), Maya's learns Diarama (second level single target healing), and Yukki's learns Frey (first level nuclear damage).


    Occasionally, we run into students standing in front of the doors. Looks like we weren't the only ones with the idea of smashing emblems. It's kind of nice to not have everything be on our shoulders, even if most things still are. Let's head to the next classroom and smash up the clock there.


    Female Student: Miyabi Hanakōji's the chief in charge of the school newspaper. I'm telling you! There's no need to worry! She probably just tripped somewhere and got another nosebleed, huh?
    036.png Hey...Hey! You there...Did you just say "Miyabi Hanakōji"!? You know her!? Do ya!?
    Newspaper Staff Member: Mi...Miyabi Hanakōji's a student here...She said that she was going to K'ass-u-gay-ama High...Did you see her there?
    034.png Nah...The only person who came was a plump girl who called herself Hanaji...For real...? Miyabi transferred to Sevens, huh...? Ha ha...Really...?
    Female Student: Huh? You met up with Hanaji...? Didn't you know? Hanaji is...
    053.png Aiyaa!
    055.png Hey, uh! Underpants Gang Leader!? I know Miyabi pretty well...How do you know her, though?
    035.png What!? Really...? So you know her, too!? Miyabi's not a tough-lookin' girl like you...She's slim and beautiful. She's really high class, isn't she? You know what I mean, right?
    050.png Ugh...Gotta keep quiet, gotta hold it in...
    055.png Hey, come on! Tell us how you know her!
    034.png How do I know her...? Well...
    043.png Obviously, she was an old girlfriend of mine a long time ago! And by a long time ago, I mean elementary school! Somethin' happened, and we split up...I remember her face, stained with tears, begging me, "Eikichi! Please don't leave me!"...
    049.pngAiyaa! Tatsuya, can you believe it!? No wonder she doesn't want us to tell Eikichi her real name! Let's keep our word, and keep her secret safe! Come on, bust up the clock in this room and let's head to the next one!

    Not that the next classroom is any more sane.

    Remember Hanako, from the park? Well...


    Bandaged Male Student: Please! You've got to beat Hanako and bring me back some sort of proof that she exists! I'll even give you a reward!
    014.png I remember hearing about Hanako in the toilet back when I was a kid, too...It'd be amazing if we actually encountered her.


    So, let's encounter her then!

    Hanako very literally in the toilet

    We return the nametag, and the student gives us five Slippery Powders as a reward.


    ...Should've just given us the money.


    Horror-loving Female Student: Umm, hey...Ten years ago, there was a serial arsonist running around, right? Even though there were lives claimed by whoever was behind it, no suspect was ever caught...Now, about that suspect...There's a rumor that he was once a student at this very high school...And his name was...Tatsuya Sudō...*Cackle*...Almost the same as yours, isn't it? I wonder if you've got some sort of connection...*Cackle*...
    001.png ...
    006.png...Maya? Are you okay?
    021.png A serial arsonist...?
    020.png Ugh...No, I'm fine. I just got a little dizzy there, for a second...
    083.pngHey, Suō...Did Maya hurt her arm, or something? Huh? She's feeling dizzy? She was holding onto her right arm, though, like it hurt...


    Bandaged Male Student: Hey, uh...Sorry, Suō...He told me that if we didn't spread that bad rumor about you, he'drip off my bandages in front of everyone... But hey, don't worry! That news is ten years old, right? It's not like I'm doing anything wrong...
    003.png ...

    Damn. I wonder how far back these rumors can affect reality? I also wonder if Maya and Yukki are going to end up having Daddy issues, too.

    We only have one more room left to explore, too. There are some more clocks in the Faculty Room, so let's head there.


    Yukino's Theme

    138.png You there! You all need to start behaving yourselves! How long have you been spreading those rumors!? Sheesh...I give up!
    084.png Professor Saeko!? What are you doing here!?
    138.png Ma...Mayuzumi? I can't believe it's you! I took a position thata opened up here last year! But why are you hear, Mayuzumi? Could it be...? You did graduate high school, right?
    084.png Oh, I'm here on a job! I'm working! I do part time work as a photographer. Today I came to the school to snap a few shots.
    053.png Aiyaa! You two know each other?
    138.png I taught her back at the school where I used to work before I came here! It looks like today was a bad day tocome for some pictures, you know. Something's not right here, as youcan see...
    083.png Yeah, it's a real mess out there, but there's something I wanted to ask you about, professor...

    Fade to black

    138.png ...What do you mean the curse was started by rumors!? So you're saying that if the crests are broken, the curse will have no effect...I see. If you need my help, I'll cooperate! Suō! I'll take responsibility if this doesn't work! You just go and break whatever emblems you find!

    And we do.

    043.png Okay, everybody! Now we should be able to bust 'em up!
    138.png This will make the illness go away, right?


    Or not.

    022.png Hmm, isn't it strange? I was sure this'd break the curse, but...Is there something we're overlooking?
    049.png Hey, didn't we forget the biggest one? And by that I mean the clock tower!! It's still there, you know.

    Suddenly, the intercom crackles to life.

    112.png Attention, students and faculty members! There will be no more destruction of school property! Repeat, no more destruction of school property! The command of the principal is absolute! Is that understood? Seven Sisters High is mine, so take good care of it!
    138.png Since the principal put it that way, there's not much we can do...Everyone, we can stop searching for emblems! It's settled!
    085.png So Hannya came here too...! Everybody here seems to obey him...There's nothing we can do about that. But even if we're the only ones who'll do it, we should go and destroy the clock tower.
    048.png Hey, wait! Ching yan! Don't you know the clock tower is always locked? If we're going there, we'll have to get the key first. It's probably in the teachers' lounge. Let's ask the teachers there.
    013.png Well now...Everything's going just as the principal expected! Hurry up, let's find the key..."Let's go"!
    048.png Um...Maybe we should give up on the plan and start cleaning this place, huh? We should listen to what our great principal says...No, no, no! Ahhh, what's this ringing in my head? Kau ming ah! Heeeelp!
    085.png Damn that Hannya...He's even gone and brainwashed Professor Saeko! He'll pay for this! Saeko's not the type of teacher that would blindly follow orders. We've got to do something about this...He could be the Minister of Education for all I care, he's still going down!

    Like Lisa said, let's ask around.

    Professor Asō: Ahh, right. You're looking for the key to the clock tower. But you know, somebody took it from the staff room. That's all I know. There's nothing I can do about it. Ah, right. Right. Just one other thing...Seeing Lisa here reminds me...She has the lowestEnglish grades in the class! Tell her to take it more seriously!
    Professor Sōka: What? The key to the clock tower? Is that so? You're going to clean the clock tower!? No, is that really so? Wah haha! Is that so!? The principal took the one that was in the staff room...But the school janitor should have another one! Hahaha! Is that so!? I admire such thorough cleaning!

    Well then, let's find the janitor!


    014.png 'Scuse me! Sorry for intruding! Um, we want to borrow the key to the clock tower.
    School Janitor: Hm? The key?
    049.png Yeah, just to borrow the clock tower key! You have it, old man! Don't you?
    School Janitor: The key to the clock tower...Now where did I put that darned thing?
    035.png Come on, grandpa! No need to get all flustered. Just think niiice and clearly with me.
    083.png We'll never find the key at this rate. It'd be faster to just search for it on our own.


    And so we do. Unfortunately, there's no giant box labeled KEY this time. Maybe in these boxes...


    ...Yeah. Let's see how the others are doing.

    001.pngFind anything...?
    084.png I couldn't find the key, just a bunch of snacks. That old lady might deny it, but she sure takes care of the old man.
    018.png Wow!!
    022.png I only found a bunch of photos of Sayuri Yoshikawa in the drawer...
    054.png Aiyaa! This place reeks of mold!
    056.png Come on!! Do they even bother drying out the futons!? I pushed all of them around, but the key isn't there!
    034.png What is it? Grandpa and I are swapping manly stories! We're busy here! Go away!
    022.png This is troubling...Well, what should we do?
    043.png By the way, grandpa...There's something I was wondering about...Hey, what's that you've got there?
    School Janitor: Hm? It's a key.
    043.png What's it say here? ""


    043.png Oookaaaay! I found the key! To the clock tower! Let's go!



    Yeah. Let's go.


    Lisa stops us right outside the clock tower, to let us know her Persona senses something, and it doesn't like it. This is basically your "THIS IS THE BOSS ROOM SAVE YOUR GAME" warning. It also comes with a really well done heartbeat vibration on the controller.


    041.png *cough*, *cough*! It sure is dusty...I hope this dust doesn't ruin my perfect hair...It doesn't look like Hannya's here. Let's just bust up this clock tower and say goodbye to this place!
    048.png But that feeling I had...What could it have been...?


    043.png What? What's wrong, everybody? Have I got something on my face...?
    053.png H, h, hey Underpants Gang Leader...Turn...Turn around! L, look behind you!
    137.png ...Not like this...Time must not...flow....I be sure...
    018.png He disappeared...Haven't I seen that person somewhere...?
    039.png053.png ...I've seen him before!
    ???: Hahahaha!
    085.png That laugh...Hannya!? So you're up there!?


    Joker's Theme

    003.png036.png050.png The Joker!
    018.png231.png That's the Joker!?
    050.png Principal Hannya! Just as I thought, you've got some kind of connection to the Joker! The curse on the emblems, and the reason everyone's acting strangely is all because you made a deal with the Joker, isn't it? Admit it!
    112.png What are you saying, you little dumbass!? The cursed emblems ared divine punishment upon the students for their misbehavior! You've all forgotten why you're here at school! You waste away, day by day, only thinking of your looks and dating! The curse was poetic justice! Even if it started as a rumor at Kasugayama High, I doubt that is what made it reality...Still, a simple wish to Master Joker would make all of the students' faces return to normal. How does that sound? Kneel before Master Joker, and he will give you whatever you wish!
    085.png And what did the Joker give to you!?
    112.png Ha ha ha! To me!? He made the students love their principal...And brought back my long, flowing hair!
    036.png Damn that Joker! Is this all part of that bastard's plan to get revenge!? He even went and granted this dumb old geezer's dreams!! What would he go and do that for!?
    082.png "As the stars shine in the sky above, the time that was once frozen comes to pass..." I desire more than just revenge. I, "the one who gives"...And you, "the one who takes"...I am locked in a battle with the dreams of Tatsuya Suō! Never again will I allow you to destroy another's dream...Never again will I allow the same mistake to be repeated!
    016.png Are you...crying?
    082.png Time has begun to move again...Listen to the ringing of the bell which resounds with dreams!


    He tosses another flower before disappearing in a flash.


    Hannya jumps down to confront us (where'd he get that wrench?), and Tatsuya and Eikichi leap onto the other gear.

    You know what that means!

    Boss Fight 1 vs Hannya


    Foolish Boss

    050.png We won! And now you're gonna tell us everything you know about the Joker!

    Before anything can happen, the ground starts to shake and the clock begins to collapse.


    022.png Oww...Are you okay, everyone?
    036.png Ah! Just wait, you bastard!
    112.png Your counseling time is over! But as long as you continue to defy Master Joker, I doubt you'll ever be able to rest!


    112.png Waaaaaaaaaaaah!!
    041.png Aren't we four stories up!? Man...That old guy's dead for sure.

    Suddenly, Maya remembers the Joker and picks up his flower.

    Maya's Theme - Sad

    016.png216.png The Joker...He's so alone. How pitiful...Deep inside, he's being drowned by his sins...That boy reminds me of you somehow, Tatsuya...And I feel like I've met him somewhere before.
    016.png "...It chills me, when I behold his pale face...For the moon shows me my own features again. You spirit double, you specter with my face...Why do you mock my love-pain so...That tortured me here, here in this place...So many nights, so long ago?"
    013.png It's from a poem called "Der Doppelgänger", Tatsuya, have you heard it before?
    231.pngMaya...You don't mean to say that he has a doppelgänger, do you?
    014.png As if!! I just thought they looks alike! Don't worry about it, Tatsuya.


    Something tells me he won't.

    056.png Waai! What should we do now? Hannya got away from us, so we don't have a clue where to go!
    013.png Let's think positive! At times like these, we just have to keep heading forward, right? It's not like we have no clues at all! We just have to follow the rumors!! The rumors will definitely lead us straight to the Joker!
    083.png Hey, that's a great idea! Hannya was talking about how the emblem curse originated from rumors at Kassugayama High, didn't he?
    034.png Wait a minute! I, the great Michelle, am from Kasugayama High! And I don't know anybody there who'd spread a rumor like that! It'd be a waste of time following up on that. If we're going to check around, it should be at another spot!
    048.png Since we're looking for rumors about the Joker, wouldn't it be best to ask the president of the journalism club if she knows anything yet? I'm talking about Hanaji! We should be able to find her at the Peace Diner in Yumezaki. Why don't we just go to there for now?


    Female Student: I heard the principal went into the clock tower to break the curse...Hey, have you seen the principal? Oh...Oh my gosh...Did he fall when the clock tower fell apart? Don't tell me he...He didn't die, did he!?


    Well, that's up to you. Did he die? On the one hand, he has a Persona, which makes him tougher than normal. On the other, it's a pretty long drop and he had to be hurting after the beating we gave him...

    Go ahead and vote, YOU can make a difference!

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    He's alive!

    DeMoN on
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    Let's think positive! He's alive.

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    He's dead Jim.

    Who makes a wrench that big anyways?

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    Adellios wrote: »
    He's dead Jim.
    I was a little sad this wasn't the first response, honestly.
    Who makes a wrench that big anyways?
    I guess when you make gears big enough for three teenagers and two adults to stand on and fight, you need a big wrench to make any repairs after the fight.
    fRAWRst wrote: »
    *runs and hides in shame*

    ty for this blackjack <3
    Nooo don't hide! Honestly, if it wasn't for your Persona 2 LP I would have never done an LP for Persona 1, which means I would have never done one for this game, either!

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    Remember that bit in [REDACTED] where everyone started using their Personas to fly around and stuff? I bet it's like that. He's got to be alive!

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