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OMEGATHON: The Master Sticky!

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Okay, we've got two Omegathon-related threads going on right now:
Omegathon Games - Started as speculation, now that the games are announced it's mostly discussion with speculation on the final round.
Get to Know Your Omeganauts - All about the Omeganauts, who they are where they're from, etc.

The 2007 Omeganauts
1. David Davis (Davertron), PAX 2006 Omegathon Runner-up and former Sealab Crewmate
Hometown: Johnson, Vermont
Age: 25
Favorite Game: Counterstrike
Worst Game: “Apparently Tetris. *cries*”
Greatest Gaming Accomplishment: Competing in the 2006 Omegathon!

2. Cynthia Hookway(CynderCyn), CCST Veteran
Hometown: Marshall, Michigan
Age: 24
Favorite Game: Guitar Hero
Worst Game: Mario Kart
Greatest Accomplishment in Gaming: “The first time I played Expert Mode in Guitar Hero I was able to get about a 70,000 score.”

3. Chelsea Stark(zombiebot, chelseabot)
Hometown: Austin, Texas
Age: 23
Favorite Game: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Worst Game: DDR
Greatest Accomplishment in Gaming: “Defeating a Balor with my D&D group, thanks to plenty of natural 20s.”

4. Mike Berard(jdarksun)
Hometown: Reston, Virginia
Age: 27
Favorite Game: Tie between Dead Rising, Planescape: Torment, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, and System Shock 2
Worst Game: Star Wars Galaxies
Greatest Accomplishment in Gaming: “It’s a tie between leading the PA WoW Horde guild for nearly a year and leading the PA BF2 clan over the summer of 2005.”

5. Dave Palay(LordThanda), CCST Veteran
Hometown: Ann Arbor, Michigan
Age: 21
Favorite Game: Anything not sports
Worst Game: Anything by Wisdom Tree
Greatest Accomplishment in Gaming: “My computer speakers: Ca-Ca-Ca-Ca-Ca-Ca-Ca-Carrier has arr - Carri- Carrier - Carrier has arrived.
5 other people in the room: Shit.”

6. Steve Radabaugh (majin23x), CCST Potentiary
Hometown: Thermopolis, Wyoming
Age: 28
Favorite Game: Any RTS
Worst Game: Any sports game
Greatest Accomplishment in Gaming: “I finished the second quest of the original Legend of Zelda in one sitting. I was probably 11 at the time.”

7. Jimbo Matthew Pate (Riggz13)
Hometown: Jacksonville, Arkansas
Age: 23
Favorite Game: Anything Mario Kart
Worst Game: Need for Speed Underground 2
Greatest Accomplishment in Gaming: “The first time I killed an innocent player in Ultima Online.”

8. Ryan Zack (Accalon)
Hometown: Bend, Oregon
Age: 22
Favorite Game: Half-Life
Worst Game: Toe Jam and Earl
Greatest Accomplishment in Gaming: Beating Zelda: Ocarina of Time with the 3-heart challenge

9. Edward Jones (SabreCat)
Hometown: Madison, Wisconsin
Age: 24
Favorite Game: RPGs!
Worst Game: Battlestar Galactica
Greatest Accomplishment in Gaming: “Ascending in Nethack… eight times.”

10. Vanessa Sierra (Vane518, Lach's girlfriend)
Hometown: Miami, Florida
Age: 22
Favorite Game: Puzzle games
Worst Game: Elf Bowling
Greatest Accomplishment in Gaming: "Beating all the levels on Sonic the Hedgehog on my Sega Genesis."

11. Ben Gray (MNC Dover)
Hometown: Savannah, Georgia
Age: 31
Favorite Game: A tie between Starcraft and Fire Emblem
Worst Game: Realistic Racers
Greatest Accomplishment in Gaming: “Beating Heavy Barrel in the arcade with only one man.”

12. Brian Lusky (the Reverend, a714generation)
Hometown: Erie, Pennsylvania
Age: 26
Favorite Game: Final Fantasy VI
Worst Game: Anything Madden!
Greatest Accomplishment in Gaming: Bowling a 300 in Wii Sports

13. Ariel Matthews (bluecanary)
Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia
Age: 28
Favorite Game: Tabletop RPGs!
Worst Game: E.T.
Greatest Accomplishment in Gaming: “That's an even tie between ME finally hitting level 40 in World of Warcraft and getting my wolf mount and my MOM hitting level 40 shortly thereafter. I was so proud. I have a level 40 mom. She has a raptor!”

14. Brittany Marie Aubert (baubert)
Hometown: Bellevue, Washington
Age: 20
Favorite game: Ocarina of time. Favorite genre: Action/Adventure
Worst Game: Superman 64
Best gaming moment: “I made a pretty cool football strategy game called Gridiron Tactics while attending DigiPen.”

15. Tristan Stanley (LogicLB)
Hometown: Des Moines, Iowa
Age: 25
Favorite Game: Resident Evil 4
Worst Game: Spider Man 3
Greatest Accomplishment in Gaming: “During Christmas 1995, the second Warcraft was release. I was in sixth grade at the time, and my parents had already established their stance on game evolving war. I was determined to play this game, after playing the first one so much. I had no allowance, but I would receive twenty dollars for a school lunch ticket. It was support to last me for two weeks. I really had no other way of making money as a 13 year old in sixth grade. So for month and a half I went without lunch, keeping all the money hidden away. I rode my bike to local Game Stop in the mall and purchased Warcraft 2 on my own. It was the sweetest game I have ever earned.”

16. Max Battle III (MT_Max)
Hometown: Kalispell, Montana
Age: 23
Favorite Game: First Person Shooters
Worst Game: Predator 2 (Game Gear)
Greatest Gaming Accomplishment: “Beating Tetris on B-Type 9-5 on original Nes when I was 8.”

17. Josh Wetzel (wetzelcoatl)
Hometown: Moscow, Idaho
Age: 20
Favorite Game: Warcraft III
Worst Game: Unreal Tournament
Greatest Accomplishment in Gaming: “Getting 2nd Place in the Desert Combat Tourney at the first PAX.”

18. Tony Baugh (Tony_B)
Hometown: Salt Lake City, Utah
Age: 21
Favorite Game: Can’t decide.
Worst Game: “Cell Phone Games, yet I can't keep myself away from them.”
Greatest Gaming Accomplishment: “Finally beating my bigger brother at Mortal Kombat. From that day on my gaming skills only got better.”

19. Matthew Stone (CK20XX)
Hometown: St. Louis, Missouri
Age: 25
Favorite Game: Bomberman for the Saturn
Worst Game: Fighters/FPS
Greatest Accomplishment in Gaming: “Getting a legit Mew and winning three badges and a black cap by competing with other trainers and beating the Gym Leader’s Exeggcute, Kabutops and Articuno with my Parasect, Jolteon and Alakazam during the first Pokemon Tour at Chesterfield Mall.”

20. Carlito Reyes (itojetto)
Hometown: Minneapolis, Minnesota
Age: 25
Favorite Game: Any Square RPG
Worst Game: Mortal Kombat
Greatest Accomplishment in Gaming: When I was 10, my mentally and certifiably insane cousins used to destroy me time and time again at Mario Kart SNES- I never had a chance. Red shells, green shells, and banana peels were always zooming across the screen, blowing up my balloons and wiping me off the track. I tried different tactics, characters, stages- there was never a glimpse of hope. One day, my cousin Alexander and I played ALL DAY and eventually got into a psychotically competitive “battle mode” for 12 straight hours. Eventually we were well into 800+ wins each- my poor little SNES nearly burst into flames, but it kept pushing on as if it knew my destiny. That day something deep within me snapped (Alexander had horrendous gas and athletes foot, so I may have been empowered by the toxic mix of his methane fumes and foot creams), and I MASTERED Mario Kart! I was unbeatable even with Bowser! GWAHAHHAHHAH!

The Omegathon 2007 Schedule

Round 1: Jenga
Platform: Wood Blocks
Location: Theatre B, 4th Floor
Time: Friday, 4:00 PM

Round 2: Calling All Cars
Platform: PS3
Location: Theatre B, 4th Floor
Time: Saturday, 1:30 PM

Round 3: Quake III
Platform: PC
Location: PC Room
Time: Saturday, 4:30 PM

Round 4: Karaoke Revolution

Platform: PS2 or Xbox
Location: Main Theatre
Time: Saturday, 8:00 PM

Round 5: Puzzle Quest

Platform: DS most likely, but could also be on the PSP
Location: Theatre B, 4th Floor
Time: Sunday, 1:30 PM

Round 6: ???

Platform: Speculation is leaning towards the SNES or Genesis
Location: Main Theatre
Time: Sunday, 4:30 PM
We're leaving together
But still it's farewell
And maybe we'll come back
To earth, who can tell?

I guess there is no one to blame
We're leaving ground
Will things ever be the same again?
It's the final countdown...

We're heading for
Venus and still we stand tall
Cause maybe they've seen us and welcome us all
With so many light years to go and things to be found

I'm sure that we'll all miss her so
It's the final countdown...
The final countdown...
It's the final countdown.


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