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[Let's Play] Bloodlines: The End

AistanAistan Registered User regular
edited December 2007 in Games and Technology
I've been thinking about doing a Let's Play of some sort for a while now, and since there is a lively discussion going on right now I figured i'd make it on one of my favorite games of all time.


The last game made by Troika Studios, it was released in 2004. It uses the source engine, which was under development at the same time, leading to one of many problems for the game. It released with numerous technical and gameplay bugs, and even though it had favorable reviews, underperformed in sales. The release of Half-Life 2 at the same time did nothing to help. It is now available on Steam for $20, and comes with the 1.2 patch which fixes most of the major problems.

As is the case with Troika's first game, Arcanum, the main draw is it's wonderful dialogue and engrossing storyline. With five endings, 7 clans, and numerous skills, the replay value is very good if you are able to get past the initial problems.

For this Let's Play, I will be playing a Malkavian. They are my favorite clan and the one i've done the most playthroughs with. Additionally, since I want to focus on the dialogue a lot, it will make things more entertaining for all of you. If this becomes popular enough i'll take suggestions on which ending to go for, but we'll have a while before we need to worry about that.

These are my starting stats:


First update coming next. It's a long one, but it's also the longest cutscene in the game so the following ones won't be as bad. This will all i'll be able to do tonight, but i'll get to the actual gameplay tomorrow and do two updates of it then. After that i'll shoot for one a day barring unfortunate circumstances.

Updates will be in spoiler tags to prevent scroll wheel destruction.

The Embrace
The Raid
Beach Party
Rewarding Arms
Ocean House
Insanity Redux
Explosive Situation
New Introductions
Signs of Disease
Yo Ho Ho
Better Red Than...
Descent into Madness
Swarming with Salmonella
Mulling Over The Masquerade
Death's Mask
Extreme Home Makeover
Voices in My Head
Chinese Secrets to Enlightenment
Running in Circles for Profit
For Science!
Hub Hopping
Giant Underground Lair
The Hollowbrook
Fire, Fire, Burning Bright.
Road Trip!
Mistress of Mirrors
It's A Long Road...

I have mod permission for this thread. If you want to make your own, ask them first.

Aistan on


  • AistanAistan Registered User regular
    edited November 2007
    The Embrace:

    I can't believe my friends made me come to this stupid costume party. It's not even a real party, it's just a club where we dress like sluts and dance with disgusting guys. I need some fresh air.


    I'm so glad I got out of there. I met this amazing guy, he's nothing like the others here. He has the most interesting way of speaking, I feel... different when I get near him. It feels wonderful.

    He says he has a place nearby, I can't wait.



    Things are going so fast, but I don't care.


    I've never felt like this before, I feel like I can see things clearer than ever, I-

    "I want to show you something..."

    What? What's he... No!!!




    What... what happened? My neck... then I drank... something...


    He's still here, what did he do to me?

    *The door gets kicked in*





    Prince: Good Evening.


    Prince: We are here because the laws that bind out society. The laws that are the fabric of our existence, have been broken. As prince of this city, I am within my rights to grant or deny the kindred of this city the privilege of siring.




    Prince: Know that I am no more a judicator than I am a servant to the law that governs us all. Let tonight's proceedings serve as a reminder to our community that we must adhere to the code that binds our society, lest we endager all of our blood.

    Prince: Let the penalty commence.





    Prince: Therefore, I have decided that-

    Audience member: This is BullSHIT!


    *Audience murmuring, and standing as well*


    Prince: If Mr. Rodriguez would let me finish.

    Prince: I have decided to let this kindred live.


    Prince: Good evening.


    Kindred... vampires. I am now one of them, I must wrap my noodle around this.


    Prince: Must adhere to if we wish to survive.

    Vampires have laws? I wonder how their supreme court is replaced.


    His predicament? I'm in more of a dilly of a pickle than he, I think.

    I wonder if I can still eat pickles... are there blood pickles?


    Maybe there is a line of convenience stores selling all manner of blood-related foodstuffs. I should get a toothbrush there once I find one, oral hygiene is more important than ever now!


    Prince: He will provide the details of your labor. I've shown you great clemency. Prove it was more than a wasted gesture, fledgling.

    But how will I see if i've gotten them clean in a mirror? And how does the prince get his hair so neat in that case as well?

    Prince: Don't come back until you do.

    Maybe he has other vampires do it for him. That would make sense.

    Prince: Good evening.

    Wait... he was saying something, what...

    *the door slams behind her*



    Aistan on
  • ImpersonatorImpersonator Registered User regular
    edited November 2007
    I'm looking forward to this LP, I've always heard good things about this game but never really tried understanding it

    Impersonator on
    Bioptic wrote: »
    Lemmings was pro-Communist propeganda. All are created equal, sorted into specific jobs and roles that they will hold for the rest of their lives by a higher authority, and must sacrifice continuously for the good of the group. Success is measured by meeting quotas and nothing else. Also, nuclear holocaust.
  • HeirHeir Registered User regular
    edited November 2007
    Wait...there's FIVE endings? Been a while since I've played.

    Also, great idea for a LP.

    Heir on
  • urahonkyurahonky Registered User regular
    edited November 2007
    I'm playing through this game right now, and the Malkavians are awesome.

    urahonky on
  • CarcharodontosaurusCarcharodontosaurus Registered User
    edited November 2007
    This is going to be made of pure win. There's so much cool stuff in this game, and seeing it from the psychotic viewpoint of a Malkavian? With additional character appropriate commentary? You've just begun Aistan, but already I take my hat off to you.

    Carcharodontosaurus on
  • DarkPrimusDarkPrimus Registered User regular
    edited November 2007
    You should use a different font for your character so that it's easier to tell her internal dialouge apart from other characters. Perhaps use a color as well.

    DarkPrimus on
    Gamertag: PrimusD | Rock Band DLC | GW:OttW - arrcd | WLD - Thortar
  • SilpheedSilpheed Registered User regular
    edited November 2007
    This will be fun to read but I have to say I'm a bit disappointed that you didn't go with the male Malkavian since his last armor is fucking glorious.

    Silpheed on
  • CarcharodontosaurusCarcharodontosaurus Registered User
    edited November 2007
    Silpheed wrote: »
    This will be fun to read but I have to say I'm a bit disappointed that you didn't go with the male Malkavian since his last armor is fucking glorious.

    Fo' shizzle.

    Carcharodontosaurus on
  • DracomicronDracomicron Registered User regular
    edited November 2007
    Yes, but by playing female, you can get your (female) blood dolls to call you "momma," if I remember correctly.

    Which is so wrong it's right.

    Dracomicron on
    Gary Gygax wrote:
    ''The secret we should never let the gamemasters know is that they don't need any rules.''
  • A-PuckA-Puck Registered User regular
    edited November 2007
    An excellent choice for an LP, thanks Aistan.

    A-Puck on
    Soon... soon I will install you, my precious.
  • Zen VulgarityZen Vulgarity What a lovely day for tea Secret British ThreadRegistered User regular
    edited November 2007
    I get to see most of this game without playing it?


    Zen Vulgarity on
    oVSbgTI.png For more artwork like this, check out Jakub Rozalski's imgur
  • AistanAistan Registered User regular
    edited November 2007
    Thanks for the faith in me. I'm hoping to do this game justice, it really is a fun trip. Since this is my first Let's Play, any other suggestions would be great. Additionally, until I do an update I have no idea what size it's gonna be so just ignore me if I make a guess like that again. I'll try to keep them around 40 or so images, there's just no easy way to break up this next part.

    Next one coming up, it's the tutorial level. It's basically one long conversation. I'll situate the events in the next updates so that there's an even balance between talking and actually doing things.

    Thanks for the tip, DarkPrimus. Her thoughts will be in red from now on. I'd make a separate icon for each character so it's not just "Name:speech" over and over, but i'm still learning how to do all this and that'd add even more time. I have a new respect for everyone who has done one of these :)

    Aistan on
  • AistanAistan Registered User regular
    edited November 2007
    The Raid


    What did the prince say? The fleet-winged god? Oh why did my minds miss math class?

    Gruff Voice: Hey kid, over here.


    Olivie: The rain of ages plot again to wash away revelation.

    Hairy Dude: What? Oh, man. And you're a goddamn Malkavian too? Wow, you're really fucked.

    Olivie: Who is this dark demon I see before me?

    Hairy Dude: I'm Jack. What's important is i'm offering help. You make it back from Santa Monica with your hide and we'll trade life stories, okay? 'Til then, I got about *this* much time. You in or out?

    Olivie: I shall undertake your dark tutelage...

    Jack: Now, we ain't got much time but I figure *somebody* should fill you in on the bare bones stuff at least. You know, could save your hide. You look wobbly. You even had a drink yet?

    Olivie: My minds don't seem to remember.

    Jack: Oh man- we're poppin' a cherry here! Ah, you're gonna love this! Alright, check it out. Blood's your new rack'a lamb, your new champaign. Blood's your new fuckin' heroin, kid. Get ready though, cuz, heh, it's never as sweet as the first time. Down around the corner there, saw this human. Poor S.O.B. can't find his car... heh, heh, heh.

    Olivie: How do I do this dread deed?

    Jack: You go down there- casual like- creep up on him, then bare those little fangs and feed. Don't worry if you weren't captain of the wrestling team. It'll come so naturally you'll think you'd done it a thousand times already.

    Olivie: Will he then carry this curse in his veins?

    Jack: Forget that comic book crap, kid. It don't work that way. Now go for it. Be sure though- and this is important so listen up- be sure not to drain 'em dry, okay? It might be hard to resist, but don't kill 'em.


    There is the poor pedestrian... he shall make my night a little sweeter.


    *Barely remembering Jack's words, she pulls away, leaving the man standing in a daze.*

    Ahh... How have I gone without this sweet nectar for so long?


    Jack: Hell yeah, you're feeling it. I can see it in your eyes... you're a born-again predator. Feeling that blood bubblin' inside you, lifting you up. That's it, kid, that's what it's all about right there.

    Jack: Alright now, you got the blood, you're feeling all kickass, feelin' better than your best day livin'- but wait! It gets better! All Kindred have a few things in common, things that set them right square above humans on the food chain. Sharper senses, a body that can take a beating, and, if you play your cards right, eternal life. That's no sure bet but still, a chance at immortality is not a bad deal. And that's just starters. Fringe benefits for joinin' the club.

    Olivie: My life line will go on forever?


    Jack: Now a shotgun blast to the head: That's trouble, boy. Fire? That's real trouble. Sunlight? Well, you catch a sunrise and it's all over kiddo, get it?

    Olivie: Like a bad sunburn...

    Jack: Okay now...

    *An explosion and gunfire in the distance.*

    Jack: What the fuck is this? Look, you get inside here and head upstairs, we'll meet up in a bit. I'm just gonna go see what the ruckus is.


    An automobile butcher shop...

    *Leaps to the top of the shelf and onto the walkway above.*


    Who am I to say no to such a shiny thing?


    Jack: Come down here! Stay away from the windows. It's a Sabbat raid. The Sabbat, they're uh... Christ I was hoping to spare you this shit til later. The Sabbat are mostly mindless bloodthirsty assholes, that's all you need to know for now. They got wind of the gathering here, so they figure they'd raise a little hell and put heat on the new 'prince.'

    Lies and ambition... dancing and singing and silly hats!

    Olivie: Tell me of the Jester-prince!

    Jack: No time for the political rundown. Job one? Get out of here alive. Sabbat might be mindless but they hit like a Mack truck, like raging savages. Nothing a fledgling like you wants to mess with... shh... heads up, back away.










    Jack: Dumb frenzied Sabbat bastards. Alright, we gotta vamoose out the back, quick. I'll stay and watch out; you get us into the office.


    Tab A into Slot B and... *click*


    *Sound of glass breaking as the door opens, and a gruff chuckle.*


    Jack: Uhh... shortcut. Well, nicely done though. Not exactly an angel in life, were you?

    Olivie: I knew my share of demons.


    Olivie: Why need we hide our nature?

    Jacl: Same reason you don't let the humans see you feeding. It's why the wolf doesn't want the sheep to know he's there. It's also why you don't go jugglin' dumpsters or outrun the 8:15 from Sacramento. And... hell, it's why you didn't know any of this when you woke up this morning.

    Olivie: My eyes are beginning to open...

    Jack: Keep our secret secret and you make things easier on all of us. We're living in the age of cell phone cameras... fuck ups ain't tolerated. Makes sense enough, right? That party back there- with the guy in the suit and Magilla Gorilla... the assholes that put your sire to death? That's the Camarilla. Hmph. They make a tidy business out of enforcing "vampire laws" like this one.

    Olivie: These Camarilla are my comrades?

    Jack: I'll tell you what I think some other time maybe. I like to let people form their own opinions.

    Jack: Alright. Now, don't worry cuz I know the area a little and i'm glad we're in this situation, you and I. It illustrates a point. You gotta utilize your surroundings. You do what you gotta do. Theft, destruction of property, breaking and entering. Heh, these'll be the least of your sins before the night's out. Look around here, there must be a key to that magnetically sealed door someplace.


    My minds are of agreement, it must be safe. But to access...


    The computer concurs, and with a slight tickle, reveals its secrets. It is two against one and the safe relents.


    Jack: There we go. Now take that keycard and head out the back. I'll meet you out in the alley there. I'm gonna go check out things from topside.


    Out the door, and... agh!

    *Gets shot*





    Red red red... the insides should not be out...

    Jack: Fuckin' waste of unlife, these Sabbat vatos. You get winged? Hey hey! Look at them potholes! Those'll close up soon enough. Better feed though, there's someone down the stairs here. Not the freshest catch but he'll do.

    Olivie: Does blood have vintage and bouquet?

    Jack: When it comes to feeding, it's quality blood you're looking for, not quantity. Bums and lowlifes don't pack the same punch that a healthy well-bred human will. Remember what I said though, don't kill them. Least not the innocent ones. You're a monster now, make no mistake... one of the damned and fallen. You'll need to hold onto every last shred of humanity you have.

    Olivie: What if I drain him dry?

    Jack: An innocent's an innocent. You kill one, even a worthless bum, even by accident, and it's gonna cost you a piece of your own humanity. It'll bring you closer to that Beast you got welling up inside you.

    Olivie: Yes! The dark beast coiled beneath the surface!

    Jack: The Beast is always there, waiting to take over. When it does, it's like a wild animal wearin' your skin... desparate, scared, reckless. He'll do anything to survive and it's you that has to deal with the consequences.

    Jack: I said innocent humans though. If some asshole levels a twelve gauge your way, you drain him, skin him and bash in his skull. Self-preservation is a vital part of humanity after all. My favorite part, in fact.

    Olivie: Drain, skin, bash and dash...

    Jack: Alright, now go feed. careful though... he's gonna drain fast.


    So lonely and cold... let us say hello.


    *Takes one drink and shoves him back, grimacing.*

    Olivie: Uggh! His neck tasted like your breath smells...

    Jack: Not quite as good huh? You can do worse. There's some rats down the way. You can survive feeding on animals if you can stomach that kind of thing. Blech.

    Olivie: I need to floss the flannel from my fangs...


    I had a rat once. His name was Morty. I wonder how he would taste?

    *A minute later*

    Jack: Ahahahah, ya rat sucker! Hey, I don't care what you do, but, uh, just so you know... polite vampire society looks down on that kind of thing.

    Olivie: Etiquette demands they pass the salt for my rodent feast!

    Jack: Shh... keep it down. Got someone around the way here. Not too much of a threat by himself, but you never know if there's more in shouting range. You'll have to sneak past. Just stay low and stick to the shadows, i'll meet you inside the building on the far side.


    If it were not for the lightbulbs, it would all be shadow! I shall have my revenge, yes...


    Jack: Keep it quiet, they're inside here. Seems that shovelhead outside got separated from the pack. Go take care of him. Don't worry, he's probably greener than you. The Sabbat, you see, they don't have the most rigorous training program. In fact, that poor sod is lucky if he knows he's a vampire.

    Olivie: My own green paint is still fairly fresh...

    Jack: He was probably just turned and beaten over the head. They like to do that... make shock troops. Cannon fodder. Put him out of his misery.

    Olivie: Vampire or no, he meets his maker.


    Vampires are filled with explosive fireflies.

    Jack: That's that. Sounds like we got another pack moving in though. The Sabbat're goin' all out. You better head underground, avoid stray bullets. Head down into the basement, through the grate in there.



    The shovel has knocked loose his hearing. I shall put it back into position.




    All better.

    Jack: Not sure what's goin' on... sounds like the Sabbat's gettin' scattered. I'm gonna keep an ear to the ground. Be careful goin' forward here... could be a whole mess of 'em holed up.

    *Lockpicks the door, barges into the next room.*


    Curse my negligence at seeing through walls!


    I hope this all comes out in the wash.

    The next door I shall be silent. So quiet I...


    I seem to have misplaced my body. Now I will never skip rope again!




    This explains everything! All stand-up comics are vampires. They simply lack the will to take the laughter to the logical conclusion.




    Now I shall learn a skill that I shall never use again. Who eats from tins like this anymore anyway?



    Sabbat: Ah? Ha.

    Note to selves: stockpile tins for easy breaking-and-entering.


    Olivie: Do we lick these locals?

    Jack: They probably seen too much. Here, take this thirtyeight. Fuckin' peashooter, but a few shots and it'll take down a human.

    Olivie: These kinds of peas are undoubtedly deadly.

    Jack: Well i'm gonna want it back so don't go die and lose it. I don't use guns much. They're noisy, they're clumsy, practically useless against vampires. But still, a Kindred's gotta keep up with the times and in modern day Los Angeles, that means comin' strapped. Some are more lethal than others, of course. Watch out for those shotguns. Those things smart, I tell ya.

    Olivie: I'll make sure to bypass any boom-sticks.

    Jack: Head up and clear out what's left of 'em. Can't have them running their mouths about any of this. I'm gonna make sure there's no stragglers around outside.


    Stay away from the cans!


    *Humming along to nonexistant elevator music*



    Don't take a bat to a fist fight.



    Laughter makes it all so sweeter.

    Jack: That's it kiddo. Just like that and it's all over. Everyone slinks back to their corners of the city for the night. Til the next night, when the Camarilla finds some way to strike back. Parry, dodge, spin n' all that. And so on and so on...

    Olivie: These are the nightly battles of this ancient game?


    *Horn honking outside.*

    Jack: If you make it back, stop in at the Last Round. It's this bar downtown here. I'll fill you in on the politics. Now that's the stuff that'll kill ya. Good luck.

    Aistan on
  • Kris_xKKris_xK Registered User regular
    edited November 2007

    I never got to play this game, so I'm excited for this.

    Kris_xK on
  • ArcSynArcSyn Registered User regular
    edited November 2007
    Kudos Aistan! Good luck with the LP!
    They are a lot of work, but a lot of fun.

    I played this game a bit with a friend once. I remember nothing of it, so this LP is going to be a lot of fun for me. I love vampire stuff.

    ArcSyn on
  • BurguBurgu Registered User
    edited November 2007
    Huzzah! I thought about doing this myself, but looks as if you beat me to the punch.

    This is a fantastic game that was plagued by bugs, but I don't think ive had as much playing a game since Deus Ex.

    Burgu on
  • JMJM Registered User
    edited November 2007
    Great LP
    I dislike it that you use *rping* to describe something though, I think it breaks the flow of it a bit. perhaps you could describe in some other way? or maybe be a little more detailed as to what happens. for example, maybe try to explain the things that happens from an author's perspective...

    but dont get me wrong. I'm loving this LP

    JM on
    smash code (NL): 5112-4921-0268
  • Zen VulgarityZen Vulgarity What a lovely day for tea Secret British ThreadRegistered User regular
    edited November 2007
    I kinda liked it better when you were making fun of these things.

    Zen Vulgarity on
    oVSbgTI.png For more artwork like this, check out Jakub Rozalski's imgur
  • DarkPrimusDarkPrimus Registered User regular
    edited November 2007
    Jack is pretty much my favorite character from the game. That he's voiced by John DiMaggio (BENDER!) is probably a factor.

    The Prince is another favorite. Yeah he's an asshole, but he's a well acted asshole.

    DarkPrimus on
    Gamertag: PrimusD | Rock Band DLC | GW:OttW - arrcd | WLD - Thortar
  • CarcharodontosaurusCarcharodontosaurus Registered User
    edited November 2007
    See, normally I'd be opposed to doing the additional commentary in-character, but the character's a Malkavian. It's not all serious, mopey, woe be me tripe; it's concentrated crazy given a voice! I'm absolutely loving this so far. :D

    Carcharodontosaurus on
  • HeirHeir Registered User regular
    edited November 2007
    The RP'ing is just fine. Keep it up.

    Heir on
  • BlackjackBlackjack Registered User regular
    edited November 2007
    DarkPrimus wrote: »
    The Prince is another favorite. Yeah he's an asshole, but he's a well acted asshole.
    I went to high school with a guy that looked JUST LIKE the Prince. Like, a creepy level of resemblance.

    Also, re: Female Malk: Those are some retardedly huge boobs.

    Blackjack on

    3DS: 1607-3034-6970
  • AistanAistan Registered User regular
    edited November 2007
    Beach Party
    Now to see my new magnificent abode.


    Olivie's shopping list:

    -A little plush elephant that makes noises when you squeeze it
    -Cowboy hat
    -Drapes (BEFORE SUNRISE)

    Ooo a fancy note... and it's for me!


    Mmmmmm... Strauss. Strauuuus. Sounds like fun, I love riddles! I bet the answer is "Man."


    Mercury beckons with his promises of boom boom. But first! I claim this building for the queen!


    They should know better than to lock the queen's doors.


    Self-help books are always so preachy.

    Now, off to take a rocket to Mercury!




    The big doors say stay out, but the blood says come in!


    Nooo! How will I get the boom boom now?

    Your death will not be in vain!


    Oh, he's alive.

    Olivie: Are you the fleet-footed god?

    Mercurio: Unnghh. Mercurio, if that's what you mean. Ah, shit... you're Malkavian, aren't you? Damn it, that's the last thing I need. I'm bleeding all over the carpet, and I can't even understand what the hell you're saying... I got... I went... what the hell is this lump? Is it my rib? Holy shit, is my rib poking through my side? I'm all numb... you gotta look and tell me!

    Olivie: Hippocrates is not my forefather. Who broke you, Mercury?

    Mercurio: Goddamn chemist! Can't trust any operators in L.A. I verified him, organization seemed reliable. Guy mixes up speed, his crew sells it. Occasionally, he does explosives. I set up a drop. I show up at his house with the money, right? Four of these guys come out of nowhere, junkie pricks- hit me with a bat! Head feels like I got a friggin' horse kickin' it.


    Olivie: Where are the demons who attacked you, Mercury?

    Mercurio: Those small-time sons of bitches live out in a dump on the beach. Four or five of 'em. The one's got the explosives is Dennis. Got my money too, that prick!

    Olivie: Tell me where my feet must travel.

    Mercurio: Laying in a pool of my own blood and you want friggin' directions. Right, okay- Down the street, in the parking garage, stairs down to the beach... on the right... those better not be my last words... You gotta get it back from 'em. Maybe reason with 'em, maybe break in... I wanna kill 'em. Do whatever you people do. I blew it, I know.

    Olivie: May my assistance help you greatly?

    Mercurio: If you could... unhhh... ah, something just started leaking- I need something for the pain.

    Olivie: I shall return with some numbness, Mercury.


    Olivie: Your words will be weighed, Mercury. Farewell...


    Luck is on my side tonight! A clinic built just for me!



    Annoying guy: Come on, you are, aren't you? Don't bullshit me girl, just come clean. I ain't gonna tell no one. It's OK. I just wanna talk!.

    Not now, not now. Follow him home and do it there...

    Olivie: Let us trade words, golden boy.

    Annoying guy: Hell yeah! I knew it! I knew you were! I could just tell. Then I saw your teeth and I was like "hell yeah!" Damn it was like I could just sense you. The name's Knox Harrington. Pleasure to meet you.

    Olivie: Are you also night's child?

    Knox: I'm a ghoul. I didn't know about any of this stuff until a couple months ago when this guy just appeared and all of a sudden bam! Vampires are real and right there in front of my eyes. Blew my goddamn mind.

    Olivie: Ghoulish is as ghoulish... wait. What is a ghoul?


    Olivie: Are you a little golden ghoul?

    Knox: It's awesome! Man after that first taste of vampire blood... it's like the best drug, only it didn't mess me up, just made me feel like I was better at everything. I felt like a god, just sucking on this nasty dude's wrist.

    Olivie: Who is this nasty dude?

    Knox: Ohh man, I really wish I could tell you, but I don't think i'm supposed to. But it's really cool to be talking to you because I don't get a lot of chance to talk to vampires other than my master, so I thought i'd just say what's up, ya know?

    Olivie: What occupies the golden ghoul's time?


    My brain is all fuzzy now. I don't get to kill him either...

    Maybe there is a cure for brain fuzziness inside.

    Receptionist: Please, wait your turn and you'll be seen.

    Spiders and flies! Broken, broken and in need of a handything.

    Olivie: The spider's web of computation needs repair, so I am here.


    Olivie: Your driver conflex has a security nagle in the IP routing matrix.

    Receptionist: Fine, whatever. Here's the key for the second floor. Stairs are down the hall. Tell the guard upstairs you're here to work on the network.

    Network? I do not understand her babbling... hey a key!

    Hopsitals always smell funny. I should... ooh what's in here?



    Right! Morphine for Mercury!

    The warm hum of the computer soothes me... let us say hello to it.


    Scandal! Has that mean man of medicine been doing naughty things to you, computer? I'll make things right.


    Olivie: Are you the doctor who likes to play doctor with his nurses?

    Malcom: Get out of here! Can't you see i'm with a patient?

    Olivie: Your malpracticings will interest your wife...

    Malcom: Are you trying to blackmail me? You don't know who my wife is- she wouldn't believe you. Now get out!

    Olivie: Perhaps 'Trina' and 'Paige' should trade doctor stories.

    Malcom: Wait, now. What do you want?

    Olivie: $75.00

    Malcom: Deal. But i'm in the middle of something, i'll have to drop it off later. Now never speak to me about that again.


    All in all a good day's... what's this? The sweet sound of blood drip drip dripping?


    A blood-red angel! We must save her with our own.


    That's enough, we must keep some for us.


    Olivie: The words would be a perilous poison. Farewell.

    Back to Mercury to spread the numbness...


    Olivie: Wake up, sleepy dead... I have some numb-juice.


    Olivie: I will return with the boom boom.


    Down the street... park. But I don't have a car. This mission is getting worse all the time!



    Cars and stairs and cars. Legs are useful things.


    Shadow seers and thin, thinness...


    Olivie: Ah! The demons who broke the fleet-footed god!


    I'm ready for you, fire. Just you try something...


    Olivie: Have you seen bat-wielding beach demons?

    Surfer: You got a mighty strange way of sayin things, mate. But if you're looking for those nasty lookin' blokes always stompin' through here, you should try up there through that chainlink gate.

    Olivie: Tell me the tale of this thin little group.

    Surfer: You mean you ain't here to run us off? We're getting pretty sick of it. Someone citing domain or in the worst cases, hunting us for sport.

    Olivie: Who is the hunter, and why?

    Surfer: Don't know. We all seem to have come down with the same disease. Ah, hell, who am I kidding, we're a bad horror show. And we seem to be the runts- the mistakes. You types call us Thin Bloods... I say we're all equally screwed.

    Olivie: How did your blood go from thick to thin?


    Frogs and pads... flowers and letters...

    Olivie: The flower girl...

    Surfer: She had a natural beauty, not like all the plastic dolls littering the sand. Her name was Lily. I remember introducing myself- the way she seemed grateful for the company. Well, a few nights after our meeting, we were on the beach alone and... she tried to tell me what she was, but I didn't understand. Then she showed me. I was furious with her when I took it all in. I cursed her and left, never really knowing what I was. I realize now how she must've felt.

    Olivie: Is your flower dead?

    Surfer: Clinically, yes. But honestly, I don't know. I suppose i'd have moved on by now if I didn't think she'd show up one of these nights. There's a lot i've got left to say to her.

    Olivie: We're all children of the night, blood-thirsty and damned.

    Surfer: That's what Lily tried to tell me. But what I don't understand are the rules and the terms and the reason some of 'em are at our throats claiming we're harbingers of the apocalypse. That's what I want to know.

    Olivie: Perhaps I can delve the mysteries of your thin blood...


    Now, up up up the stairs we go... until... we reach... the tunnel!


    Or something else. Boom boom, of course!


    Olivie: I want to go to Never-Never Land...

    Thug: Okay, you can go on in. And if you really want to make my night, go ahead and start some shit in there 'cause I would love it.

    Olivie: Your words echo in the vast emptiness of my head. Farewell.


    Dennis: That said, what can I do to make you feel like the world is your bucket of fudge ripple with walnuts?

    Olivie: I need astral lite to set the sky on fire.

    Dennis: Ain't that a goddamn coincidence? You know you're the second person to ask for that tonight? Considering that's not a very popular item, I have really got to wonder why you thought I might have some.

    Olivie: Voices told me you had what I need, but maybe they were wrong.


    Olivie: Fleet-footed Mercury already paid for it, do you not remember?

    Dennis: Mercurio? Yeah, we know him. We know Mercurio, don't we? How is our friend, Mercurio?


    Olivie: He'll be better when I make him a gift of your vitals.




    Like dominos with tasty insides. Hmm...



    Tingly blood and boom boom, they should come as a two-pack. But what of Mercury's coinpurse?


    Money is a good catch for dryer lint.



    I haven't forgotten you, fire.


    Doggy! Ahahahahaahah I bet he's all fuzzy and awesome. We shall go up and see!


    Eew. Poor lamp post. No flowers for him tonight...

    I wonder if I can buy Mercury's couch after he's done bleeding on it?


    Olivie: I got the boom boom. They are sent to the other side...

    Mercurio: Good, hope it was painful. Didja get my money back?

    Olivie: Your gold?

    Green is not the color of blood.

    Olivie: YES! Here is your gold, Mercury.

    Mercurio: You're a life saver. I might have to buy some new kidneys with this. Now, you need to make some place disappear, a warehouse. Looks to be a Sabbat interest.

    Olivie: Who tells me where is the house of wares?


    Sewers, rats and sludge. Tanks and tanks!

    Olivie: The worm hides in turbid liquids...

    Mercurio: Tung's lying low 'cause of Therese - Voerman, you know her? Anyway, word is Therese and Tung are feuding - I don't know the details. My take's that Tung think's he's about to get whacked, so he's gone underground 'til Therese calls it off. If you want to put that warehouse into orbit anytime soon, you're going to have to get Therese to call off the feud.

    Twin faces and secrets, and gods?

    Olivie: Where is the dark daughter of Janus?

    Mercurio: She and her sister- Jeanette- run the Asylum. Some freaky customers frequent that place. I try not to do business there.

    Olivie: Where may I find some boom-sticks?


    Then it is time to take a trip, then meet the feuding dark daughter of Janus...


    Aistan on
  • Hotlead JunkieHotlead Junkie Registered User
    edited November 2007
    The only reason I came into this thread was to see what race you are playing as. I was going to re-buy the game (I only borrowed it and got quite far as a warewolf hybrid) and see what all the fuss was about as playing as the 'crazy' race. Now I don't have to, thanks! I'll be reading this soon.

    Hotlead Junkie on
  • HeirHeir Registered User regular
    edited November 2007
    Blackjack wrote: »
    DarkPrimus wrote: »
    The Prince is another favorite. Yeah he's an asshole, but he's a well acted asshole.
    I went to high school with a guy that looked JUST LIKE the Prince. Like, a creepy level of resemblance.

    Also, re: Female Malk: Those are some retardedly huge boobs.

    There's a command you can put in the console that makes 'em even larger too. Gotta love when they sway around while you run from place to place.

    Heir on
  • cj iwakuracj iwakura The Rhythm Regent Chantry of NightmaresRegistered User regular
    edited November 2007
    I couldn't approve more of the choice in clan. :^:

    Also, I have no reservations about keeping up with this, since I already finished it as a Malkavian(I'm doing a Tremere run next).

    I've already seen some things in your playthrough that I never noticed(like that book in the nearby apartments).

    cj iwakura on
    Well, good morning. Welcome to the new scenario. What should we do today?
  • AistanAistan Registered User regular
    edited November 2007
    cj iwakura wrote: »
    I've already seen some things in your playthrough that I never noticed(like that book in the nearby apartments).

    I'm not showing nearly everything, but I am going to try and point out the hidden things like that.

    Aistan on
  • TychoCelchuuuTychoCelchuuu PIGEON IndiaRegistered User regular
    edited November 2007
    This is a pretty cool Let's Play, but I weep heartfully for the poor people who are reading this before having played the game at least once. This sort of thing is so spectacular that it's much better to experience it firsthand than to read about it on some forum. Seriously, you can never really do justice something like V:TM-B like this :D

    TychoCelchuuu on
  • CarcharodontosaurusCarcharodontosaurus Registered User
    edited November 2007
    The only reason I came into this thread was to see what race you are playing as. I was going to re-buy the game (I only borrowed it and got quite far as a warewolf hybrid) and see what all the fuss was about as playing as the 'crazy' race. Now I don't have to, thanks! I'll be reading this soon.

    Wait, what? Werewolf Hybrid? You mean an Abomination? I don't know what game you're playing, but it doesn't sound at all like Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines. Perhaps do you mean a Gangrel?

    Also, this thread continues to deliver. I find it exceptionally amusing that Olivie's list of things to get includes a cowboy hat.
    She'll get it as soon as she enters the second hub, along with some not entirely complete pants. :lol:

    Carcharodontosaurus on
  • cj iwakuracj iwakura The Rhythm Regent Chantry of NightmaresRegistered User regular
    edited November 2007
    I wish the female Malk didn't look so trashy.

    At least the Tremere has some class.

    cj iwakura on
    Well, good morning. Welcome to the new scenario. What should we do today?
  • Magus`Magus` Registered User regular
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    Better luck on your LP than mine. I gave up after no one seemed to actually be interested.

    Magus` on
  • DarkPrimusDarkPrimus Registered User regular
    edited November 2007
    Oh shit, I didn't know you could see a wolf there at the beach.

    DarkPrimus on
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  • DaemonionDaemonion USARegistered User regular
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    Keep it up - I love the RP.

    Daemonion on
  • DracomicronDracomicron Registered User regular
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    cj iwakura wrote: »
    I wish the female Malk didn't look so trashy.

    At least the Tremere has some class.

    Hmph. When I was playing the Tremere, I was wishing she were a little trashier.

    Dracomicron on
    Gary Gygax wrote:
    ''The secret we should never let the gamemasters know is that they don't need any rules.''
  • GUTSGUTS Registered User
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    Awesome game but it nearly destroyed my PC when i first played it with 512ram and an ancient graphics card :lol:. What a poorly optimized piece of gem this game was.

    Come to think of it, has a lot in common with STALKER.:x

    GUTS on
  • MeizMeiz Registered User regular
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    I'm having fun with my Tremere. I didn't get the appartment this time around because I was lippy with the prince. Fuck that yuppy.

    Meiz on
  • BlackjackBlackjack Registered User regular
    edited November 2007
    Actually, you didn't get the apartment because you're a Tremere. You can get the super special Tremere only base.

    Blackjack on

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  • DracomicronDracomicron Registered User regular
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    That Chantry was so messed up. I loved it.

    Dracomicron on
    Gary Gygax wrote:
    ''The secret we should never let the gamemasters know is that they don't need any rules.''
  • cj iwakuracj iwakura The Rhythm Regent Chantry of NightmaresRegistered User regular
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    You mean the Ventrue get stuck with the apartment too? No high rise?

    So much for Camarilla perks.

    cj iwakura on
    Well, good morning. Welcome to the new scenario. What should we do today?
  • TcheldorTcheldor Registered User regular
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    This seems interesting. The crazy talk is great, but I'm sure I'll just end up more confused later.

    Tcheldor on
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