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[PHALLA] Gods of Phalla - Game finished - Chaos overtakes the land.

MrBlarneyMrBlarney Registered User regular
edited February 2008 in Critical Failures
"What is this?"

“This? This is the end, of course.”

“The end of what?”



“Not at all. Would you like to know how it ends?”

“Tell me.”

“It ends with Fire. With a conflagration that will consume everything. A flame that will burn brighter than the life-giving sun. It ends with Water. With a deluge that will wipe away the works of god and man alike. A flood as relentless as the passage of time. It ends with Wind. A storm that will carry the spirits of the fallen away from this universe. A wind that signals a change in the natural order. It ends with Earth. With a landslide that buries the past under an avalanche of rubble. A quake that will send tremors through every living being. It ends with Light. With a brightness that blinds all before its glory. A radiance that will shine on the four corners of the universe. It ends with Darkness. With a shadow that descends upon existence and envelops all in its tendrils. A gloom that will taint the souls of the stoutest of gods.”

“No! Why is this happening?”

“This is the way of things, when the heavens shake with the thunder of war between Night and Day, between Order and Chaos.”

“I’m afraid.”

“Fear not. This is just the beginning.”

Gods of Phalla
A MrBlarney Production
with scenario and writing from Locus

OVERVIEW: Gods of Phalla is a Phalla game most similar to past factional Phalla games with relatively equal groups of players vying for complete dominance. However, all players in this game will have a power of varying strength and multiple potential win conditions that they can satisfy for victory. Most of these roles are hidden, and will not be revealed over the length of the game. Once any of the main win conditions have been met, the game will end immediately.

Each player takes the role of a recently reawakened god aspiring to reestablish order in the world. There are five major aspects of each player’s role:

- Power Level. Players’ power strengths are roughly divided into three power levels: High, Middle, and Low.
- Domain. Players may be of the Lunar domain or of the Solar domain.
- Alignment. Players may be of Order alignment or Chaos alignment.
- Element. Players may be of one of the six elements: Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, Light, and Darkness. Each element is related to a different set of powers, outlined below.
- Ability. Each player has a special ability is related to a player’s power level and element. Element gives the general nature of the ability, while power level gives a rough idea of the strength of the power within the element. Power levels are not necessarily comparable across elements.

- Fire: Powers of aggression and war. The Vigilante is an example of a High God of Fire: they may choose one player per night to kill and eliminate from the game.
- Water: Powers of healing and protection. The Guardian is an example of a High God of Water: they may choose one player per night to protect from all attacks and actions except banishment, though the effects are limited if they protect multiple times.
- Earth: Powers of knowledge and divination. The Seer is an example of a High God of Earth: they may choose one player per night and learn their power level, domain, alignment, and element.
- Wind: Powers of movement and change. The Ability Swapper is an example of a High God of Wind: they may choose two players and permanently switch their abilities.
- Light: Powers of purification and enhancement. A variety of miscellaneous powers are present in this domain.
- Darkness: Powers of destruction and reduction. A variety of miscellaneous powers are present in this domain.
It should be noted that not all players will receive unique abilities. Two players with the same starting ability will share the same power level and element. Another thing to note is the fact that multiple special abilities can be associated with the same power level and element, including the High power level. That is to say, there may be multiple different High gods of a single element floating around.

There are a number of items present in the game known as artifacts that have a variety of effects. Most of these can replicate the abilities of powerful player roles, if charged enough. When an artifact is in ones possession, this provides two new actions that may be taken. First, the holder may choose to charge an artifact with energy. Artifacts will gain a small amount of charge each day naturally, but charging will allow access to higher-powered abilities quicker. The higher-powered the player, the more charge is added; if the player’s attributes match the artifact’s, more charge is also added. Second, the holder may choose to use an artifact’s ability instead of their regular ability. This will consume some or all of the charge on the artifact. Performing either of these actions means that the regular ability is not used.

To be more transparent about the mechanic: if it is not being used, an artifact will increase its charge by 1 each day. If the holder specifically charges an artifact, its charge will increase by 2 instead with a +1 bonus for attribute matches and +1 bonus for if the player is a Middle- or High-level god. The artifact will not gain any charge on a night that its ability is being used. The power needed to use artifact abilities and the amount of charge consumed in their use will be provided with each specific item. All artifacts start with a charge of 1 at the start of the game.

Artifacts may be willingly traded between players by having both the holder and the recipient confirm the trade. It will help if this is done with nested quotes in which both players involved and myself are sent PMs in sequence. If a player holding an artifact is killed or banished, then the items held are randomly given to another player. However, some control over item distribution can be made: item holders can specify a ‘will’ for each item, consisting of a single attribute (i.e. Light, Solar, or Low, etc.). The item will be passed onto a player with an attribute matching the will; if no such player is available then the item is passed onto a random player.

Each player may make one vote per night in bold red denoting whom they wish to banish (i.e. eliminate from the game). Use the phrase “I !vote for X” for best results. Retractions may be made in bold lime, though they are not necessary: the most recent red vote will be counted regardless if a retraction is made or not. The phrase of choice here is “I !retract from X”. The player receiving the highest number of votes is banished, and so eliminated from the game. The vote will not carry over, if the vote leader is killed before he can be banished. In the event of a tie, a random player who voted for the players who had tied votes will be banished. If the tie was caused by a vote retraction, then the player who made the retraction will be included in the set of players that may be banished. Basically, if you cause a tied vote, you should be prepared to potentially be banished instead!

The vote will close at 7:00 PM PST (10:00 PM EST) every night. All votes up to 6:59 PM PST will count, but any votes made at 7:00 PM or later will not. This holds even when I am not here to remark that the vote has closed. Votes made between the close of vote and the time of narration will not count.

A list of players who were killed or banished will be provided each night. However, their specific power levels, domains, alignments, and elements will remain hidden. Instead, a separate list will be given of the qualities that were eliminated, unmatched to the players themselves. One thing to note: being killed and being banished, while effectively eliminating a player from the game in either case, are considered two different things in this game.

If you are killed or banished, please close off any discussion of the game with any other player in the game, whether they are alive, dead, or banished. There will be time to discuss things after everything is revealed. You may make one ‘death post’ if you truly feel necessary, but make sure you use italics or an appropriate number of OOoos in your post to make it clear that you have been eliminated, and please do not reveal any game-sensitive information in your ‘death post’. You can also make your post in sky blue, that will also help separate it from the still-active players.

Water Abilities --> Wind Abilities --> Darkness Abilities --> Light Abilities --> Earth Abilities --> Fire Abilities --> Banishment Vote, Kill Resolution, and Other Actions

Artifact usage occurs at the phase of its element or at the same time as the banishment vote if it lacks an element. Abilities with passive effects are always on and do not activate in any phase. As noted above, the vote will not ‘carry over’ if the vote leader is killed before he can be banished.

Each player has a number of different win conditions that they may choose from. How the win conditions will be interpreted is dependent on each player’s individual attributes.

- Classic Battle: Order wins if all Chaos-aligned players are eliminated. Chaos wins if all Order-aligned players are eliminated.
- Power Struggle: High-powered gods win if all Middle- and Low-powered gods are eliminated. Middle-powered gods win if all High- and Low- powered gods are eliminated. Low-powered gods win if all High- and Mid- powered gods are eliminated.
- Domain Dominance: Lunar gods win if all Solar gods are eliminated. Solar gods win if all Lunar gods are eliminated.
- Elemental Rivalry: If four of the elements are completely destroyed, then the members of the remaining two elements win. However, opposing elements cannot win with each other. Fire is opposed to Water, Earth is opposed to Wind, and Light is opposed to Darkness.
- Final Harmony: If there are six or fewer players remaining, the survivors share a victory if: at most each power level is represented twice, at most each domain is represented thrice, at most each alignment is represented thrice, and at most each element is represented once.
- At least one other hidden win condition, specific to individual players.

Once any of the above win conditions have been met (with the exception of certain hidden win conditions), the game ends. It should be noted that due to the number of win conditions, it is possible to win the game with any other player, though it will certainly be more difficult to achieve victory with certain players than others. Any two players can win together, but it is not true that any three players can win together.

I will expect at least two posts and a vote per day to consider a player as being ‘active’. A warning will be sent out on the first day this requirement is not satisfied, and a replacement will be made on the second (consecutive) day. If no replacements are available, then that player’s attributes will be revealed. Protracted inactivity will result in elimination from the game.

If there is any question about the rules of the game, please make them be known in orange. Disclaimer: I reserve the right to keep certain (read: many) game mechanics hidden until the end of the game. Questions that are answerable should relate to the players as a whole, and not to a selected subset. Specific ability questions can be asked via PM (and are more likely to be answered).

Standard Phalla rules apply here: no sharing of PMs via screen shots and direct quotation, though the information contained in them may be shared indirectly such as by rephrasing. No anonymous contact is allowed. Any communication must be traceable to a specific player as source. Have fun, play smart.

The game has ended in a Chaos victory.

Where to send your PMs: All PMs should be going to me, MrBlarney, first. If making a trade, make sure you CC your trade partner as well in your message. If my mailbox fills up, send things to Locus. If his mailbox fills up as well, send your actions to Kitano. 300 items should be enough?

MrBlarney on


  • MrBlarneyMrBlarney Registered User regular
    edited February 2008
    Results and Narrations

    Opening Narration
    Round 1 Results Round 1 Narration
    Round 2 Results Round 2 Narration
    Round 3 Results Round 3 Narration
    Round 4 Results Round 4 Narration
    Round 5 Results Round 5 Narration
    Round 6 Results Round 6 Narration
    Round 7 Results Round 7 Narration
    Round 8 Results
    Round 9 Results Final Narration

    Reveals and Supplementals
    Gods of Phalla Design Document
    Flavortext Document
    Organizational Proboards
    Master Spreadsheet

    Player List, all 116 of them:
    Winning Chaos Gods

    Ardor - Returned to play on Round 6.
    Buzz Buzz
    Drez - Returned to play on Round 7.
    Grundlterror (Order God, wins via [Harmony] ability)

    Gumpy - Returned to play on Round 5.
    Infidel - Returned to play on Round 3.
    Mr. Defecation
    Niceguy Myeye
    Plutonium - Returned to play on Round 8.

    visiblehowl - Returned to play on Round 9.

    Winning Mortals


    Eliminated Players

    Round 1
    Burnage - Returned to play on round 2.
    Romantic Undead
    Shorn Scrotum Man

    Round 2
    Infidel - Returned to play on Round 3.

    Round 3
    Bliss 101
    Inglorious Coyote (by inactivity)
    Mr. Henry Bemis (by inactivity)
    Pharezon (by inactivity)
    Plutonium - Returned to play on Round 4.
    Shankill Butcher (withdrew from game)
    Skull Man (by inactivity)

    Round 4
    cj iwakura
    Cold Salmon and Hatred
    Gumpy - Returned to play on Round 5.

    Round 5
    Ardor - Returned to play on Round 6.
    El Skid
    Look Out it's Sabs!

    Round 6
    Drez - Returned to play on Round 7.
    Last Son
    Munkus Beaver
    Unearthly Stew
    visiblehowl - Returned to play on Round 9.

    Round 7
    Abysmal Lynx
    Dee Kae (by inactivity)
    Maximus (by inactivity)
    Plutonium - Returned to play on Round 8.
    Toxic Toys

    Round 8
    Anthrax! Please.

    Round 9

    Zek agreed to step down to make way for a Chaos victory.

    Gods Icons:

    Lunar Order

    Solar Order

    Lunar Chaos

    Solar Chaos

    MrBlarney on
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