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[Phalla] Zombies invade Mayberry - Village Victory!

DasUberEdwardDasUberEdward Registered User regular
edited November 2008 in Debate and/or Discourse
she was already dead.

"Father give me the Bull of Heaven,
So he can kill Gilgamesh in his dwelling.
If you do not give me the Bull of Heaven,
I will knock down the Gates of the Netherworld,
I will smash the doorposts, and leave the doors flat down,
and will let the dead go up to eat the living!
And the dead will outnumber the living!"

Unfortunately the town decided that such a strange event should remain a clandestine matter and before anyone could stop it the dead were amongst the living. Thus far a large group of citizen have managed to survive the harrowing experience of the undead invading their city. It was decided that the group would head to the cities railroad station as it was the best and fastest method away from the hell that had befallen them. However, it would seem that they were not the first group to realize the importance of the railway and to great dismay they've arrived at a train station in ruins. With night falling and nowhere to turn one brave citizen speaks up.

"Everyone just stay calm. This isn't the end of the road we just need to keep our wits about us."

The crowd jostles for position in an attempt to verify the speaker.

"I brought a map along with me. We can't stay here once night falls we'll be sitting ducks. If we're going to survive through the night we'll have to find shelter. There's a large feed and grain supply building just north of us. We'll be safe there."

The map and legend
2. Floyd’s Barbershop
3. Foley’s Supermarket
4. Mayberry Hotel
5. Grand Theatre
6. Mayberry Security Bank
7. Beauty shop
8. Clara’s house
9. Walker’s Drug Store
10. All Soul’s Church
11. Post Office
12. Bluebird Diner
13. Thelma Lou’s
14. Snappy Lunch
15. Ice house
16. Feed and grain
17. Mrs. Mendlebright’s
18. Railroad Station
19. Washateria
20. Helen’s
21. Firehouse
22. Otis’ house
23. Doctor’s office
24. Wally’s
Large map here
are passed around through the crowd with hesitant murmurs of agreement and the citizens reach the first ultimatum of many that they will soon encounter. In the succinct and quiet manner that the town is given to a group begins to form that will leave the Rail Station to find what waits for them at the depot.

Will you be amongst those who survive The Invasion of Mayberry?

First of all apologies for not getting this up for Halloween. There would have been a big hiatus because of my schedule so I hope the zombie theme is still appreciated.

If you're unfamiliar with Phalla take a look at this helpful post and you'll be able to decide if this is something that you may be interested in. As this Phalla will be a bit unconventional newcomers need not fear about being outcasted from the group as there will be unique and new elements for all players to explore.

There will be items, hit points, unqiue character statistics, the all important vote, and a number of factions that will be revealed as the game progresses. But for the most part the citizens of Mayberry are very much afraid and confused without any semblance of a clue as to just how deep this mess really is.

Roles will go out sometime late this Sunday and the game will officially begin the next day. As this is my first time hosting a full phalla I will only be taken 48 participants initially but with some evaluation and enough interest I may decide to increase that number at the cost of my sanity.

So without further ado, if you're interested please feel free to sign up in someway with bold red text in the thread. Oh and Remember inactive players will have their brains devoured.


Mayberry High
Element Brian
Romantic Undead
Casual Eddy
El Skid
Fuzzy Cumulonimbus Cloud

Stats. Stat! All players have a standard of 10 hit points. However this number may be augmented by roles and game mechanics, so, while this number is standard there will be a considerable amount of consideration throughout the citizens of Mayberry.

Attacks, searches, fortifications and you! Each night individuals are to send a PM (to me) indicating their wish to attack a target, search their current location, or fortify their location. While searches and fortifications can be made discreetly; when a character chooses to attack there is a risk of appearing hostile to the citizens if an uninfected target is assaulted.

Attacks: Every player begins the game with a base attack power of one. This attack power can be amplified or decreased through the usage of items and the game mechanics. Players will only be able to make attacks within their locale. A list of possible targets will be provided along with character stats after each night.

Searches:Players may choose to search their locale to reveal items or information. Information may reveal game mechanics, plot elements, or details about those involved in Mayberry's ordeal. Items found in searches will generally be beneficial.

DasUberEdward on


  • DasUberEdwardDasUberEdward Registered User regular
    edited November 2008
    Night 0
    As night began to fall on the Feed and Grain depot the group found itself engorged in debate. Half of the discourse was civil and the other half of the exchange would be enough to make even the most hardened villain in the Mayberry jailhouse blush. Which if the ledger is to be believed was the 47 year old town drunk. The situation at hand was dire but for the most part everyone seemed to be unscathed. The store seemed to have quite a few interesting goods in it and more importantly it seemed safe. If it was actually safe or not would surely be determined once night fell but until then they could do nothing but wait and plan their next move.

    There was the courthouse. Which logically should have been the last stand of law and order in the town. There they would find just a few jail cells, perhaps some surplus weaponry, and little else aside from a wonderful view of historic Mayberry. Of course it would be nice to know what the legislature was up to in its final days.

    There was Floyd's Barbershop. A strange little place owned by a notably strange little man. There would be vending machines and some other basic goods. Rumor has it that old Flyod even kept some magazines full of pin-up girls back in his office but. . .well maybe now wasn't the time to investigate such a matter. On the bright side his shop happened to be the bottom floor of a three story building. Perhaps the group could protect themselves easily on the higher levels.

    There was Foley's Supermarket. A local favorite until it was purchased by one of those large conglomerates about four months ago. The place was undergoing a massive renovation and as such appeared to be in a general state of disrepair. Despite that one could assume that they would definitely have a back up generator and quite a deal of food that would certainly come in hand if things start to get messy.
    You are now at the Feed and Grain Depot Tonight you must vote in bold lime green to determine which location the citizens of Mayberry will head out to next. The location with the majority of votes will be the next destination. All votes and actions must be in by 10PM EST.

    Night 2
    The fighting did not stop and in some cases the intensity had grown well beyond what was present in the previous day. Although being in the courthouse did seem to bring a bit of calm to the citizens. Perhaps they felt that this place of all places would stand as a bastion of sanity amongst the chaos that engulfed Mayberry.

    Again on this night the survivors took to searching their location, the action was much less clandestine and in some ways coordinated. Things almost seemed to be normal and still the living dead had not come into sight for almost two days. Maybe just maybe there was a chance that this whole mess was over.

    The tiny establishment of Mayberry’s judiciary had been searched quite well and all that remained was the locked door to the central conference room. With a great collective effort the citizens managed to ungracefully overcome the lock and enter the room. It was in relative dismay but on the main conference table something just seemed to be out of place. There was a briefcase jammed full of papers and documentation, beside it in no orderly fashion laid a customized and highly polished handgun. Across from the briefcase a window had been shot out and from the bullet holes in the surrounding area it was clear that whoever owned this briefcase obviously made an attempt to protect it from someone or something outside.

    Inside of the briefcase there was a long and boring record of government funding to some sort of science department in Mayberry. The notation seemed to be entirely esoteric and unlike anything that a secretary from Mayberry would type up. There was also a bit on the arrest and release of a few different citizens for offenses against Christianity for dabbling in the occult and in general just not being the type of person that a small town like Mayberry would stand for. It quickly became apparent that whoever was packing this briefcase did manage to remove quite a deal of information from the Courthouse as a lot of the documents were missing important bits and pieces but clearly someone had wanted this information removed from the premises.

    The table was cleared and the map was brought out. Deliberations began and a plan was made to set up guards similarly to the plan at the depot. Night fell. Tempers dissipated. There was a feeling of safety in Mayberry.

    And then they heard that terrible yell again. The sound seemed to echo straight out of the uncanny valley. There was no time to discuss what it could have been. There was no time to plan or react in any elaborate manner. The flight or fight reaction kicked in just as soon as the goosebumps went away. The idea of choice was an illusion in this situation; the people of Mayberry jostled for position and made frantic attempts to reach exits that were in the opposite direction of that awful noise. It seemed to have come from the Feed and Grain depot and now it was accompanied by the robust sound of splintering wood and bending steel. Those trying to exit the Courthouse became more violent with this new catalyst and before long over half of the survivors had made their way out of the building. Each person was taken by fear and ran in the direction of whatever locale they thought would be best suited for their personal safety. In just a few minutes time the courthouse appeared to be empty of all things except an ominous and stalking figure. There was such a commotion inside that one would think an army of men were upturning the place. It moved with a sickening speed and accuracy and only slowed when it reached the conference table that the town map had rested upon just minutes ago. It paused briefly and survived the chaos that destroyed the Courthouse and as if satisfied with this result it released a slow chortle that rolled into a deranged and howling laugh. And then it was gone.

    The few who could not make it into the exits in time slowly emerged from their hiding spots to survey the damage that had been caused. They all were drawn to the spot of that laughter and were perplexed by what they saw sitting on the conference table. The table now had a macabre center piece; there was a neatly shaped sphere of what appeared to be barbed wire, splintered wood, blood, and a few chunks of flesh to top off the construction.

    TehSpectre was the first to speak

    “I guess it left us a present?”

    Tonight the survivors have been split into three groups according to the location of their vote. All players have been moved to the location that they voted for. If a player did not vote they will remain at the Courthouse.

    - If at Walker's Drug Store you may vote to move to: All Soul's Church, Clara's House, or Flyod's Barbershop or, The Post Office.

    - If at Flyod's Barbershop you may vote to move to: The Post Office, Walker's Drug Store, or Foley's Supermarket.

    - If at The Courthouse your options remain the same as last night.

    Unless told otherwise, for targeted actions your target must be at the same location

    Night 5 (terrible host skipped night 4)

    DasUberEdward on
  • KilroyKilroy timaeusTestified Registered User regular
    edited November 2008
    Oh shits, zombies!

    !Sign me the fuck up

    Kilroy on
  • InquisitorInquisitor Registered User regular
    edited November 2008
    I'm in.

    Inquisitor on
  • TehSpectreTehSpectre @PixelateJake on TwitterRegistered User regular
    edited November 2008
    Mayberry? Moar liek Zomayberrie!

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  • enlightenedbumenlightenedbum Registered User regular
    edited November 2008
    Woo! D&D Phalla is the best Phalla. Also I died in the CF mini tonight. John McCain kicked my head in, that old bastard.

    !sign up

    EDIT: Also D&D Phalla running concurrently to the election and Halloween would be bad Phalla. Your lateness is fully excused.

    enlightenedbum on
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  • Fuzzy Cumulonimbus CloudFuzzy Cumulonimbus Cloud bear with us as we do some "rebranding" Registered User regular
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  • GrundlterrorGrundlterror Registered User regular
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    !I <3 [shotgun] [zombies]

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  • TehSpectreTehSpectre @PixelateJake on TwitterRegistered User regular
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    I have that shirt, actually.

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  • visiblehowlvisiblehowl He/Him Neutron Nerd Registered User regular
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    Heya Tom it's Bob
    from the office down the hall
    Good to see you buddy, how've you been?
    Things have been okay for me
    except that I'm a !zombie now
    I really wish you'd let us in.

    I think I speak for all of us
    when I say I understand
    Why you folks might hesitate
    to submit to our demands

    But here's an FYI
    You're all gonna die screaming

    All we wanna do is eat your brains
    We're not unreasonable, I mean no-one's gonna eat your eyes
    All we wanna do is eat your brains
    We're at an impasse here, maybe we can compromise

    So open up the door
    And we'll all come inside and eat your brains!

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  • VariableVariable Mouth Congress Stroke Me Lady FameRegistered User regular
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    !I'll play. been a while.

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  • MacGuffinMacGuffin Registered User regular
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  • GrundlterrorGrundlterror Registered User regular
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    TehSpectre wrote: »
    I have that shirt, actually.

    Me too! <3

    Grundlterror on
  • warbanwarban Who the Hoof do you think we are? Registered User regular
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    !Sign up for a sane phalla please :P

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  • RyadicRyadic Registered User regular
    edited November 2008
    This is my boomstick!

    Also, when does this game begin? If it begins on Sunday, then I can play (maybe), but if it begins Saturday I can't, so don't add me.

    Ryadic on
  • Romantic UndeadRomantic Undead Registered User regular
    edited November 2008
    I will sign up

    But I worry that I will face discrimination due to my name...

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  • JamesKeenanJamesKeenan Registered User regular
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    Sign up.

    Sign me up hard. So hard.

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    Hail to the sign up, baby.

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    !sign me up and quickly!

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    !braaainnnnssssssss (sign up!)

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  • SlicerSlicer Registered User regular
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    I had enough fun in the last phalla here so !sign me up

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    !Sign up

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    Sign up!!

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    mrpaku wrote: »
    my name is precisionk and i'm ten tanks

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  • QuidQuid I don't... what... hnnng Registered User regular
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    This seems like an excellent use of my ten minute breaks in between classes. Sign me up.

    *crosses fingers*

    Come on Zombie Fife role.

    Quid on
  • crimsoncoyotecrimsoncoyote Registered User regular
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    Zombies? Hell yes.

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  • DasUberEdwardDasUberEdward Registered User regular
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    Ryadic wrote: »
    This is my boomstick!

    Also, when does this game begin? If it begins on Sunday, then I can play (maybe), but if it begins Saturday I can't, so don't add me.

    Roles will go out sometime sunday night and the first game night will be monday.

    DasUberEdward on
  • HamHamJHamHamJ Registered User regular
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    !Sign up

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    signzor up

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    Casual Eddy: best poster of 2015

    gotta update that stuff man
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    !sign me upppp

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    FWD is very good at this game.
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    I have a love/hate relationship with zombies.

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    I'm new, please don't kill me!

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