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Pokemon: Free Bibarel

DichotomyDichotomy Registered User regular
edited February 2011 in Singularity Engine++
March 4th in Europe

Is it that time again?
Yes. It is time for another Pokemon thread.

The hell goes on in here?
Mostly, we just argue about which pokemon are the best, and Fiz talks about the anime and the rest of us have no idea what's going on, and sometimes dudes post bad fanart on purpose. As Gen 5 draws closer, formal construction of a new SE++ Pokemon League will likely begin, and at a prior agreed-upon date some time after the release of the new games, it will be open for battling. More on this as it happens.

Incidentally, which pokemon are the best?
All poison types, Scyther, and Magnezone. The rest rank somewhere below those ones.

What is the newest news?
Well, here is a supposedly leaked list of all the English names of the Gen 5 pokemon. It's not a certainty, but there are matchups between this list and what names have been formally released already, so it's likely. Here is a list of those names matched with pictures and Japanese names. Black and White's animated sprites, for a considerable length of time difficult to find, have been compiled here for easy reference.

But wait, I don't know anything about pokemon!
How the hell do you get off with an attitude like that? If you wish to learn, there are three sources:
Bulbapedia, which is pretty much exactly what it sounds like: a pokemon wikipedia. Craploads of information, and fairly user-friendly.
Serebii is another option, and probably a faster one for quick browsing of pokemon, but the guy who runs it seems really kinda weird and I don't think I like him.
Finally, Smogon.. This is a bad place. It is all about competitiveness and no fun, but in the interests of giving everyone access to information, I have included it. Just let it be known that if you make use of the dark secrets and cookie cutter strategies contained within, I will disapprove.

Why would you disapprove?
Because pokemon is not about winning. It is about FIGHTING SPIRIT, a bond between man and animal that does not in any way resemble some kind of horrific violent slavery. Strong pokemon, weak pokemon- these are the flimsy perceptions of people. True pokemon masters try to win with their favorites.

Is that it?
Yes. That is the end of this OP.


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