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Twitter At PAX East 2011

PeasantDavePeasantDave Jersey ShoreRegistered User regular
edited March 2011 in PAX Archive
There used to be an old twitter thread, but with three years and two PAXes the old list isn't really relevant anymore. Twitter is a great way to follow official announcements and communicate with people in real time. It works particularly well at conventions because you are able to check messages at your convenience, like when you're looking for something to do.

A fair amount of people only use twitter for conventions, so if you don't have an account already, now is the perfect time to sign up.

So share your twitter handle!

Official Twitters (list)

Important People to PAX/PA (list)

Community Twitters (list
@PaxPokemon ... PAX Pokemon League
@PAX_MMT ... Magical Mystery Tour
@cookie_brigade ... Cookie Brigade
@PAX_Scavengers ... Scavenger Hunt
@dq9paxmeet ... Dragon Quest 9 Meetup

Hashtags To Know
Hashtags serve as a method of connecting conversations on twitter between people that may not be following each other. This is a great way to follow along with certain events that are ongoing during PAX.
Let me know what hashtags should be here.
#PAX Official hashtag during the show
#paxcards Trading Cards
#paxwalker Poke-Walker Meetups
#PAXPokemon PAX Pokemon League
#PAXTT Tabletop

Other Twitters (list)
Post your twitter handle and I'll add it to the list! (Updated daily)
PeasantDave @DaveSchrader
RazorD @lgladdy
AngryPasta @nickdavidson
bushnrvn @bushnrvn
MagnifiedX @MagnifiedExcess
MangoProjects @MangoProjects
Zerohourhero @Zerohourhero
Deefuzz @Deefuzz
Soco_and_Lime @Soco_and_Lime
territoires @Lamournumerique
macrogeek @macrogeek
itzerokewl @itzerokewl
WeaponII @WeaponII
zerzhul @zerzhul
juju @jujukoo
trinistand @trinistand
McRibs @FistPoundDeluxe
Knuckles056 @Knuckles056
sdmain @sdmain
SWTOR Guild Jen'Jidai @LG_Jenjidai
blAAAm!!! @blAAAm_66
Holyyakker @farcicalfiend
TdarTURbo @TdarTURbo
Moccawaii @cattsmall
MyGamerGroup @MyGamerGroup
HarpuaScorpio @HarpuaScorpio
Perpetual Geek Machine @perpetualgeek
SmallLady @SmallLady0
lillb @AdamLiborio
stishdr @StumblinRog
Oldmangloom315 @doompatrol315
Waterborn @Waterborn_2o2p
TheAggroCraig @TheAggroCraig
Rdr @ridermiller
Slim30 @danbouchard
YourGodEricthor @YourGodEricthor
gigabrain @gigawell
Lelldorianx @GamersNexus
ukiyo e @rulesaremyenemy
MoeFwacky @MoeFwacky
BoomShake @Tau_Zero
Aryman @Aryman104
Seductive Kitty @Seductive_Kitty
Jamers @JamieJPernal
Valoharth @danielemmons
redshoepaul @paulhartling
Stephidabefida @Stephidabefida
Local H Jay @maxdigssnakpax
daegan @daegan
m-bro @mbrosatellite
diecastbeatdown @DonkeyRobot
Luge @lugeyps3
punzie @sewingpunzie
Durinthal @Durinthal
MJPM @jrroop
Pax Community DVD @paxcommunitydvd
Kiwi @kjlwv
Frugus @Frugus
reyesd @reyesd
bustin98 @bustin98
Menolly07 @Menolly07
King of Kickass @TylerSKnowlton
Typhojd @Typhojd
chaosisorder @chaosisorder
runethomas @runethomas85
tortured3 @nasum
Scorpius @BrianLiberge
RockBogart @jasonpayne
slamonella @slamonella
[H]olyGeekboy @IAmRoot
sniper_king @AlexBook66
Fr00tyTang @RoboticCheese
Cailler Country @FizzyJuffoWup
Vaulter85 @Vaulter85
Scopique @Scopique
contrefait @contrefait
DeMarko @DeMarko
f0cus @f0cus
Seanyd781 @SeanyMD
Cloudwalker @cloud_walker
thegamingphilosopher @gamephilosopher
Lanky Bastard @SimonSage
BambiBlue @BambiBlue
mightydogking @mightydogking
mr_bundy @mr_bundy
dogandgarden @dogandgarden
boozysmurf @boozysmurf
blingdomepiece @blingdomepiece
untao @untao
crimsong19 @crimsong19
Heleor @Heleor
changedtimezone @changedtimezone
acetheriver @acetheriver
DaltonCarl @DaltonCarl
lovebot @AshPAX11
virt @virt
aka Scratch @aka_scratch
Raptor2142 @tomk2010
Mystic_Apollo @TheMysticJC
trollitc @trollitc
freckle @iheartbunnies
Certain.shade.of.green @comash
cynthetic @cynthiannamc
ransim @ransim
Le Fonz @ScottPhysics
Facelesscog @Facelesscog
WildBil52 @GamersLikeMe
LedaXI @LedaXI
SOSGamersKubuu @SOSGamersKubuu
S.O.S. Gamers @SOSGamersInc
zombieCyborg @zombieCyborg
reverend_tobias @reverend_tobias
CaveCibum @cavecibum
Koopa Kremlin @AnthonyLMarin
fatagooyman @fatagooyman
kenta @kentakoga
Parvulus1 @mariatwts
Fenrisknight @lesterleesm
tony_important @tony_i_public
Bark @barkbiter
King of Mars @kingofmars2099
Oricalm @Oricalm
superjoe @jiffypop42
imarcell @Eons_of_Ian
BigShoesPlease @BigShoesPlease
muttonhead @muttonhead104
Jim Jones @BaldMove
hendusoone @BYOCraft
Tinkster @pixelchase
mad_typist @mad_typist
Danrax @dantack
Prototype Axl @PrototoypeAxl
Utah @pax_geekus
Knoland @knoland_fic
litjrzygrl @litjrzygrl
lark2328 @lark2328
arcadiaexeter @arcadiaexeter
Squirrelo Grande @SquirreloGrande
nyfilmfest @nyfilmfest
Czech @oldbie
ArdelyaLovelace @ArdelyaLovelace
MarkManSDT @MarkMan23
MadCatzInc @MadCatzInc
Juande @xylonuxkid
lelouch @thetonywang
sum10fishy @sum10fishy
Zazum @CortneyZamm
TheGreat2nd @TheGreat2nd
MrGone1980 @MrGonePax2011

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