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How do I get this burnt black shit out of the bottom of my roommate's pan so she'll

SmokeStacksSmokeStacks License Number 137596Registered User regular
edited July 2011 in Help / Advice Forum
stop bitching about it?

I mean, I feel bad for scorching her gear, mea culpa and all that, but Jesus Christ to hear her talk you'd think I'd killed her dog or something.

Anyway, I scrubbed the shit out of it to try and get it back to it's semi-shiny previous state, and this is the result:


I tried boiling water in it to loosen up the black before I scrubbed the shit out of it again, but it only helped a little.

So, does anyone know of a decent way to get the burnt stuff out of the bottom of a pan, or is it just tattooed for life?


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