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The Unappreciated Movie Thread

MasterDebaterMasterDebater Registered User
edited March 2007 in Singularity Engine++
Race The Sun
Featuring Casey Affleck, Halle Berry, and James Belushi, this 1996 film is the (heavily-fictionalized) story of a team of Hawaiian high-schoolers who build a solar car and, against all odds, race in the World Solar Challenge in Australia. Definitely not the most original plot elements, but beautiful shots of Australia and a great soundtrack make this one for the whole family (or when there's nothing else on).

An all-star cast including Tim Curry, Madeline Kahn, and Christopher Lloyd heads up this wacky adaptation of the board game. Mr. Boddy has been killed, now the rest of the secretive guests, along with the mysterious butler Wadsworth, must find out who the murderer is before (s)he strikes again! Also, this movie has more one-liners than any other movie, ever.

"Weird Al" Yankovic's big screen debut comes as George Newman, a daydreamer who takes over his uncle's TV station and turns it from the edge of shutdown to the most popular in town with shows like "Raul's Wild Kingdom", "Conan the Librarian", "Wheel of Fish", and, of course, "Stanley Spadowski's Clubhouse". Filled to the brim with Weird Al's signature brand of humor and hilarious sight gags.

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