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  • KilonumKilonum [E] Somewhere near BostonRegistered User regular
    edited December 2016
    And ordered for my group.

    Just waiting on one last item in my checklist.

    Kilonum on

    PAX East 2017 checklist: Accomodations [x] Enforcer Roll Call [x] Travel [x] Time Off requested [x] Time Off approved [x] BYOC [x]
  • hobbseltoffhobbseltoff Sammamish, WARegistered User regular
    Looking to form a group this year and need 2 more people. PM me if interested.


  • PolishPolish Registered User new member
    Awesome! The Fish Tank will be back with a new twist 8-) !

  • thorkonthorkon Registered User regular
    Checking in! Will have a new mod this year. I'll probably do 1 more next year (2018) for my 10th year than might take a break. I'm running out of room for all the mods, ha.

  • itzerokewlitzerokewl Registered User regular
    Got the passes for my crew...we could use some more people to make the group minimum and get reserved seating...so if you're LFG, let me know!

  • ClannMorganClannMorgan Registered User regular
    In for two! See you all there.

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