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Carwhore Thread

CogliostroCogliostro Marginal OpinionsSpring, TXRegistered User regular
edited September 2007 in Singularity Engine++
Okay, so yeah. It's been a while since we had one of these and since we have a camwhore thread, why not a carwhore one?

Mostly this is here because I just got a new car and want to show it off.

Just got it: 2001 Ford Focus LX. Traded my old 94 Dodge Dakota in for her. I'm currently entertaining custom license plate ideas. This is the first compact car I've ever owned (because I was always too fat to own one). It's basically everything I was looking for in a new/used car, it's even my favorite color. Sorry it's so dirty, I was at the lake yesterday and the roads were a little dusty due to lack of rain (which isn't a problem today, as you can see).

So... show us your ride. And help me pick out a license plate. 6 letter maximum.

Cogliostro on


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