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The PA Trailer Park (MOVIES FINALIZED 7-25)

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No, not the kind that Britney Spears grew up in. Trailer Park is "a competition where assistant editors ‘re-cut’ trailers for famous movies to try and make them seem like different movies ." This is where The Shining: A Love Story comes from. Scary Mary is another example.

We're doing this at work right now and I thought I would gauge interest in holding our own contest. The movies currently selected for Trailer Park are: Little Miss Sunshine, The Queen and The Departed but we don't have to use those. I would like to use Blade Runner for sure but feel free to put suggestions in this thread.
The Rules
  • Entries can be no longer than 1:45
  • Entries must be uploaded to youtube and pm'ed to me on August 2nd.
  • Entries should restrict themselves to content from the source film. Brokeback to the Future doesn't do this and would be disqualified.
  • Audio for the trailer can come from anywhere.
  • Winners will be chosen by popular vote. If we get enough entries, I'll consider doing brackets.
The Movies
  • Blade Runner
  • Dark City
  • Sexy Beast
  • American Pyscho
  • What About Bob

Editing Software

There are a few free options. Avid makes FreeDV that will do everything you need. It's for a mac or a pc and I know avid really well so I could help with questions. They also have Tutorials on their website. Microsoft Movie Maker is another option for those with a pc. Those with macs should all have iMovie or final cut so I'm pretty sure you'll be fine. Of course if you have Final Cut Pro, Avid Express or (shudder) Adobe Premiere you can use those too.

How to I Get the Video

There are plenty of dvd rippers out there. One that I've used, on the mac, is MPEG Streamclip. It has pretty good compression options and is free. I'm sure there are more, feel free to make suggestions as the thread goes on.

I'll update this post with contestants, movies start date, etc. and change the title to reflect an update.

Ok, who is interested?

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