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[Reminisce On] Nox

ZarcathZarcath Registered User regular
edited August 2007 in Games and Technology

Nox is an isometric PC game developed by Westwood and released back in 2000. It's a lot like D2, except the PVP doesn't eat goat ass.

Nox can largely be described as an isometric pvp game. You have your choice of 3 classes and a variety of skills for each. The usual suspects are available for multiplayer maps, deathmatch, capture the flag, uh...more deathmatch.

The PVE storyline has something to do with an errant lad being flung into an alternate deminsion of somesort and having to do battle with an evil necromancer woman who's into bondage gear. None of this is actually important but it's a good excuse to post up some titays.


EA no longer supports Nox's online servers, the only MP available is through Hamachi.

Many Nox players suffer from missing CD-Key syndrome. It's been reported that if you own any of Westwoods more recent CnC games, you can input those keys for Nox and it'll work.


I fondly recall playing the Warrior and using the grapple/charge combo to gib hapless fools. I believe we've tried to get a GAME ON going before.


Since Westwood has disbanded and Nox is no longer officially supported by any of it's corporate associates, the game is considered abandonware! The laws of man need not apply!

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