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Terribly Sad Stories

Lucky CynicLucky Cynic Registered User regular
edited August 2007 in Singularity Engine++
I think it's time we gather around and share terribly sad stories and share our sorrow with one another about how cruel the world can be and how much it can suck. My story starts off last night, as I came back from a week long awesome vacation to San Diego where I basically sat on my ass for a week straight on the beaches. Last night was our flight back and when we came home, I was expecting my 13 year old dog to jump up and down in delight to see that I have returned but instead I couldn't find him anywhere. My dad pulled me off into the other room and I felt sick to my stomach as he told me that while on vacation, me dog tripped down the stairs and broke a leg. When they took him into the Vet's, instead of opting to fix it, because he is so damn old, they instead decided it would be best if he was put down. It bothered me so hard just to know that the poor old guy died without me even knowing or when exactly it was. Fine, dogs die, he was old, but I still feel really terrible about the whole thing and that he is really gone. I had him my whole life almost.

As if that wasn't enough, one of my friends who was a bit older than me had his tour in Iraq finish right before school and he had signed up so that we would be at the same school and even were in two classes together. I kept in touch with him via phone whenever he could but last week he too was killed in a car crash during my vacation over here in the states right before he could even make it home from the airport by a supposed drunk driver. Now I have the wonderful joy of going over to his funeral.

tl;dr: My dog died when I was on vacation and as if that wasn't enough, my friend who served in Iraq died in a car crash.

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