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Red Dwarf, returning in 2009

CyvrosCyvros Look behind you,a catharsis of spurious morality!Registered User regular
edited September 2008 in Debate and/or Discourse
After a decade of rumours and dead ends with series 9 and the film, Red Dwarf will be revived next year to celebrate the programme's 21st anniversary. There'll be four shows, the original cast will be reprising their roles and will be aired on UKTV's Dave channel (how appropriate). BBC Worldwide will be involved, so there'll probably be international broadcasts as well.

There'll only be two actual episodes (the second and third shows) - the first show will be a making of special, and the fourth will be some kind of clips show ("The cast do it their way."). Robert Llewellyn (Kryten) described this fourth show as "so exciting [he's] been asked not to say anything about that because other people will steal the idea - and it is a great idea, quite challenging for [them] as performers".

I don't know about the rest of you, but this grin won't be wearing off for a good couple of days.

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