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Phallatine's Day [MicroPhalla]

crimsoncoyotecrimsoncoyote Registered User regular
edited February 2009 in Critical Failures

What this is: This is a MicroPhalla loosely themed around the concept of Valentine's Day

What is a MicroPhalla? Like a Phalla, only much, much smaller and faster.

Standard Rules apply. That means no screencaps, anonymous contact, send me the links of proboards (if any), etc. etc.

Want to sign up? Do so in some sort of bold, colored text. Signups will close within one hour of this post, or until we cap out in people.

Activity is crucial. Being a MicroPhalla, this game is short. ROUNDS WILL END APPROXIMATELY FORTY FIVE MINUTES AFTER THEY BEGIN. So you have to be around for the game. I imagine it will be fairly bloody, depending on players, so it should not take too many rounds.

The Players
1. MacGuffin
2. DevoutlyApathetic
3. Daius
4. TehSloth
5. BlueBlue
6. TheLawinator
7. Element Brian
8. Chen
9. Dac Vin
10. Andrew Ryan

There is no real limit on the number of players.

crimsoncoyote on


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