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TLB's Secret Community Project - Finally Revealed

The Lovely BastardThe Lovely Bastard Registered User regular
edited October 2010 in Graphic Violence
I was gonna put this in the Graphic Violence Activities thread but I am too lazy and also an egomaniac and fuck that noise.

So our next forum activity?

GV is making a fucking comic book

But, TLB, you ask, how vague can you get?

To this I say shut the fuck up and keep reading. But I also say, that together, as a community, we are gonna put together and anthology book around a central theme I came up with that gives us the most free-reign and least continuity errors should we want to do this semi-regularly.

So, now I know you wanna know what the hell the theme is, well buckle your safety belts, nancy boys and read this here pitch that I have only shared with 5 people (geebs, anjinsan, bale, blank, and jordyn) before deciding to say fuck it and give the go ahead:

I was reading O.M.A.C. by Jack Kirby and the idea hit me -- super hero draft. See, the whole gist of O.M.A.C. is that he is just some dude they picked and a satellite, Brother Eye just zaps the fucker and he has super powers, and whenever he has to do something rad as fuck, Brother Eye zaps him again and he becomes boss as hell.

So, instead of having someone willing to be this hero, why not make it anyone and everyone as a citizen of the United States of America over the age of 18 has to register to be zapped by a super hero beam whenever supervillain shenanigans break out and they are nearby?

It can be anyone. Some people will think it is the greatest thing ever to be a superhero and have a sentient satellite talking to you all the time. Sometimes it'll be an annoyance. Sometimes it won't be the first time this has happened to you. Hell, sometimes you might decide to be a villain yourself. Who knows what can happen!

This'll be a world where there are honest-to-goodness real superheroes and villains, but man they can't be everywhere. So, some unlucky Insurance Broker in Tuscaloosa has to go fight say Dr. Doom just because he is in the wrong place at the wrong time and all the while he's got this annoying satellite giving him instructions and just when he gets used to it and finds a way to defeat the villain, its right back to Insurance Brokering. How the hell do you explain that to you boss? Sorry, dude, I was gonna come to work but I had to go fight Galactus. My bad.

It can be a bunch of done-in-one stories or whatever and can have as much silver age wackiness as possible since the satellite can give them any power they want ever

pretty dang rad, huh?

Now, as for how it will work, I will first need to gauge the amount of writers and artists who would participate. I need to get as many writers as possible to pitch ideas, and a stable of artists who can not only pitch story ideas, but be comfortable drawing other people's stories if the need be. My end-game plan is to get the dang thing published either on a website or a physical form but that will be far down the road and we ain't gotta worry about that yet.

I am not only gonna write some stories, but I am going to be editing all the writing. This is not to say I will change a single word you write, I am just gonna make sure it fits with the theme and what minuscule continuity, if any, we build up in this maintains intact. If all goes smoothly, I won't have to do a damn thing and will only call myself editor because I like titles.

Of course I left the biggest question for last: how does your story get picked for the anthology? Well, it's a dual layer quality assurance system. Everyone who has an idea for a story to write can PM me with a short, paragraph long pitch about the basics of their story. If I think it can work, it'll go in this thread or another thread and we'll all vote on the stories we want to see. The artists then, if they did not pitch any writing, can pick and choose and fight amongst themselves for which one they wanna draw real good.

And don't think that this is limited to solely GV posters. I wanna bring every and anyone into the fold who can do a bang-up job with either art or writing.

Just don't start sending me story idea PMs right now. Gotta get a feel on what kind of interest we can get, particularly from artists as they gotta feasibly do more work.


Alright, little doggies. This thing, much like Paul Kersey's bloodlust, would not wither and die with age.

With a lot of help from the lovely Quoth, we are back with a vengeance.

Here is the website:


Here is the scripts:


Here is the art:


there are also some scripts and art on the site, but not all of the scripts because jerkfaces ain't givin' they real names

Right now, I ain't taking any new scripts unless you will draw them yourself and actually give me a script first and will actually draw the dang thing for real this time.

So let's get this thing rolling.

If you guys fail me again, me and Quoth will hunt you down like dogs

As of now the writer/artist teams are:

Me and Squidbunny

Manon drawing his own script

Spectre-X and Douglas Danger

Mully and Quoth

The Lovely Bastard on


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