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existential crises

The CowThe Cow Registered User
edited December 2006 in Help / Advice Forum
Well, it finally happened. After 6 years of swearing to become an artist, come hell or high water, I don't know if I want to do art anymore. I should have seen this one coming. I want to do it, I just don't know if I want it as a career.

Sometime over the summer, I discovered that I am capable of forming meaningful long term friendships, broke out of my shell to some degree.

My primary concern has become my financial stability after college. Obviously, art offers less certainity than almost any other major. At one point I was aiming for architecture, as it satisfies a primal fascination with monuments - not even close to realistic now, especially considering Davis doesn't offer it. I have been looking at the landscape architecture major, just because I am interested in the environment and urban design and art, and it seems like a rewarding field.

Some details - I'm 18 years old, freshman at UC Davis, applied as an Art Studio major and have been looking at double majoring in linguistics. I also feel that, after being wholly repressed and depressed as well as in denial for almost the entirety of high school, I am now being slammed with realization after realization about the actual state of my life. On one hand, better late than never. On the other, I don't want to continue like this. I know I could get a minimum wage job - hell, even pick up a decent trade fairly easily - and keep myself surviving for as long as necessary. I've spent a long time thinking about the bare essentials of survival and figuring out how to meet them - but that's no longer enough for me, I think. It has become my sincere desire to build a life that will allow me to support myself and those I care about.

So I turn to you, internet. Any words of advice on landscape architecture, the viability of art financially, and changing majors across disciplines would be deeply appreciated.

The Cow on


  • TheungryTheungry Registered User
    edited December 2006
    If you pursue a career in the arts, you almost by definition have to support yourself with something else as well. Many artists teach or hold boring office jobs to support themselves until they can marry money or produce a viable business model for their work.

    You're 18 and have a lot of life ahead of you before you need to worry about staying in the black. You'll be best served now by pursuing a degree of any kind so long as you're interested in it and you are able to finish the program. Start worrying about jobs and whatnot going into your junior year, and have internships lined up for your senior year.

    From what little i know of architecture, there is a very structured path of school-internship-career to lean on.

    Theungry on
    Unfortunately, western cultures frown upon arranged marriages, so the vast majority of people have to take risks in order to get into relationships.
  • Kewop DecamKewop Decam Registered User
    edited December 2006
    you're 18 so you have plenty of time to think this over. The only artist that get paid good money nowadays are artists from the entertainment industry. The museum world is a weird one and to get paid a nice sum of money in that area seems more of luck than skill.

    The first thing my art teachers told me before we started our very first class in college was "if you want to make a lot of money... change your major." I'm into 3D and that stuff, so I think I'll be fine.

    If you can, double major in something else you like. Lets say you did art and it didn't work, what would you fall back on?

    Kewop Decam on
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