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NTLDR is missing

THEPAIN73THEPAIN73 Shiny.Real shiny.Registered User regular
This was the start to my long, long night...

Ubuntu would load on said computer but what I then decided to do was switch hard drives with it to see if it would boot from a HDD. It did. However in doing so the BIOS wasn't picking up or saving my settings to keep the new HDD booted first and eliminate the floppy boot (why it was there I don't know.)

So every time I boot it resets the boot order. What can I do to make sure it saves?

Cause it boots to Windows XP and stays there.

Also when it gets there it why doesn't it recognize my 250 GB HDD?

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  • Mustachio JonesMustachio Jones jerseyRegistered User regular
    edited October 2009
    You probably need to set a drive letter for the HDD if the BIOS sees it but nothing shows up in Windows Explorer. Open an instance of "Run...", type diskmgmt.msc, find the volume, right click on it, assign drive letter, reboot.

    As for the boot order, I'm not really sure.

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