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Deleting a Program from Program Files (x86) - Vista 64

GoodKingJayIIIGoodKingJayIII They wanna get mygold on the ceilingRegistered User regular
So, I'm trying to remove some extra files from C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common. I keep getting the following error message when I attempt to do so.
This action can't be completed because the folder is open in another program. Close the folder and try again.

Of course, the folder is not open anywhere, nor are any of the relevant files in use. I've always found Vista to be tricky when I try to delete something from the Program Files folders. I am the administrator for this computer, but I wonder if there is something basic I'm missing.

Thanks for your help.

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GoodKingJayIII on


  • CmdPromptCmdPrompt Registered User regular
    edited November 2009
    You should be removing programs via the Control Panel or whatever uninstall process comes with the program.

    Is the rest of Steam uninstalled?

    CmdPrompt on
  • Dark ShroudDark Shroud Registered User regular
    edited November 2009
    Vista & Win7 prevent you from deleting files like that for a reason, you're doing it wrong.

    Either use the Windows Uninstaller or a 3rd party program. It sounds like you would like a program like Revo Uninstaller, it's free.

    Dark Shroud on
  • GoodKingJayIIIGoodKingJayIII They wanna get my gold on the ceilingRegistered User regular
    edited November 2009
    The problem of course is that when Steam deletes local content for a game, it doesn't delete all of the local content. I can't use the Control Panel or Steam to uninstall the game because both believe the game is already uninstalled. But it's pretty clear this is not the case, when I go to the directory and still find many of the game files to be there. Manual deletion is kind of the only option.

    I was able to resolve this in a kind of roundabout way. I backed up my game files and uninstalled the Steam client, which deleted all of my local content. So I seem to be in good shape now.

    GoodKingJayIII on
    Battletag: Threeve#1501
    PSN: Threeve703
  • Zilla360Zilla360 21st Century. |She/Her| Trans* Woman In Aviators Firing A Bazooka. ⚛️Registered User regular
    edited November 2009
    Ah, late to the thread, but I would have suggested this:

    But it seems like it doesn't work in Vista 64 anyway.

    Zilla360 on
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