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Creative Zen mp3 player caused windows boot problems...I think

SipexSipex Registered User regular
Alright, bear with me, I'm doing tech support for my buddy who currently has no access to his computer. I also can't see anything first hand because he lives accross town and our transit system is striking :/


His computer is currently having trouble booting up, the windows screen takes forever then it shuts itself down in the midst of starting up, every time, without fail.

He's tried safe mode, same results.

He's tried a repair, the repair takes a while then says it's unable to fix the problem.

What caused all this? He owns one of those Creative Zen mp3 players and as the computer was booting up one day he either plugged it in or unplugged it.

To top it all off he's currently lost his restore disk (he's actively looking for it but until then I'm looking for a solution so he doesn't have to wipe his PC).

Currently been googling for 30 mins or so and found nothing quite like this. I realise you guys will need more to diagnose the problem directly (me too) but in the mean time I was wondering if any of you had heard of situations similar to this or experienced similar things.

edit: Also, he says he gets an error which complains about usb ports or something (I need to ask him when he's home what it is exactly) before windows shuts down.

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  • IdolisideIdoliside Registered User regular
    edited December 2009
    Sounds like more as issue with the motherboard than the Zen, might be a conflict somewhere. Have a look for damage on the motherboard. Also have a look in the BIOS to see if everything is showing up correctly.

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  • SipexSipex Registered User regular
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    If that's the case we're in luck, he has a good warranty on his hardware. They refused to look at it without him paying though, claiming it was probably a software error.

    I'm not a hardware guy (I can install things, and I know what they are but that's about it), what would I be looking for in terms of damage on the mobo?

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