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Default Wiimote vs. Others

jotatejotate Registered User regular
edited January 2007 in Games and Technology
I've got a Wii and I've been playing extensively with the wiimote that it came with. I bought another wiimote to go with it for multiplayer action. The battery in the original is running low, so I tried to just switch over to the other wiimote that's been hardly used at all. It loses connection everytime I load a different channel/game and can't reestablish on its own. I have to pick up the original, go to the Reconnect screen and then hammer the 1-2 to get it to recognize the second controller at the first player.

Is this something as intended or is there some setting I should be messing with to make it recognize the other controller as the default first player?

(Yah, I know, just switch the batteries.)

jotate on


  • LemmingLemming Registered User regular
    edited January 2007
    Press the sync button on the Wii and remote at roughly the same time. That should do it.

    Lemming on
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