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Sound trouble in Steam

RethiusRethius Registered User regular
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Hey guys. I've been having trouble with sound glitching during cutscenes on games played in steam. The sound will get stuck on part of the audio and start looping over and over. When the main menu loads, it's fine, and I've never seen this happen in actual gameplay. It has happened over several different games, and at one point I went so far as to replace my hard drive (I needed an upgrade anyway), wiping my system entirely, and still it persists.

At this point I think it must be my sound card and steam having trouble with each other (my hardware is pretty dated), but I haven't been able to find any relevant articles on the steam support site. Like I said, it never happens in game, but it really annoys me that I don't get to experience any of the story.

I've included my system specs and the games I've confirmed this happening on in the spoiler below. Am I gonna have to suck it up and replace the sound card/mother board, or do you think there's something else causing this? (I have updated all the drivers for sound/video cards, no effect)


Video Card: GeForce 8800 GT
Sound Card: RealTek AC97 (I believe it is integrated)

Issue confirmed on the following games:

Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising
Mirror's Edge
Empire: Total War
Dawn of War II
The Witcher

The cinematics in games I don't run through steam (WoW, Sins of a Solar Empire) never have this problem. Any ideas?

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