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Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising, now revived from the ashes of cancellation !

EliminationElimination Registered User regular
edited February 2010 in Games and Technology
Some of you may remember this ill-fated game, put on "permanent hold" way back in 07'. Well it looks like it has been revived, for better or worse.

Quoted from MMORPG:

" has learned that the mythologically-based MMORPG, Gods and Heroes, put on “indefinite hold” by Perpetual entertainment back on October 9h of 2007, is rising from the grave.

Heatwave Interactive, a game development studio and online publisher located in Austin, Texas has obtained the rights to develop and release the canceled property.

“Heatwave’s philosophy is to identify and develop world class IP, and we believe the project is just that,” said Anthony Castoro, co-founder and CEO, Heatwave Interactive. “With this acquisition Heatwave greatly expands its core development capabilities as well as adding a well-known, award-winning title to its expanding intellectual property portfolio. This game hits the Heatwave ‘HIP’ mark in terms of its social gaming features and the intrinsic entertainment value found in its mythological storyline, high action adventure and beautiful art style. ”

Heatwave also obtained rights to the proprietary engine that Perpetual developed to run both Gods and Heroes as well as their own version of Star Trek Online.

More information will be made available on this story as it develops."

From what i remember this game wasn't all that great in Beta. But who knows, maybe it will be worthwhile in new hands?

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  • grrarggrrarg Registered User regular
    edited February 2010
    The game was not that great, but it had some interesting ideas. Your character recruited followers and took them along on adventures, a precursor to Cryptic's STO bridge officers. You could mix and match followers to create a balanced party for soloing or focus on one type if grouped. The character development had potential, with different skill trees depending on which god you followed.

    I've never heard of this new company. It should not take much to fix the game. Technically, the engine and servers were pretty far along. Content was the main issue. It ended up feeling more like a single-player game than a MMO though because the content was not very deep or challenging.

    grrarg on
  • ScooterScooter Registered User regular
    edited February 2010
    I was really looking forward to Gods and Heroes, if only for the follower system. Plus, every character was a Greek demigod.

    Of course, after this much time the game's going to need graphics upgrades and things like that, so here's hoping Mr Buzzwords up there can deliver.

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  • EliminationElimination Registered User regular
    edited February 2010
    Yeah it's been quite a while. This new news was really surprising to me, even though the game in Beta wasn't all that great it had potential. I've never heard of this company either though they must be new and i guess they figure reviving this is their ticket to money. Who knows maybe they will make it into something good? They pretty much purchased a game that was nearly finished it shouldn't take them too long to release it at this point.

    Elimination on
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