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modifying a billiards drill?

cooljammer00cooljammer00 HeySmall Christmas-Man!Registered User regular
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So I'm in this Billiards class, and our assignment was to come up with an exercise/drill that we could teach people. I've already handed in my assignment, but when presentations started the other day, I realized that everyone and their mother had a similar drill. Ball near each pocket, objective being to run the table. Mine is similar in setup and objective, but my idea is using rollback on the cueball to get it in an advantageous area. My teacher gave me a presentation extension so I could change it, as he saw how similar it was to the other presentations.

so, any suggestions on what I would do to change it/spice it up?

also, a cool name would be nice. something with rolling or rollin in the title would be preferable, but not necessary. I already used "They See Me Rollin'" as an alternate joke title, and "Always Be Rollin'" as my official title.


pretend the cue is in the center


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    blincolnblincoln Registered User regular
    edited January 2007
    How about moving the various balls closer to one rail or the other, and/or further away from the pocket in one direction?

    Anybody who's serious enough about pool to take a class should be able to run the table as configured whether or not they use rollback. If you mix things up a bit, then positioning the cue ball for the next shot might make more of a difference.

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    The Green Eyed MonsterThe Green Eyed Monster i blame hip hop Registered User regular
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    I dunno, I was at a bar the other night and these guys kept playing three ball pool, where they'd set up three balls for a break, and then try to sink all three in the fewest number of shots, as far as I could tell. So you had to break and then sink three as fast as possible. They kept doing it for like 2-3 hours. Don't know if it's an official drill or anything, but could be interesting.

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    EverywhereasignEverywhereasign Registered User regular
    edited January 2007
    My drill is really simple (and helps me mull things over while I'm playing)

    Rack the balls (Pool/billiards take your pick and choose how many you want to play with, more is harder)

    Break, that's my one free one.

    After that I have to sink a ball (any ball) on every shot.
    If I do hurrah,
    If not a ball gets pulled, usually from a pocket, but if their aren't any, start keeping a mental list of the "negatives" so they can be pulled right away when you do sink.

    Pulled ball goes back on the table at the foot spot, other balls line up behind it as they get pulled.

    In order to "win" (I have yet to) you need to perform a flawless run of the table. Only then will all the balls be safely in pockets and the table empty.

    I find it's great for just chilling out, listening to music. It's not very social, other then people who like watching that kinda thing. I also find I learn quickly and make less stupid shots. I'll do this for an hour or so before I plan on playing with friends, my game is much better then if I just jump right in after not playing for months.

    EDIT: for pool lingo

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    EverywhereasignEverywhereasign Registered User regular
    edited January 2007
    Another good one my friend does to practice Stop, Draw, and Follow.

    Draw an imaginary diagonal line from one corner pocket to the opposite. This is the line you will shoot along and the line you will set up on.

    Set up a target ball one diamond from the corner on this line.

    Place your cue ball on the imaginary line in line with the middle pocket (on the centre string)

    Object is to sink the target ball and have the cue ball take it's place in a dead stop.

    After it's done well, move the cue closer to the head of the table by one diamond, still on that imaginary line. Try again. Keep moving away from the target ball on your imaginary line, stopping dead each time.

    Second, Draw. Do the same thing again, except this time, sink the ball and have the cue do a straight draw down your imaginary line. Getting it to stop at pre-called spots on your imaginary line. Repeat as with the first, moving away from your target.

    Lastly, Follow. Place the TARGET ball at the Centre string on your line. The cue ball sits two diamonds behind it on the imaginary line. Sink the target ball have the cue ball follow it in. Then have it stop just shy of the pocket. Keep moving the target and cue ball away from the pocket for a greater challenge.

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    Mad JazzMad Jazz gotta go fast AustinRegistered User regular
    edited January 2007
    one of the best drills I know of to work on just draw is to set up a line of 5 (or 7 or 9 or however many, depending on how saucy you're feeling) balls evenly spaced between the two side pockets. Put the cue ball one spot behind your line, starting with one of the ends. Shoot the object ball into the corner that shares the rail with whichever side you're starting on (so right end ball goes into far right corner). The object is to sink the ball in your target pocket and draw the cue back at least 2 spots. Sink all balls into your target pocket.

    This also works as a straight up shooting drill, since you'll have to jack way up over the rail to go cross table at the end of the line.

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