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Scrapping old AC & Heating unit

Salvation122Salvation122 Registered User regular
edited March 2010 in Help / Advice Forum
So about a month ago my AC and heating unit got replaced (the old one broke down.) I was told that someone would be by to pick it up in a week or two. Again, it's been a month.

I've got something of an entrepreneurial spirit, and there's bunches of valuable steel, copper, and aluminum in old heating and AC units. I called the two local scrap yards, and the prices I was quoted were $8 per hundred pounds, if I just brought the whole unit in. Given that copper is currently sitting at something like $2/lb by itself, I'd rather try to disassemble the thing and sell each material seperately.

Is this safe? Are there big fuckoff capacitors in AC/heating units that will kill me if I look at them wrong? Are there any hazardous materials I need to worry about? Am I actually likely to make more money by breaking it down than I am just dragging the whole thing to a scrap yard?

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  • illigillig Registered User regular
    edited March 2010
    depending on what refrigerant the unit uses, it's probably harmful to the atmosphere, so it's likely illegal to release it... just FYI

    and honestly? you'll make like $20 for the bits, and have to poison the planet, cut yourself on sharp metal bits, and lug a ton of crap to a scrap yard, while throwing the rest out with normal garbage.. is it worth it?

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