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Help Ground Kontrol (the best PNW arcade) win Save the Arcades

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(Moderators: This seemed like the most appropriate forum for this, hope this works.)

Hey folks,

I manage Ground Kontrol Classic Arcade in Portland, OR. It's a classic arcade that features tons of arcade games and pinball tables along with beer & wine nightly. We also hold a weekly Rock Band nite, pinball tournaments, etc.

We were nominated & chosen to compete in Stride's "Save the Arcades" contest. Basically, anyone can play this free flash game called Cowbots 2010 and donate points earned to the arcade of their choice.

We're hoping you can help play for Ground Kontrol, especially those of you in the Pacific NW who go there regularly. If we win the $25,000 grand prize, we're going to put ALL of it into expanding our arcade so we can have more space and more classic games.

You can play & donate as often as you like. As of this post, we're back at #1, but that could change any time. Every point counts!

Thanks for your time!

Will work for quarters.
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    I'm afraid we don't allow users to use the forums as a marketing tool.

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