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Help me find a game for my son!

NerdtendoNerdtendo Registered User regular
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My son found a little flash game a couple days ago, and keeps telling me he wants to play it... problem is, I have no clue how he found it!

I know that you play one of seven or so smiley emoticons, much like the ones we have here :P. It's a multiplayer platform game where each level is inside of a large square room, and the players can each edit the room while playing by adding and removing different colored blocks blocks. You're also able to add little arrows that changes gravity to the direction the arrow's pointing, or a dot that acts as an anti gravity spot.

Also, any other games like this one are great. He really enjoys games that he can build stuff in (his houses in Minecraft are adorable, Blockland ended up being a little too complicated for him), or use to draw pictures (Falling Sands). He also loves blowing things up, but it's hard to find engaging games with explosives that don't involve maiming people that are easily picked up by a four year old (any source mods that basically just give you a cannon to shoot objects would be great... will probably pick up Garry's mod eventually and try that out).

Any help would be appreciated!


I should mention, my son's only four. We're mainly interested in games that are educational or encourage imagination, but also are easily picked up and understood. Sandbox games are best.

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