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Guide to syncing saved games (or anything else) automatically

If you own multiple computers, then managing your saved games/documents/bookmarks on them starts to become a pain. I've lost count of the times that I wanted to play one of my games but couldn't as I didn't want to start again. Steam sync has made this nicer for some games, but there're still plenty out there that don't support it.

What you need:
  • Dropbox (here if you're feeling kind, or here if you're not.)
  • Windows XP: Winbolic
  • Windows Vista/7: Admin and command prompt.
  • To know where your saved games are kept. This is often 'C:\Program Files\[Game name]\save' but you can always look it up if you're not sure.
(The linux command is "ln -s target link_name" and I'm not sure about macs)

A symbolic link is basically a reference to another file/folder, a pointer as it were, and lets you keep save files in your dropbox and programs still see it as being in their folder.

Let's use Baldur's Gate 2 as an example. BG2 keeps its saved games in two folders: characters and save

1. Make a folder in your dropbox (Usually Documents\My Dropbox) for your game
2. Move your save files from whatever folder they were in to this new folder
3. Delete the folder they were in

Win Vista/7:
3. Open command prompt by typing "cmd" into the start menu, right click and run as admin.
4. Navigate to the folder above the one where the saves were kept using the commands "dir /b" to see sub folders and "cd [directory]" to move around. ("cd .." moves up a directory).
5. The syntax is "mklink /d [Name] [Target]". [Name] should become the name of the folder that you just deleted and [Target] should be the path to the folder in your dropbox that you moved the saves to.

When I did it for BG2 I navigated to "C:\Program Files\BG2" and the command was:
mklink /d "save" "C:\Users\[account name]\My Dropbox\BG2\save"
and the same for the other folder. Note the quotes around the arguments or spaces will confuse it.

3. Open winbolic
4. Navigate the left window to the folder in step 4 above (see the screenshot on the link above)
5. Point the right window to the folder in your dropbox
6. Make sure the "Name of link" box contains the name of the folder you deleted.
7. Click "Create Shell Link"


Now your files should sync and the programs still be able to find them.

Any comments/criticism/pointing out typos/telling me it should have gone in H&A welcome.

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    Doesn't this require the 'host' computer, the one with the content on it to be switched on at all time?

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    Ramen NoodleRamen Noodle whoa, god has a picture of me! Registered User regular
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    It should sync with Dropbox as soon as you save.

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    This is such a good idea. I was doing something like it with Live Mesh, but that seems to have gone away or at least lost features, and it managed to eat my Peggle saves (what a terrible offense!). I'm going to give Dropbox a try instead, thank you very much!

    Edit: It appears that dropbox.com is having issues loading consistently, and I can't get the client to connect. Is anyone else having these problems, or is it just my local connection?

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    NackmatholnNackmatholn Registered User regular
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    I can confirm that ln -s works like a charm in OS X 10.5.8!

    In my test case I used:
    ln -s "/Users/Nackmatholn/Dropbox/Saves/minecraft" "/Users/Nackmatholn/Library/Application Support/minecraft"

    to cloudify my Minecraft save.

    The quotes just help the Terminal understand the space in "Application Suport"

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