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Art and Criticism

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I think the movie Heckler is worth checking out because in deals with the aspect of criticism in pop culture, and also in the internet. In the movie, Pen Teller brings up how net handles emboldens people to be more visceral with their criticism because their handle preserves their anonymity. Roger Ebert would said with about internet that attacks within the net are cowardly, because the attackers don't show their truce faces. I think the effect of Simon Cowell on America Idol has effected the way people are criticized. In effect the comments are more direct and personal. In a sense, as the movie brings up, criticism should only be addressed to the artist work and not the artist himself. For example calling the artist a "Big fat fatty." may not be an appropriate opening when review an artist portifolios. Most of us have more common sense than that.

As Artist, you are guarentee to run into criticism and you must seperate yourself from your work. AKA have a tough skin. If you are struggling, have faith in yourself. As the artist Georgia O Keefe said "Success or Failure is not important. Making your unknown known is the important thing." and "To create one's own world, in any of the arts, takes courage"
So make your unknown known.

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    This is not thread-worthy. There are other threads here for general discussion.

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