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Help choosing a power-saving server minidesktop

hectorsehectorse Registered User regular

I have been doing some tinkering with linux lately and I think I have a good enough grasp at it to start thinking about running some servers at home and at work. I already pay enough electricity to be wary of just getting an old PC and leave it on churning out hundreds of kwh so I am looking for something a little bit on the power saving size always on solution.

Is a nettop a good option? Anyway here are my guidelines

- Low power consumption ~ 40 watts iddle
- Small form factor
- Good for OpenSuse, Ubuntu server or other server oriented linux distros
- Will be used for ftp, http, pop3, smtp and cache servers and also for wifi auditing
- $300 budget ready to boot
- Will probably stay at school cubicle sometimes and use it as a desktop, so it needs to have some office, matlab and photo editing power. This is most likely not an issue

Any ideas? I was thinking this but sometimes good ideas are not the best deals. Any other options?

hectorse on


  • EgoEgo Registered User regular
    edited December 2010
    I've only heard good things about Zotacs. Built in 802.11n, too, which is handy.

    Ego on
  • EchoEcho Moderator mod
    edited December 2010
    I'm very curious about a Bubba 3. It's based on Debian, but I don't think you're able to run your own distro of choice on it. It does look very nice as a home server to tuck away in a corner though.

    Echo on
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