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Xbox 360 hard drive

ToniousTonious Registered User
edited January 2011 in Games and Technology
Recently been looking to upgrade my 20gb hard drive for my 360. Was looking to go around the 120gb range but no matter how much I search online all I can find are those cheap genetic hard drives and none of the office xbox ones. Anybody know a good place to get one at a reasonable price? @_@ Desperate now.

Tonious on


  • SteevLSteevL What can I do for you? Registered User regular
    edited January 2011
    Funny, I just happened to see this on cheapassgamer:

    Xbox 360 250 GB hard drive for $69.99

    I happened to snag one from a few weeks ago for $50, which was nice.

    SteevL on
  • ToniousTonious Registered User
    edited January 2011
    omg thank you. You're awesome. Buying now.... *waits* Bought! Thank you so much ^_^ Woot. It said the delivery date is Feb 11th? S'okay, I can wait for it. <3

    Tonious on
  • LaPuzzaLaPuzza Registered User regular
    edited January 2011
    Same question re: 360 "s" hard drive. I found a stupid deal on a 4gb, and am using usb drives for the time being, but I'm looking to snag a 250gb model if I can find a deal.

    As an alternative to the MS version, I'm more than willing to consider a home made one, but I can't seem to find ones where I am confident that it is the 360 "s" version. Anyone able to suggest somewhere that didn't send them a original 360 version?

    LaPuzza on
    If I didn't know LaPuzza wasn't a spambot I would think that was a spambot post.
  • Recoil42Recoil42 Registered User
    edited January 2011
    Side note, does anyone know the kosherness of these homemade drives? Particularly for the 's'?

    I want to grab one of the super-cheap 4GBs on sale everywhere, but that's a little counterproductive if I then have to go and spend more money than I paid for the console itself to get a HDD for it.

    Funny enough, I logged on just to ask this question. Nice to see there was already a related thread I could piggyback on.

    Recoil42 on
  • Mr_GrinchMr_Grinch Registered User regular
    edited January 2011
    It's nice and easy to make your own, plenty of cheap drives out there if you're willing to take the time and effort to do it. They're just as genuine (to the 360) as an official microsoft one, they can't be detected and (I imagine) MS wouldn't go out of their way to detect them anyway.

    Mr_Grinch on
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