I love bunny rabbits and girls wearing armor

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Oh scaryness I am delurking!

So, so sorry bout the crappy photographs. I took them into photoshop to try and make them better, I dunno what else to do sans scanner.

Been hanging out for awhile, thought that posting might help me get motivated to draw more and improve.

First some older work-


Offended teenage girl:

These are newer, using photo references. Sketched onto newsprint during slow times at work.

[IMG]http://i808.photobucket.com/albums/zz1/thebunniez/2011 forum /DCFC0541.jpg?t=1294896034[/IMG]

aaugh I wish I had a scanner so bad

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    I'd focus on starting to do some stuff you're not such a big fan of. Technically, the drawings are pretty sound, and all that it would take to refine them is practice. However, you're committing the terrible sin of trapping them in an otherwise blank sheet of paper. Put them on horses, add trees, a castle tower, anything! Drawing what you're comfortable with feels good, but it won't help you make dynamic, interesting pictures.
    Loosen up your sketching as well. If you're just doing studies, there's no need to use a new sheet of paper every time. Fill up that page!

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    Invest in a scanner, these photos hurt my eyes.

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    You don't even need a scanner, just make sure the photos are in focus.

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    you have an amazing ability to make your sketches look blurry!

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