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drawings and doodles and stuff :)

jhojho Registered User
edited April 2011 in Artist's Corner
Hi guys, long time lurker first time poster here. I've been looking for new art communities to join and a lot of them nowadays seems to die off or just stop having any activity. I'm a graphic artist but I worked in manufacturer company as a graphic designer and as a mural artist before. My real passion is comics, and I hope someday I'll be able to finish a couple books or so :)

I generally draw in black an white, I've tried digital inking but ultimately, my preference still seems to be the good ol' paper, pencil, brushpen, brush and ink. I still use photoshop to colour things and add some effects, though :)

Here's some of my recent stuff, they are just personal work I do for fun
EDIT: [strike]seems like my server is down at the moment and it only shows 6 pictures if it does. check back later and refresh the page, the site should be up by then...[/strike] welp it's up! ahah.
Some characters from a couple of graphic novels I'm doing:
working title: The Daughter.
SpaceDuck the space mail-man (or duck) :)
Spaceduck and the pluto guardian.
with his one eyed engineer friend, rogue.

some things I did for fun and laughs
Duck pool.
... duckpool and friends, shoryuken scene.
mega duck and proto duck!

some snips for a comic battle site:

and these are kind of journal comic-type of thing, except most of them are just illustration type stuff :
I guess you can tell I like duck shaped things hahaha..

thanks for looking and please let me know if the sizes are too big as well, as I'm not sure if my screen is too small or have huge resolution. thanks for being inspirations guys :) holla!

jho on


  • melting_dollmelting_doll Registered User regular
    edited February 2011
    Yay for first posts! Welcome!

    That last one is total cuteness!

    I also really enjoyed Deadpool and the girl riding the duck in space.

    melting_doll on
  • brokecrackerbrokecracker Registered User regular
    edited February 2011
    This thread is full of fun and awesome. Nice first post!

    Good stuff all around. Really like the sad girl with the lugage in the snow.

    brokecracker on
  • devilkindevilkin Registered User regular
    edited February 2011
    I really dig this art, particularly the duck art. Megaduck and Protoduck luck awesome!

    devilkin on
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  • farbekriegfarbekrieg Registered User regular
    edited February 2011
    so ducking awesome

    farbekrieg on
  • IrukaIruka Registered User, Moderator mod
    edited February 2011
    your handle on inks is really lovely, you have that lose anime comic style down pretty well. And the ducks are adorable. I like your muppet noses too, the last drawing is really cute.

    I hope you keep posting! You should share lots of comics so we can give you feedback!

    Iruka on
  • kraz007kraz007 Registered User regular
    edited February 2011
    That was a lot of scrolling, man!

    kraz007 on
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  • jhojho Registered User
    edited February 2011
    thanks a lot for the welcome guys! Haha I know I tend to draw ducks a lot, but I just find them really fun to draw. :)
    I am working on some comic battle right now for fun and as an exercise. I should be able to show some progress, it's gonna be a challenge because it has a lot of violent/destroyed scenes or settings in it. I am going to post some rough sketches or style ideas once I've done some.

    As for comics you can see the rest of that black and white pages I posted earlier on these links, it's 11 pages and I dont think it's wise to show them up with the img tags cause there'll be a lot more scrolling ;P :

    Gotta confess that I did them roughly in 3-4 days (I procastinate too much, wasted basically 2 weeks doing nothing), so it has some very shaky lines towards the end, and some problems. I'm working to get better at drawing backgrounds in general/getting atmosphere right, and also learning how to write dialogues in English better.

    The first two pages were different from the rest because I was running out of time. Better time management is always needed :(

    hope you guys enjoy it :)

    jho on
  • jhojho Registered User
    edited February 2011
    hmm I think my reply didnt go through. Is using advanced reply post always gets moderated?

    edit I will respost what I did if it's actually still geting moderated, meanwhile here's a sketch thing that I did quickly moments ago for the battle comic:

    AND oh sorry my manners, thanks for the welcome guys! I will post comics, I have one in the works atm and the theme is outside my usual comfort zone which i find exciting and challenging, hope you guys will enjoy it too!

    jho on
  • RankenphileRankenphile Passersby were amazed by the unusually large amounts of blood.Registered User, Moderator mod
    edited February 2011
    a lot of this stuff looks really reminiscent of Alex Robinson's comics

    which is awesome as hell, I love his writing and art

    Rankenphile on
  • squidbunnysquidbunny Registered User regular
    edited February 2011
    Jho! Fancy running into you here! :D

    You already know I'm a huge fan of your stuff, but welcome to the AC; it's been awhile.

    squidbunny on
  • jhojho Registered User
    edited February 2011
    Thanks guys!!! wow tinypic deleted my picture I'll repost, slightly worked on and still in progress:
    Rankenphile: I never have seen robinson's comics, thanks for letting me know about his works! I like it very much.

    Hello squidbunny! I never knew you're a fan of my stuff !! You were always leagues above me so I thought you didn't even look at my stuff back then :D I think I've seen you in SDCC once though :)

    I'm working on a few drawings right now so hopefully I'll be able to post them later, also the moderated post is up now 4 posts above, crits&comments are always appreciated. :) thanks for looking guys!

    jho on
  • jhojho Registered User
    edited February 2011
    Currently trying different inking style for this comic:

    here's with text mockup:
    done with fineliners on copy paper mostly, I'm still learning how to do shadow placement better so c/c appreciated!
    edit: added note, 2nd page last panel, the lady has a peg for her right hand- i probably should change its texture so it doesnt get confused as a very.. thin arm. haha

    jho on
  • ninjaininjai Registered User regular
    edited February 2011
    I gotta admit. I love this thread. I hope it makes it to 100 pages ++

    edit: They should do a duck version of everything ever. DUK DUK DUKD UKD UKD UDK DUKDUKD KDU DKU DKU k

    also edit: The illustrations on your site are amazing.

    ninjai on
  • jhojho Registered User
    edited February 2011
    hey thanks a lot ninjai!! Glad you like my illustrations, I'm trucking along trying to push myself into being more experimental.
    here's another page in progress. except the solid black boxes, everything is traditional

    jho on
  • IrukaIruka Registered User, Moderator mod
    edited February 2011
    What kind of pens are you using?

    I really like your distribution of blacks, but i feel like you could maybe get a little more line weight in there, to seperate characters from the backgrounds, kinda like

    Maybe you plan to give these the gray scale treatment, though, so perhaps it wouldn't be needed. You might get some more volume in your forms if you had just a little more variety, maybe experiment with some brush pens?

    Iruka on
  • jhojho Registered User
    edited February 2011

    holy crap that link will spare me a LOT of money if they're using that ink instead of the refills which cost so MUCH $$$. thanks! I have the same brushpen :)

    Most of the time I draw with brush + brushpen (like my personal drawings in my first post) as I don't generally ink digitally- so for this comics, I'm trying to get betterly acquainted with fineliners actually! My plan is to color them later on when the time permits, but mainly I'm trying to force myself to be more careful in drafting setting and characters.

    For me brushpens or brushes are very forgiving for my shaky hands, as I can just use them to ink in quick series of motion and they will look pretty good, and different pressures will create different texture and linewidth which is awesome and fun. It's my favorite method :)

    Fineliners to me are not very forgiving, so I need to force myself to be more careful and consistent (which I'm actually already failing in most parts :( ). Hopefully once I get better at fineliners I can marry both techniques and use it well.

    again, thanks for the link :D

    jho on
  • RainbowTunnelRainbowTunnel Registered User regular
    edited February 2011
    I would read an enitre webcomic based on spaceduck the spacemailer. Just sayin'.

    RainbowTunnel on
  • ItsAGiantItsAGiant Registered User
    edited February 2011
    Just came here to say this is brilliant stuff.

    ItsAGiant on
  • jhojho Registered User
    edited February 2011
    thanks guys!! been busy, here are some more stuff.
    I dont lke how this page turned out :( at all.
    I think the shadow placement is all wrong. Also, the bottom left panel just bugs me the fuck out. ugh I'll probably redraw the page later.

    still WIP but i like this page better.
    also some diary doodle i did
    happens all the time! people in cars are so rude!

    EDIT: Oh! Spaceduck comic will someday be out... it's been brewing in my mind for years hahaha!

    jho on
  • m3nacem3nace Registered User regular
    edited February 2011
    That happened to me the other day. I was so badass because they had to stop at some traffic lights just up the road and I just walked smoothly up to them, gave them the finger and ran like a scared girl on a tricycle! BADASS

    m3nace on
  • jhojho Registered User
    edited February 2011
    PSHAW! I did not run! Then again they didn't really stop...

    jho on
  • sharky tsharky t LondonRegistered User regular
    edited February 2011
    Oh man this stuff is kick ass! Really love the way you ink and the lines you get AND you're funny as hell!

    Dying to see more!

    sharky t on
  • jhojho Registered User
    edited February 2011
    thanks sharky tee! Glad you like my humor too :D
    4-5 more pages to go and I only have 1 and half day left!

    jho on
  • jhojho Registered User
    edited February 2011
    Alright, I'm totally pooped.. and I havent even put text into the pages yet.

    Here's all the pages in entirety so far... I have edited/fill in several pages too. My problem is consistency, I am aware a couple of pages feels way different than the rest, I'm working on it :(

    I will update more pages as I finish them in this post instead of keep on bumping things up. Beware lots of scrolling!!










    woop woop 18 hours to go :( still have to sketch 2-3 pages.

    jho on
  • ninjaininjai Registered User regular
    edited February 2011
    sweeeeeet! I hate deadlines

    ninjai on
  • Radar6590Radar6590 Registered User regular
    edited February 2011
    This is a pretty sweet thread. I think that in general you have a strong understanding of expressions and you're obviously well versed in the manga style. I very much adore the way you handle inks in your first post, in the last three images and the first. Those are awesome.

    My biggest critique for you would be readability and composition. Your pages, while detailed, do not really draw the eye to any particular character or event in any panel. Comic pages should be able to be read relatively quickly. Whenever the reader has to pause to find certain characters or figure out what's going on your diminishing from the flow and taking them out of the narrative. While I'm interested in the comic, I found myself forcing my way through each page.

    One way to address it is to check your characters silhouettes in each panel. Can you tell what the character is doing if they were a flat black image? For the most part the answer should always be yes. Even complex poses can usually be "shot" from a readable angle.


    Another thing to look at would be your entire page composition, and then each panel composition. Take the panel below, for example. It's a dramatic image, and you've made a strong decision in having your character close, wide eyed, and with a diagonal horizon line. You've also made a strong decision in silhouetting your bad guy, obscuring his face. You also have supporting characters back there.


    Now, I would argue that you're are too into minutia in this image. When broken down into simple shapes, there's no focal point. Our eye doesn't immediately move to the main character or the bad guy, but wanders around, lost, over all of your detailed supporting characters. If you simplify the shapes in your composition, you can deduce that maybe you can give a "backlight" (or, in this case more of a front-light) to your main character (you could also possibly move his hand, showing more of his face and thus making him more "innocent", but that's a stylistic choice.) to make him more of a solid white shape.

    You can leave your bad guy silhouetted, but put a strong light behind him. He's the focus. And then you can add suggestions of your supporting characters. There's more there, but we don't know what yet. This is much more interesting, as the reader will WANT to see more, but will have to wait until they are fully revealed at a later time.

    Note that I'm giving you such a detailed critique because I am a fast fan of your art. I really admire your work ethic here. You've done a lot very quickly. Keep it up. :)

    Radar6590 on
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  • jhojho Registered User
    edited April 2011
    HEY RADAR! sorry for such a long time of no replying whatsoever!!! I've been swamped by stuff as soon as I finished that comic.

    I agree with your assessment of the light source, I'm still trying to get the hang of it. Your re-drawing helps breaking down on what I did wrong. I guess I sacrificed realisticness for dramatic effect and it just ended up looking comical >:(

    Also you are right on the panel that you shilhouetted it in, I guess I started getting super lazy. That page ended up becoming one of my unsuccessful pages in that comic especially the way I laid out the baloon words. you can read the rest (it ended up being super sucky) here:

    I really appreciate the detailed critique, it's very helpful!! hopefully you wouldn't be too bored of my upcoming comics :)

    I did another comic for fun, it's kind of pointless storywise with a terrible joke in the end... haha i was trying a new technique for inking and toning, which I decided it's not working for now, so I have to master its.. and also fix my tendency of running out of spaces for text bubble
    (I AM SORRY IF I OFFENDED REAL ITALIANS BY THE WAY it's just a lame joke/stereotyping.. :()

    jho on
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