The Players: Tabletop Gaming Short Film Work-In-Progress

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For my senior project, I decided to make a short film about a group of tabletop gamers, with intention of being a pitch video for a down and dirty web series, and being a married guy with a baby on the way, I had to make it on a budget of pizza and twenty siders.

I pay homage to an old Penny-Arcade joke on the die roll, which will be duly credited in the final cut. Penny Arcade has always been a huge influence on me, and I have been a fan since I first played Starsiege: Tribes, and I wanted to share my work in progress with the sites' fan base.

This was a rough-cut made a few months back, it is uncolor corrected, the audio hasn't been sweetened and still has temporary music and graphics in place.

The completed version will be up in about a month, a slightly different cut, with the color graded, and the sound design will be in place, and I will post the revision.

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