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[OOC] M&M3e: Checkmate

ArcanisTheImpotentArcanisTheImpotent Registered User regular
edited April 2011 in Critical Failures

The year is 2102. Twelve years ago the Superhero World War ended with the world adoption of the MMRA, Metahuman Mandatory Registration Act. With the passing of that landmark document, all present and future superheroes were required to disclose their identities to their government or licensed corporations.

Where superhero groups once managed world crises, each team now works on behalf of their licensor's interests.

Operating outside the MMRA are free agents, illegal superheroes protecting their identities and their territories.



Led by Captain Atom, the UNIT is the metahuman taskforce under the joint oversight of both the United States Government and the United Nations. Less concerned with common supercriminals, the UNIT only gets involved when threats endanger national security and relations with foreign nations. Notable members include Ballistic, the Atom, Fracture, and GI.

The Initiative

Owned and privately funded by LexSTAR, the Initiative is the only corporate registered team; half superhero team, half marketing arm, The Initiative always seems to be prepared for any crisis, turning the defeat of supercrime into something only one step short of a spectator sport.

Led by Supernova, a mysterious super-heroine who prefers to keep her identity secret to the public. Other notable members include Terra, A.M.A.Z.O., Punchline, and Xerox.


Originally a clandestine superhuman intelligence organization under United States oversight throughout the 20th and 21st century, the group was disavowed and disbanded halfway through the 21st century after the third Batman, Terry McGinnis, released hundreds of classified documents through the internet, revealing the existence and identities of almost every piece of the organization, up to and including the White and Black Kings.

Several years after the scandal, the fourth Batman, Damian Wayne, began allocating resources to a few key projects (Knight, Gambit, and Castling) which would eventually be compiled and become the new Checkmate. The team, as far as the public is concerned, is an urban myth. Organized and entirely funded by WayneTech, only a handful of people including its members know of its existence. Directed by Batman, Checkmate operates in the shadows. Key members include Robin, Dr. Light, Superboy, Marvel, and Overdrive.


this a game! sorry, not taking recruitment, players were already selected beforehand.

ArcanisTheImpotent on


  • INeedNoSaltINeedNoSalt Registered User regular
    edited April 2011
    I'll slather this all over the place.

    Doctor Light

    Strength 0, Stamina 0, Agility 1, Dexterity 2, Fighting 0, Intellect 9, Awareness 2, Presence 2

    Luminous Being:
    Light Shield: Protection 10 [Light; Sustained]

    Flight 4
    Alt: Fast as Light: Movement 3 [Space Travel]

    Made of Light: Enhanced Dodge 9
    Alt: Light Form: Insubstantial 3 [Action, Tiring]

    Solar Powered: Immunity 10 [Immune to light damage, suffocation effects, vacuum, starvation or thirst, and sleep deprivation.]

    Clothed in Light: Feature 1 [Quick Change: Doctor Light can 'change' into her costume simply by encasing herself in light that reflects like her normal crime-fighting uniform.]
    (40 points)

    Light-Based Violence:
    Light Attack: Damage 12 [White Light; Affects Insubstantial x2, Variable Descriptor]
    Alt: Light Blast: Blast 8 [Area (Burst) 1; Affects Insubstantial x2, Variable Descriptor]
    Alt: Blinding Light: Affliction 12 [Extra Condition, Ranged, Multiattack; Limited Degree -2; Affects Insubstantial x2, Variable Descriptor]
    Alt: Ambient Light Control: Environment 5 [Light & Visibility; Selective]
    Alt: Solid Light Constructs: Create 13 [Precise]
    Alt: Holograms: Illusion 13
    (32 points)

    Accurate Attack, Leadership, Benefit 3 [Dr. Light is pretty rich.], Ranged Attack 2, Inventor, Languages 4, Precise Attack 2 [Ranged], Attractive 1

    Acrobatics 4 (+5), Athletics 4 (+4), Deception 4 (+6), Expertise: Science 8 (+17), Expertise: Pop Culture 1 (+10), Expertise: History 1 (+10), Expertise 2 (+11), Insight 4 (+6), Intimidation (+2), Investigation 4 (+13), Perception 4 (+6), Persuasion 4 (+6), Ranged Combat: Light Attacks 4 (+8), Stealth (+1), Technology 8 (+17)

    Initiative +1
    Light Attack +8, Damage Blast

    Dodge 10, Parry 9
    Toughness 10 (Def Roll 0), Fortitude 8, Will 9

    Power Points
    Abilities 32 + Powers 67 + Advantages 15 + Skills 27 + Defenses 24 = Total 165

    Motivation: Responsibility. Doctor Light is the third to carry her title, and she means to live up to the name.
    Power Loss: In total darkness, Doctor Light's powers become severely diminished, and some may not function at all.
    Stupid Kid: Doctor Light is incredibly smart but she's also a kid with a lack of life experience. She can be pretty naive.

    INeedNoSalt on
    sometimes you just gotta do a thing
  • SakutianSakutian Registered User regular
    edited April 2011
    PL 10

    Strength 3, Stamina 3, Agility 5, Dexterity 4, Fighting 9, Intellect 8, Awareness 4, Presence 2

    Acrobatics 7(12), Athletics 9(12), Close Combat: Unarmed 1(10), Deception 8(10), Expertise: Botany 10(18), Expertise: Streetwise 5(12), Insight 8(12), Intimidation 3(5), Investigation 5(13), Perception 8(12), Persuasion 10(12), Ranged Combat: Batarangs 3(7), Sleight of Hand 3(7), Stealth 7(12), Technology 1(9)
    Vehicles 1(5)

    Agile Feint, Benefit 1(Inheritance), Close Attack 2, Defensive Attack, Defensive Roll 3, Evasion, Favored Environment(Forest), Favored Foe(Plant Hybrids), Equipment 5, Move-by Action, Power Attack, Precise Attack, Quick Draw, Redirect, Seize Initiative, Takedown, Teamwork, taunt, Uncanny Dodge

    Dodge 8
    Fort 6
    Parry 9
    Tougness 6/*3
    Will 14

    Batarang +7 Ranged, Damage 3
    Unarmed +12 Close, Damage 3
    Initiative +6


    Utility Belt: Array 11 Points
    Bataranges: Strength-based Ranged Damage 1
    Binoculars: Extended Vision 1
    Bolos: Ranged Afflication 4(Resisted by Dodge; Hindered and Vulnerable, Defenseless and Immobilized)
    Cutting Torch: Damage 1(Heat) Linked to Weaken Objects Toughness 1
    Explosives: Ranged Burst Area Damage 5
    Flashlight: Feature 1(Illumination)
    Flash Bombs: Ranged Burst Area Affliction 4(Resisted by Fortitude; Visually Impaired, Visually Disabled, Unaware)
    Grapple Gun: Movement 1(Swinging)
    Mini-Tracers: Feature 1
    Power Knuckles: Damage 4, Strength-based
    Smoke Pellets: Cloud Area Visual Concealment Attack 4

    Headquarters: The Nest 14 Points
    Huge, Toughness 10, Combat Simulator, Communications, Computer, Concealed, Defense System, Garage, Gym, Infirmary, Laboratory, Library, Power System, Workshop

    Acceptance: Thomas struggles to fill the role of Robin to prove himself worthy in the eys of his father.
    Enemy: The Royal Flush Gang
    Relationships: Damian Wayne(Father), Barbara Lance(Mother), Kor-El/Superboy(Best Friend)
    Responsibility: Attending highschool, working at Wayne Botanical, and spending his nights leaping between rooftops doesn't leave Thomas much free time.
    Secret Idenity: Thomas Wayne II, Damian Wayne's son and an intern at Wayne Botanical.
    The child of the Green Arrow and Black Canary Barbara Lance never got along very well with either one of her parents. This may have been what drove her to seek a short lived relationship with Damian Wayne, who had taken over the mantle of Batman. Their relationship was heated but it quickly came to an end. Barbara quickly tired of Damian's endless campaign against the criminals of Gotham and decided to move on.

    Before leaving she realzied that she was pregnant and decided ti was best to keep this information from Damian. She had no deisre to see her son raised to b a soldier in batman's eternal war on crime. Moving back to Star City she began living a normal life and hoped to raise her son to be an ordinary citizen.

    For the first fifteen years of his life Thomas remained completely unaware of his connection to any suerheroes. He was a bright boy with a talent for botany and some athletic prowess but otherwise he was nothing special as far as he knew. Unfortunately someone else was all too aware of his origin. The League of Assassins had discovered the link between Thomas and Damian very early in his life, they had been watching him for years and waiting for the right time to exploit it.

    They finally kidnapped Thomas and held him hostage in the hopes that it would prevent Batman from interfering in their plans. Damian arrived to free him within a matter of hours and they met for the first time. It was not the meeting that the young man had been dreaming of for most of his life. Damian made it very clear that he considered Thomas unworthy of the legacy of Batman or the Waynes and disowned him.

    After he returned to Star City Thomas set out to prove himself to his father. He moved to Gotham with his mother and began workign as an intern at Wayne Botanical hoping that Damian would notice his skills.

    Months passed without a word being said between Damian and his son. It wasn't until a charity ball hosted by the Wayne Corporation six months later that they were evn in the same room again. When the Royal Flush gang made an attempt to rob the guests Thomas managed to subdue them, this may have been due to their surprise that an unarmed youth would attack them though. However it was enough to make Damian take notice. He allowed Thomas to take on the family name and began training him as Robin.

    Sakutian on
    My Games

    Dresden Files RPG- Dumb Luck

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    Zevoto in Out in the Black- Withdrawn due to injury.
    GM of Wyvern Watch
    Berru Secune in Rise of the Jedi
  • ShinyoShinyo Registered User regular
    edited April 2011
    PL 10

    165 PP
    Abilities 62, Defenses 10, Powers 71, Advantages 9, Skills 13

    STR 12
    STA 8
    AGI 1
    DEX 1
    FGT 6
    INT 1
    AWE 1
    PRE 1

    Dodge 7
    Fort 8
    Parry 7
    Tough 8 [+4]
    Will 4

    Flight (Array)
    Flight - 9
    Quickness - 9 , Speed 9

    Tactile Telekenisis (Array)
    Ranged Damage (Heat) - 10
    Senses (Acute and Extended Hearing 2, Extended Vision 3, Infravision Extended, Microscopic Vision 4, Ultra-Hearing Extended, Vision Penetrates Concealment [Except Lead]) - 20
    Transform (Working objects into non working objects) - 5

    Immunity 10 (Life Support), Protection 4, Impervious Toughness 10, Regeneration 5 (Flaw: Limited [Requires direct exposure to yellow sunlight.]) - 29

    Enhanced Strength - 4 (Limited to Lifting)

    All-Out-Attack, Connected, Equipment 2, Extraordinary Effort, Interpose, Power Attack, Languages 1, Improved Initiative 1

    Close Combat: Unarmed 2, Expertise: Botanical Engineering 4, Insight 2, Intimidation 2, Perception 5, Persuasion 2, Ranged Combat [Heat Vision] 9,

    Doing Good, Responsibility, Honor: Superboy is part of the Kryptonian legacy. The S Mantle he has taken up is representative of everything ancestors like the original Superman worked for, and Kor-El works to uphold them.
    Identity: Kor-El has another identity as Jonathan Kent, working at Wayne Botanical. He often works closely with Thomas.
    Power Loss: Like all Kryptonians, Kor-El loses his powers in the face of Kryptonite, or in the presence of red sunlight.

    Shinyo on
  • Captain CarrotCaptain Carrot Alexandria, VARegistered User regular
    edited April 2011
    STR 6/*1
    STA 2
    AGL 6/*2
    DEX 0
    FGT 4
    INT 4
    AWE 6
    PRE 1

    40 points

    Dodge 8
    Fort 9(2)
    Parry 8(4)
    Tough 12/*2
    Will 10(6)

    23 points

    Acrobatics 8 (14)
    Athletics 6 (11)
    Deception 6 (7)
    Expertise 10 (14) (Streetwise)
    Expertise 6 (10) (Criminal)
    Insight 4 (10)
    Intimidation 9 (10)
    Perception 6 (12)
    Stealth 5 (11)

    30 points

    Agile Feint
    All-Out Attack
    Close Attack (7)
    Improvised Tools
    Improved Critical (2) (unarmed)
    Jack of All Trades
    Move-By Action
    Power Attack
    Precise Attack (2) (Close cover and concealment)

    20 points

    Affliction 10 (10) (Dazed, Stunned, Incapacitated) - Just as Kaitlyn was sent into shock when the nanites were first introduced to her system, so can she induce that condition in others.
    Alternate Effect: Nullify 10 (1) (close, technology) - The nanites go in and shut everything down.
    Comprehend 2 (4) (machines) - With machines in her blood and brain, it's not surprising that she can 'read' a hum.
    Enhanced Strength 5 (10) (permanent) - Her mitochondria and muscle cells are significantly reinforced and revamped, making her much stronger.
    Enhanced Agility 4 (8) (permanent) - With slivers of highly-conductive metal inside, her nerves are far faster than they used to be.
    Immunity 5 (5) (entrapment) - Galatea has control over her body, making her flexible enough to squeeze out of any bonds.
    Protection 10 (10) - She has scale mail woven into her very skin, impeding any sort of damage.
    Regeneration 3 (3) - The nanites can also repair injury as it happens, though it's not what they're designed to do.
    Sense 1 (1) (radio) - Her machine network communicates by radio, and other signals can also reach her ears.

    52 points

    Troubled Childhood: As a gang member, and later leader, Galatea's a bit sensitive about her past, and doesn't like people criticizing it.
    Education: Specifically, her lack of it, as once she finished eighth grade, she was needed to help maintain the gang's control of its turf and resources. She'll go along with WayneTech's schooling program, but God help you if you suggest something's wrong with her more . . . informal knowledge acquisition before she got her powers.
    Power Loss: In strong magnetic fields, Galatea's powers may be diminished or even entirely suppressed.

    40 + 23 + 30 + 20 + 52 = 165

    Kaitlyn grew up on the streets, abandoned by her parents - perhaps they're dead, but in any case they're gone. She was taken in by the gang governing her area, the Raven's Claw. When she was fifteen, a company called ProSpherum came around to the various gangs, offering $500 for test subjects. The Claw was hard up for cash, so they offered a bunch of their members - she was the only one accepted. A week later, having been injected with nanites with seemingly no effect, ProSpherum dumped her back where they'd picked her up, along with four hundred-dollar bills and a note explaining that since the experiment hadn't worked, they weren't getting the full reward. The Claw leader, Jackson, wasn't happy about this, but he recognized there was nothing he could do. When Kaitlyn woke up, however, she discovered ProSpherum had judged too hastily, and there was, indeed, an active network of nanites throughout her body. Jackson found out about her abilities, and decided to, as he put it 'take what's rightfully ours'.

    Thus began a series of painful and bloody skirmishes that, with Kaitlyn's enhanced strength, reflexes, and interception of enemy communications, doubled the Claw's territory. Two small gangs even capitulated entirely, in exchange for their leaders becoming a part of Jackson's inner circle. However, when Kaitlyn's best friend had his legs badly broken, and soon after caught pneumonia, Kaitlyn took him to the hospital instead of fighting, which resulted in the wounding of four of her fellow Claws and the loss of an outpost. She returned, and Jackson demanded that the four guards on hand arrest and imprison her. However, they'd seen her prowess first-hand, and they stayed out of her way as she flew at Jackson, enraged. She took command of the Raven's Claw and sued for peace with the other gangs, presenting the following deal: "Instead of wasting our strength on each other, we should take control of this city, and make it a safe place for us to live. No more scrabbling for food or shelter - we are the only power worthy of the name on this side of town." In exchange for most of the land the Claw had taken, several of the largest gangs agreed to the new status quo, though it took some time. In six months, the hooligans of West Cherry had a better control on crime than the police, and slowly changed from a pack of hoodlums into a pack of vigilantes. There was, in fact, an uneasy truce between the gangs and the police: the cops allowed them to keep justice their own way, where the boys in blue feared to tread, and the gangs did not expand into the more officially lawful areas.

    She took the name Galatea, and enjoyed what she had created, for a time; then Damian came, and turned her world upside down. "Come with me, and put your talents to work on something worthy of them, and I'll see to it that the records of all of your followers are cleared; stay here, and I'll tell the police chief that the understanding is over, with your people in jail before the night is done." What could she do? Galatea left, though Kaitlyn never really would, and saw for herself what WayneTech had to offer.

    Captain Carrot on
  • ArcanisTheImpotentArcanisTheImpotent Registered User regular
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  • Captain CarrotCaptain Carrot Alexandria, VARegistered User regular
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    I wrote that from scratch, in the edit window, so I didn't realize how long it was.

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  • ArcanisTheImpotentArcanisTheImpotent Registered User regular
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    please excuse the delay, shinyo's computer died and i'm waiting for that issue to be resolved before we get this rollin'

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  • INeedNoSaltINeedNoSalt Registered User regular
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    Sure, sure

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    sometimes you just gotta do a thing
  • Captain CarrotCaptain Carrot Alexandria, VARegistered User regular
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