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Anadu's art

AnaduKuneAnaduKune Registered User
edited April 2011 in Artist's Corner
Hey guys I am kinda new here. I have had a profile since last summer but I kinda faded away into my job and schoolwork. I have some free time now so I figured I would post somthing.

This is a character I made called the Artificial Ninja. The first picture is the photoshop painting I did of him. The following pictures are of the zbrush model I did of him.





AnaduKune on


  • tracertongtracertong Registered User
    edited April 2011
    I like the rendering on the first image a lot better than on the zbrush model. What settings and what renderer did you use to do the latter? It looks like something (ao? Fg?) is missing. Me, i use iray so its just point and shoot so im not sure of what its called.

    Also, how are you doing eyes? Why is the pupil blue not black?

    Also i see that you drew a hand in the first picture but in the model you went for the megaman style blaster.

    Overall, its a good job. Zbrush to me is a very hard program. I figure you did the initial modeling with blender or max, though, right?

    tracertong on
  • AnaduKuneAnaduKune Registered User
    edited April 2011
    Thank you for your input. I did not really mess with any of the sttings in the render I just sort of rendered it. The class I took did not get to the specifis of rendering in zbrush because we mainly use 3d max to animate and render.

    AnaduKune on
  • TheRadiantOnesTheRadiantOnes Registered User
    edited April 2011
    Gotta say, I like the PS version much more.

    The gun instead of hand is problematic b/c 1-ninja aren't really associated with firearms and 2- having neither arm end in a hand dehumanizes the character, unless intended it to be a generic grunt sort of character, in which case, that's okay.

    The wing design on the back feels clichéd/tacked on, since it also doesn't fit in with the theme, and has been done many times before, where everything else is pretty straight functional, having wing shaped panels would be a functional nightmare. Again, if there's the right reason, it could work, but my instinct is "no."

    The eyebrows are okay, but, unless it's a grunt, it limits its expression and, if it's a grunt, the eyebrows seem unnecessary. Maybe just shape its head to give the suggestion of eyebrows?

    Then, there's the rendering thing, though, that's more technical than creative.

    TheRadiantOnes on
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