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Oblivion Mods

SniperGuySniperGuy SniperGuyGamingRegistered User regular
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So with Skyrim coming out later this year and knowing there's a wealth of mods, I picked up the deluxe edition of Oblivion from steam since my original copy has gone missing (damn you friend that I lent it to). I started doing some reading on mods, and holy shit it got way more complicated. There's something called the Oblivion Mod Manager and something called a Script Extender and BOSS and Wyre Mesh and what the fuck?

I played with this for an hour or two last night and managed to apparently get things working, but my game crashed as soon as I tried to exit the tutorial. I'm assuming I screwed up a texture packing or something along the line.

So, let's talk about Oblivion mods! There's cool stuff like Morroblivion too! Anyone familiar with getting the crazy external software stuff setup these days? Any mods that are imperative to have? Any to avoid like the plague?

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