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Tiered Internet and you!

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A friend of mine just kinda alerted us to some bullshit going down regarding Verizon and their data packages for phones. Check it.

On July 7th, Verizon is axing the unlimited data plan and they're instituting a new set of plans, the meaningful ones being 2GB ($30/month), 5GB($50/month), and 10GB($80/month) (that's for basic and smartphones).

The good news, if any, is that Verizon will grandfather people in - if you already have the $30 unlimited plan, you can continue paying / using it. Only, it's unknown how long they will continue this.

So if you or anyone you know is planning on picking up service with Verizon, you better do it fast, because this growing trend of tiered internet is starting to spread and it's making things difficult.

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