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I'm still making music. I think I've improved. Can you guys critique these WIPs?

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I've been away for a while because I've been insanely busy. And playing Minecraft...but we don't talk about that. Anyway, I decided a while back that I was better off focusing on my music, rather than the comic I had been making. It took too much time, and in the end wasn't nearly as satisfying as I'd hoped. But music is another story.

I'm working on a new album, and trying to improve my skills as a singer, songwriter, and producer. I've got a lot of songs lined up. The three I'm interested in your feedback on are:

Daedalus Heard
Thick as Thieves

Those are direct links to the Bandcamp streaming page for each track. The lyrics are there as well, if you're in the mood to give any critique on those.

Anyway, if you're in the mood, have at!

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