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Arts from Asrai

AsraiAsrai Registered User regular
edited July 2011 in Artist's Corner
Hello everyone! Its been a long time since I posted here and I forgot my login info (which I really didn't like anyways), so I made a new one. My forum name used to be Dances With Magpies. I didn't really post much before so I'm not sure anyone remembers that name anyways. Life has gotten less crazy so I wanted to show some stuff I've been working on.

Random Na'vi

Fan art of Marceline from Adventure Time I'm working on. I wish she would have kept her hair like this, I loved it!

Asrai on


  • FugitiveFugitive Registered User regular
    Hey, Magpies. If you lost your account info, there are ways of retrieving it. I can't remember the specific rules, but I think the admins get testy when people start creating multiple accounts.

    Anyway, welcome back! The rendering and colors on the Na'vi image are really nice. Same with the colors on Marcelline's face.

    There's some weirdness going on with her anatomy, though, mostly in terms of her proportions.


    Some of the changes I made included tweaking the lengths of the humerus and lower leg, and the location of the breasts. The biggest problem is pretty much her head and neck, which, even for a lanky vampire lady, are on the large/long side of the spectrum bordering on comical. I forgot to shrink the hand on her knee, though, which ends up disproportionately large once you shrink the head.

  • AsraiAsrai Registered User regular
    Thanks so much for the advice, Fugitive! That helps a lot, I'll go back in and make some changes.

  • AsraiAsrai Registered User regular
    Pen doodle I did at work a few days ago. I'm trying to do more things outside my comfort zone (women), so here's a critter.

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