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[Let's Play Frozen Synapse] Episode 4: Yellow Dude, We Hardly Knew Ya

Captain KCaptain K Registered User regular
edited August 2011 in Singularity Engine++

This is a thread about Frozen Synapse, a turn-based-but-also-real-time tactical combat game. I just got this and I can't believe I hadn't already--it's so fucking cool. In the first couple of Rainbow Six games, I used to really love the mission planning phase, where you gave tactical plans to each of your units in advance of actually playing the game from a first person perspective. I got so hooked on the mission planning aspect that I generally just didn't even bother playing the maps myself.

Well, that's basically what you do in this game, except you make one five-second plan at a time, then watch five seconds play out before you make another plan.

I'm going to do an almost-blind Let's Play of the campaign in this game, and you can sign up to have your virtual SWAT team kinda dude take part!


These green dudes are you, or us, or my team, or whatever. We're going to try to kill the other dudes. Those red dudes.


I'll be giving the commands to each of the units on my team. The game plays out in five-second chunks, so between each turn some shit will happen.

Some of you will die.

Probably a lot of you will die, because I just got the game a couple of hours ago and I barely have a grasp on how to play.


Sometimes, shit blows up in this game.

There are five roles for units in this game. Read the description of each unit and decide which role you'd like to sign up for.

The first three types are normal firearms units--they'll automatically acquire and fire on enemy targets that move into their line of fire. (Planning which direction these units aim during each turn will be crucial.)

Shotgunner - These guys are close-quarters battle specialists. Their range is fairly limited, but if an enemy target is in range, the shotgunner will aim and fire extremely quickly. From what I can tell, you use these dudes to get the jump on other, longer-ranged units by sneaking around and flanking. In a quick-draw situation, if the shotgunner's in range, he tends to win the fight against any other units.

Machine Gunner - These are your medium-ranged fighters. They take a brief moment to aim, and at extreme ranges they're not very accurate, but they outrange shotgunners and seem to be extremely useful for keeping a stationary watch over an area.

Sniper - These dudes have the longest range and are very accurate, but they take a good while to acquire a target and fire. Using them up close seems like a bad idea, but their range advantage means the other two firearms units need to flank them to stand a chance.

The other two unit types pack explosive weapons, but they won't fire unless you give them an order to do so during a planning phase. This makes them vulnerable to the above three units, as they have absolutely no way to defend themselves during a given turn.

Rocket Launcher - These dudes launch rockets which fly in a straight line and detonate if they hit a wall that's part of the map. The explosive radius seems to be pretty serious and I assume friendly fire is a possibility.

Grenade Launcher - These dudes launch grenades, which explode after a short time, but which can rebound off walls during flight. I'm not sure if grenades destroy walls, but they will definitely kill dudes trying to hide in a room.

I've seriously only finished two of the missions in the campaign and I plan to restart from the beginning now that I've decided to LP this game. So far, I've used only shotgunners and machine gunners, so I have no idea how frequently each of the types of units shows up in the game. I assume snipers, rocket launchers, grenade launchers show up somewhat less frequently as usable units than shotgunners and machine gunners, but I'm not sure. That being said, if you want to join up, post !UnitType somewhere in your message.

So, if you wanted to be a shotgunner in my LP, you'd post this:


somewhere in your message and you'd get added to the depth chart. Please do put your signup in green, like I did here, so I'm sure to see it.

The game numbers units so you can keep track of which is which during a mission. I'll just consult my depth chart when I load up each mission and add people in one at a time from each role, starting with whoever signs up first. If somebody dies but I complete a mission, they get crossed off the depth chart and everyone behind them moves up a slot. Sound fun? And deadly? You bet! I'm gonna fly fast and loose through the campaign to see how quickly I can finish it, and if people die, so what? There's always more of you waiting for the meat grinder!

So, who's interested? If you want to show up in the first episode, sign up for one of the first four shotgunner slots! I know that's what you get to use in the first mission!

(also, there's a story to the campaign, but I'm just going to ignore it. I've decided to make up my own ridiculous spergy fanfiction story to go along with this LP)

Current Depth Chart


GeoMitch (8 Kills)
Smart Hero (4 Kills)
VALVEjunkie (2 Kills)

Butler for Life #1

Machine Gunners

TrippyJing (5 Kills)
Mr. Defecation

Antimatter (5 Kills)


Shock G

Rocket Launchers


Grenade Launchers

Mr Fuzzbutt

Episode List

Episode 1: What The Fuck Is Going On
Episode 2: Sucks To Be These Red Guys
Episode 3: Escort This!
Episode 4: Yellow Dude, We Hardly Knew Ya

Captain K on


  • GeoMitchGeoMitch Registered User
    edited July 2011
    i love having little characters named after me in these sort of things


    GeoMitch on
    Gamertag: GeoMtch Steam Google+
  • AntimatterAntimatter Registered User regular

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  • Captain KCaptain K Registered User regular
    excellent, people are joining

    I'm gonna do the first mission as soon as I have four shotgunners

  • UlisesUlises Registered User
    !rocket launcher

  • BugBoyBugBoy boy.EXE has stopped functioning. only bugs remainRegistered User regular

    You see lots of things, out there in the swamp at night. Some of them might even be real. But the Bugboy? That's just plain impossible.
  • AbracadanielAbracadaniel Registered User regular
    edited July 2011

    Abracadaniel on
  • Mr FuzzbuttMr Fuzzbutt Registered User regular
    !grenade launcher

  • Butler For Life #1Butler For Life #1 Twinning is WinningRegistered User regular

  • chiasaur11chiasaur11 Never doubt a raccoon. Registered User regular
    Oh, man.

    You guys are all so dead.

    It isn't even funny.

    As for position?

    Oh yeah, sure! With those things runnin' around? You can count me out.

  • Shock GShock G Registered User regular

  • Captain KCaptain K Registered User regular
    awesome, got four shotgunners, I'm gonna go play the first mission and then write up some incredibly stupid fiction to go along with it

  • TrippyJingTrippyJing Moses supposes his toeses are roses. But Moses supposes erroneously.Registered User regular

    I've been meaning to try this game, but I guess being a virtual soldier is good enough.

  • chiasaur11chiasaur11 Never doubt a raccoon. Registered User regular
    TrippyJing wrote:

    I've been meaning to try this game, but I guess being a virtual soldier is good enough.

    You should get it anyway.

    But machine gunner is the best role, early on. You'll see why on your first mission.

  • HunteraHuntera Rude Boy Registered User regular
    edited July 2011
  • TheLawinatorTheLawinator Registered User regular
    !machine gunner

    My SteamID Gamertag and PSN: TheLawinator
  • Airking850Airking850 Registered User regular
    Since there's no pilot class to go along with my name,


  • RingoRingo Stardust, Golden Caught in a Devil's BargainRegistered User regular
    !grenade launcher

    ceres wrote: »
    I'm just going to go ahead and lock this thread before I feel any worse about humanity.
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  • TefTef Registered User regular
  • LasbrookLasbrook It takes a lot to make a stew When it comes to me and youRegistered User regular

    Nobody can outsmart bullet.

  • Captain KCaptain K Registered User regular
    edited July 2011
    I realized as I started playing the first mission that I kinda need to write updates as I go along, so that I can keep track of my thought process. So, here's the beginning of the incredibly stupid story and the planning for the first turn.

    (episode segment removed. scroll down a bit for episode 1!)

    also, this takes a lot longer than I thought to edit and post! Let's Play authors are crazy, what the fuck did I get myself into?

    Captain K on
  • Captain KCaptain K Registered User regular
    also, I realize that I just posted part of an episode and I don't even know if I'm going to beat it or not

    I'd better not do that again

    and I'd better win this map

  • ASimPersonASimPerson Cold... ... and hard.Registered User regular

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  • HunteraHuntera Rude Boy Registered User regular
    Lasbrook wrote:

    Nobody can outsmart bullet.


  • RingoRingo Stardust, Golden Caught in a Devil's BargainRegistered User regular
    Everybody dies!

    ceres wrote: »
    I'm just going to go ahead and lock this thread before I feel any worse about humanity.
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  • chiasaur11chiasaur11 Never doubt a raccoon. Registered User regular

    Notes while playing, sure, but don't start passing on a story until you know where it's going.

  • M.D.M.D. and then what happens? Registered User regular
    !machinegunner if you still awnt some sign ups

  • BlankzillaBlankzilla KOOKABUNGA LIVES Registered User regular

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  • RaneadosRaneados Registered User regular
    edited July 2011
    ooh ooh!rocket launcher

    I will change to a rocket dude because man lots of MGs

    Raneados on
    Dubh wrote: »
    Rane is the future of ancient greek tradition
  • RingoRingo Stardust, Golden Caught in a Devil's BargainRegistered User regular
    Need some rocket bitches

    ceres wrote: »
    I'm just going to go ahead and lock this thread before I feel any worse about humanity.
    Edcrab's Exigency RPG now featured at the Exigency Forum
  • Captain KCaptain K Registered User regular
    edited July 2011
    Okay, finished the first mission.

    I'll just post it here in its entirety.

    Episode 1: What The Fuck Is Going On
    I awaken to nothing.

    No sensations. Only the perception of emptiness. I'm like a floating consciousness in an unknowable void.

    "Yes, that's exactly right. That's what you are--a consciousness."

    The voice thunders into my understanding like a tidal wave, except it's not really there. Except, it is. I hear it, and I feel it. It overwhelms me with its thereness, even though there's no one. Not even me.

    "Well, it would crush your miniscule understanding of reality to truly grasp what I am, and what I've made you. Just stick with what you've ascertained so far. There's you, and there's me."

    It's like the voice is reading my thoughts as I thi--

    "Yes, that's exactly right. So stop trying to think of a way to communicate. It's so cumbersome having to use words for your sake, don't saddle both ends of our interaction with concepts like 'thought' and then 'speech'. They're the same for me."

    Okay. So... what?

    "Your consciousness is my prisoner, obviously. Yours, and those of many others you know. It pleases me to have taken a measure of control over all of you. And you're special."

    I'm special?

    "Yes, in that the survival of the others depends on your acuity."

    What? What does that mean?

    "You'll see. In fact, you'll see right now. I've created a little game, and you and your friends are going to play it. They have limited roles, while you have much control, but you'll see soon enough that your mistakes will result in the termination of your little friends."

    I have no idea what he's talking about, but suddenly an image appears. I guess you could say it appears in front of me, but direction only seems to matter in the image itself. Everything else is a blackness, and I can't even say if I'm "looking" at all.


    Suddenly I understand what's happening. I'm looking at four people I know. They're attached to these bodies somehow, and it's up to me to control them. They have limited use of their own bodies--mainly the functions associated with pointing those shotguns they're carrying at bodies they see and pulling the trigger. I'm not really sure how it is that I know that this is what's going on. Somehow I understand it's because exposition is boring and good stories get started quickly.

    Down there in the bottom left of the gamefield is Butler for Life #1 (Shotgun 4), who I like to call BFL because it's easier to type. Near him is GeoMitch (Shotgun 1). There's a couple of tangos with machine guns near them in the middle of the area. I'll need to maneuver my buds into close range and take out the tangos with the shotgunner's advantage of quick target acquisition.

    BFL: You're fucking right you'll need to do that.

    GeoMitch: Yeah, pal. I don't feel like taking a metaphysical dirt nap because of your incompetence.

    What? You guys can talk?!

    BugBoy: No shit, numnuts. We've been waiting for all kinds of eternities for you and The Entity to get done talking. He already explained the game to all of us labrats.

    The Entity?

    Smart Hero: Yeah, that's what we call him. Or it. Or whatever. Now look up here and take stock of our problems, you jerk.

    BugBoy (Shotgun 2) is up near the top of the map. A machine gunner further up seems to be oblivious to his presence. Meanwhile, Smart Hero (Shotgun 3) is near the middle of the area. He's positioned so that I could have him move in any of a few different directions to close in on enemies.

    Smart Hero: Just what I always wanted--YOU in charge of my direction. Talk about a life coach pooped out of a butt.

    Man, it's going to be tough keeping these guys alive, especially if this is the kind of encouragement they're going to give me.

    BugBoy: If we were both inhabiting corporeal bodies, I'd encourage your face. With my fist. As hard as possible.

    It's also hard to remember that they can hear what I'm thinking, because that's how we communicate in the first place.

    BFL: Yeah, so stop thinking about Bogey's big cock, it's grossing all of us out.

    Oh shi-

    So I'd better decide what to do with these guys for my first turn in this absurd game The Entity has created for us.

    I look at Smart Hero's position and decide I want to move him to the right and then down. If those two tangos decide they're going to move up at any point, I want SH there to gun them down.


    My first planned command is to get SH aiming in the right direction. I want him to be aiming toward the doorways to his right, in case those enemies move quickly toward them.


    I queue up a couple waypoints for SH. At the first one, he'll adjust his aim slightly so he's still covering the lower doorway as he moves.


    Here's SH's entire turn plan. I've meticulously adjusted his aim at each waypoint so he's always aiming where I expect the enemies to be.

    Smart Hero: I'm just oozing with confidence, Cap. I'm sure I totally won't die horribly within the first five seconds of this stupid exercise.

    Um, yeah man. We got this. Next I'll plan BugBoy's moves.

    BugBoy:This oughta be great. At least if we have to play this ridiculous game at the risk of being wiped out of existence, we can keep score. Looks like I'll get the first kill.


    Actually, it should be pretty simple. Up near the top of the map, I'll have BugBoy aim toward that machine gunner and pop out from behind the corner. He should take down the tango with superior aiming speed.


    Meanwhile, near the bottom of the map, I'll have GeoMitch head up the corridor. He'll aim over the low cover through that window in case tango 2 is still hanging around, then he'll turn the corner aiming to the right down that next corridor.


    BFL will move into the corridor behind GeoMitch, but he'll head into the room instead. First he'll aim upwards, in case tango 2 is within range, but then he'll eventually head to the window to the right. If those tangos in the bottom right of this screenshot move to their left and are visible through the window, I want BFL covering it.

    BFL: Cool, so I'm probably not going to die horribly in the next five seconds of actual action.

    Yeah man. Probably not.

    "Well? Are you ready to take your first spin at this wheel?" The Entity's presence overwhelms me again. I can do nothing but agree that I'm ready. I submit my intentions and hope that my pals aren't in any trouble.

    Oh, fuck. Right off the bat I realize I've made a mistake. BugBoy rounds the corner and the enemy machine gunner up top is already aiming at him. Also, I've miscalculated the range of his weapon. He's not shooting at the tango at all! He keeps marching along the path I've set for him, waiting to come within range of the enemy so he can take him down.

    But the enemy starts firing while BugBoy is still moving!


    BugBoy: Oh God, he's shooting at m--


    BugBoy: AARRGHGHGHLBGBGHHhgghghghh....

    Riddled with bullet holes, BugBoy collapses to the ground. He gushes blood rapidly onto the floor.

    BFL: What the fuck just happened? Is somebody hurt?
    Smart Hero: It's BugBoy! Captain K just got BugBoy killed! You fucking jerk!!

    Meanwhile, GeoMitch sidesteps up the hallway. He sights the tango east of him through the window and takes him down.


    The tango northeast of GeoMitch moves to take up a position behind a doorway, while those two tangos to the southeast decide to pile out the western doorway of their little room and head north. GeoMitch, BFL and Smart Hero make it to their final destinations without further incident. Aside from some more screaming.

    GeoMitch: *panting* I got him! I got that motherfucker!
    Smart Hero: Are you listening, you asshole? BugBoy is DEAD! He got KILLED!
    BFL: This isn't happening. This can't be happening. I can't die here for a stupid reason like this. This can't be happening.
    GeoMitch: *catching breath* I don't want to believe it. I guess BugBoy really is gone. We'll just have to do the best we can to survive ourselves.
    Smart Hero: Like we stand much of a chance with this asshole in charge. You'd better hope Captain K keeps pointing your stupid torso in the right direction, or you're going to get a lead enema. Cap, I wish I could kick your soul in the dick.

    My mind reels with the truth. BugBoy is dead. I've failed to keep him alive. The other guys are right to be angry with me. I don't have time to mourn for anyone now. I just need to concentrate on getting the rest of them out of this. Time to plan the next turn.


    I'm not sure where those enemies plan to move, so I'm going to try and maneuver my team into positions where they can cover likely enemy paths, rather than rushing them into combat.

    Smart Hero: Moving us so we can take them out when they come into view, instead of rushing us into their lines of fire? What a great idea! I can't believe how intelligent you are!
    GeoMitch: Rush me in, baby! I'm on fire! I can take out all of these bitches![/b]
    BFL: I don't want to die. I don't want to die.


    Here's my plan. I'll move BFL further into the room, and then have him crouch behind the low cover. I'm not sure whether those two tangos are going to aim in through the window, and I don't want BFL exposed if they do. I'll just have him crouch until next turn.

    BFL: Yes! Yes! I'll crouch! I won't be exposed! Yes!

    Meanwhile, GeoMitch will move a bit to the east so he can cover the doorway to the north and the end of the corridor to the east. There's still a tango up to the north, even though you can't see it very well in the screenshot here, but GeoMitch should be able to cover that doorway in case the tango comes down. SH will quickly move a few steps southwest and then wait, aiming to his west. If either of those two tangos moves north, they'll enter his line of sight and he should be able to take them out.

    I can feel The Entity growing impatient, so I submit my hasty plan and cross nonexistent fingers.


    Smart Hero starts moving toward the corner to cover it. Before he gets there, one of the tangos starts moving northwest and pops into SH's line of fire! Smart Hero fires two blasts from his shotgun!

    Smart Hero: *BLAM BLAM* Yeah! Yeah! I missed that first shot, but the second one got him! YEAH!!!
    BFL: Oh, sweet fancy Moses. Let me get to this cover and crouch down.


    The three team members reach their destinations and wait. The second tango in the southeast corner is just hanging out, and the tango to the northeast of GeoMitch is still camping in that doorway.


    Here's my plan for the next turn. It's all based around BFL's move.

    BFL: Me? Me? Why me??

    BFL will wait for about a second, in case the northern machine gunner is trying to take aim at him. GeoMitch will move a few more feet down the hallway with the assumption that that northern tango IS aiming for BFL, and if the tango stays where he is, GeoMitch will take him out. If the tango moves into the hallway, GeoMitch will have even more of an advantage. Either way, tango down, I hope.

    After about a second, BFL's plan takes him around the cover and toward his room's eastern window. If the tango outside to the east stands still, BFL should be able to surprise him and take him out. If that tango moves, however, Smart Hero's path will bring his line of sight around that corner, and that eastern tango goes down that way too.

    According to the predictive simulation function, this plan looks really solid and perfectly timed. Nobody should be in any danger.

    Smart Hero: Yeah, like your track record is so great. Whatever, I'll kill anything that ends up in front of me.
    GeoMitch: Not if I kill it first!
    BFL: Uggghh. You guys, I don't like this!!


    GeoMitch and Smart Hero start moving, and after about a second, it's clear the tangos are playing into our hands. Each one is moving in the direction that makes it possible for our guys to take aim. GeoMitch fires just an instant before Smart Hero. Two shots, two kills.

    GeoMitch: Gotcha!
    Smart Hero: *unintelligible scream*
    BFL: Oh God, oh God, oh God...


    Oh no! The last tango moved south extremely quickly and took up a firing position! He's shooting at BFL!

    GeoMitch: Oh, shit! BFL, get down! Get down!!


    BFL: Guh! Uggghhh...
    GeoMitch: BFL! Can you hear me? Can you hear me?!
    BFL: So... cold...
    Smart Hero: Nooooo!!!!

    Oh no, BFL's down too!

    It's time for payback. This tango is going down.


    Here's the plan. GeoMitch will back up westwards, aiming eastwards. He's headed for those two windows, but as he moves he'll keep aiming at that doorway, in case the tango decides to move south. Smart Hero will move towards the doorway as well, aiming at it all the while. Within a fraction of a second he'll be within range of the tango's current postion and if the tango stands still SH will tap him with no problems. If the tango moves west, GeoMitch will get him through the nearest window. If he moves south into the doorway, he'll be at a huge disadvantage, as both of our team members will be able to target him quickly.

    Here goes nothing.


    Our guys each start moving to the west, and the tango moves with them for a brief moment. Then he suddenly can't decide what to do and he wigs out for a second, aiming all over the place. That's a bad move, because Smart Hero somehow gets a clear shot through the corridor and through the doorway.

    Smart Hero: *unintelligible scream* *BLAM* *unintelligible scream*
    GeoMitch: You got him! You got him! He's down... we made it!
    Smart Hero: *gasp* I can't believe it. *gasp* I can't believe YOU LET OUR FRIENDS DIE! *gasp*
    GeoMitch: Hey, hey, take it easy, SH. We're all on the same team here!
    Smart Hero: The hell we are! If I could shoot Captain K, I would do it right now! ...but I'll settle for murdering every one of these jerks, if I have to.


    Smart Hero killed 3 tangos. GeoMitch tagged 2.

    BugBoy didn't make it. Neither did BFL.

    give me your thoughts on this!

    Captain K on
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    Dubh wrote: »
    Rane is the future of ancient greek tradition
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    i need more one liners tia

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    !shotgunner wanna get in on dis freezin shit

  • Captain KCaptain K Registered User regular
    more one-liners?

    or more kills?

    I think BOTH

    I'm about to buy FRAPS so I can upload a video version of the first mission, this should be interesting and make it easier to follow along with what's going on

  • KingMoleKingMole Registered User regular
    !grenade launcher because a game with friendly fire needs more explosions

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    !rocket launcher

    (I don't know how to do colors)

    edit: much obliged

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    [ color = green ] text [ / color ] without all the spaces

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