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I Need A Website Name, Give Me Your Thoughts

AutomaticzenAutomaticzen Registered User regular
edited August 2011 in Singularity Engine++
Reddit was the first to taste my righteous question. You are next Social Entropy++, the forum man dare not speak of.
I come to you Reddit because you are good, yet harsh and unforgiving, like an old schoolteacher working out her uncomfortable sexual past on underage children through the confines of rulers and grammar.
I seek to create a site for video game commentary with a positive bent to it. There is, in our mighty interwebs, much harshness and cynicism and I wish to alleviate that in my own way. My two current choices for names are:

AutomaticZen - I enjoy the name and it remain mostly unique to me. Huzzah. It speaks to relaxing, what with 'Zen' in the title.
PositivePlay - This one is far more on the nose, but it has a certain alliterative ring to it.

Which of these site names speaks to you? Which one would you patronize without having to shower yourself directly afterwards? Any other ideas?
I fall upon your gentle mercy and your vicious condemnation, Reddit.

What say you, PA, internet land of the free?
I write about video games and stuff. It is fun. Sometimes.
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