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DivX wont recognize an audio format

DadouwDadouw Registered User regular
Okay so I have this video i'm trying to watch but I cant hear anything. Every time I start it I get this message :

''You may need additional Audio Decoder to play the soundtrack of this file.

This file contains a track in an unknown format (code "4294967295") format. You may need to install a DirectShow Decoder for this Audio format in order to hear the soundtrack of this file.''

I looked online and everyone seemed to say this decoder would do the job just fine :

I downloaded it, installed it, restarted my computer, and it still aint working.

I'm clueless, i dont want to start downloading tons of random decoders to make it work. I really dont know anything in this domain

Also, its originally a .mkv file, so i cant run it on windows media player or quicktime either

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