Blocking specific web pages, even over SSL

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My room mate has requested that some web pages be blocked (e.g. twitter.com/foo). I have Tomato setup on my home router and it is capable of blocking URLs easily enough, but we've come across a significant flaw: HTTPS does an end-run around the router block. If we don't care about blocking an entire domain I can setup OpenDNS on the router, but unfortunately we still want access to some sites (like the aforementioned Twitter) and only want to block particular pages on those sites.

At the moment I'm thinking I need to somehow set up a server to act as a man in the middle to intercept https traffic so I can block these pages even when on a secure connection to the sites in question. Is there another/better way? If this is the only route to go, does anyone know of a tutorial somewhere I can read on it? So far what I've found on Google discusses SSL vulnerabilities to exploit, but I imagine since I control all the networking equipment I can do something a bit more cleanly than that.

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