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YaYaYaYa Decent.Registered User regular
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You got the Legend Of Zelda: Skyward Sword thread!


This will revitalize an entire series! Assign it to your D-Pad and then pull out your Wii from the dusty closet!

To use this thread, just Type On Your Keyboard! It'll let you talk about New Games, and Old Games! What a find!

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    YaYaYaYa Decent. Registered User regular
    I basically bought another Wii just for this and also for Mario Galaxy 2

    it's not out till Thursday here but Galaxy 2 is really great

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    ButlerButler 89 episodes or bust Registered User regular
    You don't actually need a new Wii for each new game.

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    Sara LynnSara Lynn I can handle myself. Registered User regular
    My Wii is literally dusty and the only time I touch it is to wipe the dust off of it.

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    BugBoyBugBoy boy.EXE has stopped functioning. only bugs remainRegistered User regular
    this is one of those threads where you look at the title and have no idea what's going on

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    Grey GhostGrey Ghost Registered User regular
    Man why did this have to come out now
    Guess I'll just ask for it for Christmas

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    I Win SwordfightsI Win Swordfights all the traits of greatness starlight at my feetRegistered User regular
    Not true, Bug Boy!

    I thought it was a Dubstep thread.

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    YaYaYaYa Decent. Registered User regular
    BugBoy wrote:
    this is one of those threads where you look at the title and have no idea what's going on

    it made more sense in my head

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    Macro9Macro9 Registered User regular
    I hear this is good. I wanted it to be, but it will probably be a bit before I am able to really play it, because of no longer owning a Wii. I'll see what's shaking come Christmas.

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    CampionCampion Registered User regular
    I made a thread but no matter how many posts were made in it it would not go to the front page. It sits on the 3rd page with a post from today!
    Campion wrote:
    Happy birthday to the world's most beloved left-handed artist in the entire world!
    Shigeru Miyamoto
    The creator of so many great video games, but more importantly the most great video games
    Legend of Zelda
    , the
    Let's talk about the newest one coming out on the 20th (just four days after today!!!!)
    wait shit
    oh fuck
    So here is what we know about the game. Nintendo has been very secretive about
    what is happening in this game
    We know that there has birds
    and it comes with a box.
    No that's-
    o-oh okay
    You can get a gold remote
    Just like Zelda uses!
    So let's all talk about Zelda until the BIG GAME comes in. Here is a history of Zleda
    Twilight Princess [BOSS BATTLE SPILERS]
    Wind Waker
    oh shit guy get out of there!
    Zelda 64
    Obv the best zelda
    LTTP (what does that EVEN stand for??hahaaha??)
    yeah I remember playing that
    Adventure of Links
    Gonna go fast!
    Yo you got 6 minutes wanna watch Zelda. Shit was short didn't have a lot of space on those old ass floppies back then.

    Which reminds me, I need to call Future Shop to ask if they have more of the limited bundle because every other place has no pre-orders for it.

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