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IPad Help

MrDoctorProfessorMrDoctorProfessor Registered User regular
edited December 2011 in Help / Advice Forum
I recently received an IPad 2 for a certification program that I am going through. This is my IPad to keep forevers so Im not trying to do anything shady with it. The issue is, it came preloaded with all of the course videos and synched to an account that the cert program used to put the videos onto the IPad. I cannot synch the IPad to my account without erasing all the preloaded videos. Is there any way to pull the videos off so that I can synch it to my account and then reload the videos?

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  • Sharp10rSharp10r Registered User regular
    Hmm...I would contact the cert program. Ask if they can re authorize the downloads form ITunes U (assuming that's where the vids are) with your regular account.

  • BloodfartBloodfart Registered User regular
    The easiest and fastest way would be to jailbreak the ipad, use ifile to copy all the videos onto a hard-drive, and then sync it, jailbreak it again, and copy them back on.

    Jailbreaking is NOT illegal or shady. You bought the machine you are legally allowed to do anything you want with it.

    Only pirating software is shady/illegal.

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